Trying to go back to school when you live check to check (No OT)

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viralcontagious in Morrow, Georgia

87 months ago

I am currently trying to go back to school, but not sure of all the resources available to me. I am a single female, no children, and currently living paycheck to paycheck. I was interested in taking a course in medical billing and coding from an Ahima approved school. All the programs that I have found require me to pay out of pocket for school, which is something I can't do right now. I have tried loans but could never get approved and I must have filled out at least 200 scholarship forms/essays and never heard back. What am I to do?

No OT was added so that no one will go off topic and insult me. I'm 24 and trying to do the right thing. After completing this course, I plan on sitting for the state exam and then going to a University to get my degree. I realize that some people with degrees can't even find work now, but with the health care reform talks happening I'm sure more jobs will open up in this industry. And I would love to say "Hey, I did it" and have something that I can be proud of.

My employer has already stated that they will not reimburse me for any tuition fees. What should I do?

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Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

87 months ago

Bummer you haven't been fired - and qualify for $5,000 in free education. On the other hand, you have a job - and approximately 12 to 15 percent of us don't.

Apply for Government Student Loan - FFASA??? Do the search on the Internet. Fill out the application. DO NOT DO IT AT WORK!!!!

Apply for a Pell Grant. Most of those scholarships on the Internet are scams. Otherwise get a regular student loan. DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN YOU NEED.

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viralcontagious in Morrow, Georgia

87 months ago

I get along great with everyone at work, and I do a very good job. Every check, I always have a bonus for exceeding metrics. Fafsa will not cover my program at this school and yes I have already filled one out.

So if I was fired, I would qualify for $5,000 in free education? I've never heard of that, but losing my job is not an option at this point. I will continue to cut corners and save as much as I can. Even if I can only afford to take two classes a semester, that will better than nothing. Thank you for responding, Mary. Your input was much appreciated.

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Airborne357 in Atlanta, Georgia

87 months ago

No matter what, think all is not lost. The fact that you are doing something like this speaks volumes about your character. Now, get on the computer and find any and all sites that asssit students like yourself. Start going to seminars that are listed and network with people that can help. You never know until you try it. Also start applying for contract jobs from companies like Stanley Associates, Lockheed Martin, SRA, BAE Systems, Calibre, and others. They all offer educational assistance. Go to websites that support women in your position and write them honest words like you did here and someone will step up to assist. I took out a student loan for just the amount I needed for my degree and received it. There are still jobs, loans and people willing to assist you. If you need further assistance after trying I'll assist more.

Take care,

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fuxxinluis in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

69 months ago

im going back to georgia and want to finish high school.droped out in 9th grade.what can i do?

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