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Thank God I Quit in Chicago, Illinois

116 months ago

If being demeaned, insulted, micro-managed, followed to the bathroom, not allowed to punch in until 5 minutes before start, told that your best is never good enough, never want to hear thank you or good job, docked for being 5 minutes late after missing your lunch and staying late the day before, wrote up for being 1 minute late for 5 out of 30 days, forced to bring a note from the doctor telling your boss that your Mom really did die or that you really were hospitalized by mean spirited, obese directors of nursing who don't wash there hands or even better have a supervisor/manager who has a high school diploma or a GED and you are a college graduate that is your boss and can not make a complete sentence - CCDPH is the place for you.

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jefferyburns in Chicago, Illinois

112 months ago

i hope you well

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Docker in Skokie, Illinois

111 months ago

I sense that is what it is like sometimes in a burearatic environment. I once worked for a state agency and the emphasis was more on what not to do to get in trouble, and less about exceling because achievement threatened people instead of encouraging them to do better.

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96 months ago

damn, you really changed my mind about this place. Thanks

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John Evans in San Francisco, California

71 months ago

Thanks for the post.
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Hope this helps.


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