Tired of employment scams!!!!

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Tisha C in Shawnee, Kansas

54 months ago

Hello, my name is Tisha. I am looking to relocate to Atlanta asap! I'm a single mom of a twelve year daughter. I've been applying for jobs on numerous job boards such as indeed, careerbuilder, monster and ect. for months now. I have been on a few interviews but once I get there I learn that these companys or the positions are not what they seem or what they descibe on the post of the job boards. I have experience as a receptionist, administrative/ clerical, customer service, retail and management but I keep getting recruited for these sales and marketing companys who have seen my resume publicly on the job boards! I went on a interview a while back, I explained to the HR Director how I have been getting my time wasted and getting the run arounds, she assured me that this was a front desk position that she thought I would be a good canidate for, I wasted my money and time, flew all the way there, and sure enough it was for a damn sales rep position but doing "front desk" duties! Careerbuilder even has this spam and security email that they sent to you now staing that the a few of the positions that you applied for was not really sent by a legit client! So basically your typing in all of your personal information for nothing! As I stated, I am a single mother of a twelve year old, and I don't have time for playing games with scams, or these little marketing firms who operates on commision only, I need something stable, with a gurenteed base salary! It just really pisses me off that this is so common with these job boards! If anyone knows of a legit or better way of job searching please let me know. I'm from Kansas City and crime rate here is getting so bad every year, I have family there in Atlana, tons of friends and transporation, and I've been there back and fourth for these crappy interviews and just to learn my way around the city, I've been networking but a lot of my frinds there don't really have a say or the power of getting me hiredon anywhere.

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vi in Kissimmee, Florida

53 months ago

Basically all I get contacted for are sales jobs, and nowhere on my resume does it state I've ever done sales. All these companies are really desperate for salespeople.

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Pink2012 in Decatur, Georgia

47 months ago

Mrs. Washington in Atlanta, Georgia said: Tisha

I live in Atlanta and I have some jobs sites that could be of use to you and your job search.

www.dbhddjobs.com This is the State of Georgia website that hire for all the regions in Georgia

www.careers.ga.gov another State of Georgia website that can be helpful

dhrjobs.com another State of Georgia website

Some of the hiring managers will do a phone interview if they are interested

Those are good websites, I check them occassionally.

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Pink2012 in Decatur, Georgia

47 months ago

I hate employment scams!!! I wish you look. I am having a hard time finding a job to pay a livable wage!!!

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