Best companies to work for in Augusta?

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What companies are fueling growth in Augusta? Why are they a great employer?

BlackHoleJobs in Wellborn, Florida

55 months ago

Augusta, GA is a black hole for employment. If you want to work in the health care industry, the government, or the army, then Augusta might have a job for you. Otherwise, forget about it.

Todd in Decatur, Georgia

26 months ago

I came to Augusta in an ambulance and handcuffs. Everyone says it is God's will and I am a miricle I survived. I have gotten sober hear and have over one year of clean time. I can not find a job to same my life and I need it to do that. I have no one and no where to go and am being put on the street. I have to get out of this town for my sanity and sobriety but have nothing and no car or money. I am stuck in this town. I can't get any work at all, not even from day labor. I wish I had never survived my suicide attempt only to come to this hell hole.

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