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tooAbstract788 in Anchorage, Alaska

70 months ago

I'm looking for a job with pay of at least $12/hour and up with hours in the early morning running to sometime around noon give or take a few hours. I need hours like this because I work a standard 8 to 5, I rent an apartment, and college starts next week and I'm going full time. If I had early morning shifts, I could work then come home and study, then go to class in the afternoon. Anyone have any suggestions as to where I can find a job like this?

dnlester99576 in Anchorage, Alaska

66 months ago

Hello, i"m a lady looking for work , i need something that makes at least $12, or more an hour so i can pay off my bills and my rent i"m a real hard worker , i help when needed, i'm responcible .

tsh_chef2008@yahoo.com in York, Pennsylvania

63 months ago

I am looking for something full time of course, hours do not matter as well as I get atleast 45 hours a week, experienced in all aspects of b.o.h. preferline cook 1 or broiler, will settle for fry cook though or prep cook as long as the hours are there of course, yes I have a resume, that i can be attached, i need a area though & also price on how much it will cost to fly from philladelhia, pa, of course///

Excited in Anchorage, Alaska

60 months ago

Im a hard working mom looking for a Medical Assistant job.

lici69@Gmail.com in Wheatland, California

48 months ago

hi my name is shan im 17 years old currently in the process of moving from northern california to alaska, to support my girlfriend and trying to keep nher in school. im a hard worker nd have plently of expirence in hard labor and sitting on my butt. im a decent guy and have no criminal backround. my girlfriends mom lives in anchorage and has recently been released from prision and found a job in under four weeks.the owner of the phone is alicia pollry my girlfriend.

Moving to Alaska in Denver, Colorado

11 days ago

I was thinking about moving to <a href="www.recruitersmap.com/q-alaska-state-jobs">Alaska</a> and wanted to know of any good companies I should look into in Anchorage. I've heard the fishing there is great but the winters can be brutal. Anyone want to offer any assistance?

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