What are the best neigborhoods in Columbia?

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Where is the good life? For families? Singles?

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Deidre Sanders in Darlington, South Carolina

88 months ago

I want to be movied by the ennd of the mouth

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Dee in PA...NOT in Columbia, South Carolina

87 months ago

Family Life-Best Schools: Lexington #1; Shopping: Lexington & Irmo (Harbison); Real Good Schools & Shopping: Northeast Area (but very congested lots of traffic not planned ahead of time for growth & a drive to get to Harbison & Lexington); Avoid Housing: St. Andrews 29210 & areas up to Harbison 29212(Irmo) plus Eau Clair areas 29203/29204; Traffic Problems: Northeast (I-77) (I-20) St. Andrews to Northeast; Pricey Areas but Close to Downtown (with worst inner city schools): the Vista, Elmwood, Earlewood; Laurel Hill area; Nice Liveable Area: Schools Not Too Bad in Cayce near downtown Columbia with Riverwalks; Richland #1 Schools: Not worth Your time except Hand Middle School & Dreher High School. USC party college: 5 Points area. Family Friendly: Riverbanks Zoo, EdVenture, lots in summer for kids in planned recreational courses or parks or individual church activities; VERY RELIGIOUS/FAITH BASED/ULTRA CONSERVATIVE

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Dee in PA...NOT in Columbia, South Carolina

87 months ago

You need a price range for school type you want. Apartments are $700-1500 month including NO utilities paid for by them. Houses are more expensive $800-1800 per month with you paying utilities, again. Condos aren't worth it unless you're a college student unmarried. Go to grocery stores & pick up SEVERAL real estate books, 2 rental guides, "Reach Out" for community events. It has a top library in town. Stay away from parks after dark!!! Like any place, crime and violence are found closer to town. You pay taxes every year on cars, boats, and trucks. You are better off buying a house AFTER living there a year to get to know what you like and where you like. Don't move to Airport areas or where public housing is or use to be until they get it cleaned up better from too many gangs the last 4 years. S.C. has the highest incidence of cancer, heart attacks, strokes, babies born out of wedlock, and highest rate of domestic violence to name a few. Hospitals are real good with teaching hospitals. The school system in the state has the LOWEST test scores in the country. MANY mothers homeschool and stay home to do it as husbands can afford to have one paycheck for the benefit to homeschool them even in the the best of schools in the greater Columbia, SC area. After many, many years, WE LEFT!!! Lake Murray (Northwest area and Lexington area) is a pretty place but VERY expensive in the millions of dollars. Lake Carolina (up Northeast area)is too crowded with cheap built homes with very expensive price tags.

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87 months ago

I would consider IRMO but NOT New Friarsgate OR Harbison communities!!!!!! Apartments on Columbiana Drive are nice and convenient.

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Dee in PA...NOT in Columbia, South Carolina

87 months ago

Irmo,Harbison,New Friarsgate are..IRMO!To look like it was a new area when Columbiana Center Mall was built 1989,they called the area"Harbison."The whole entire area was nothing but 1 long road 1 new hotel(torn down!)with cattle fields. They named it Harbison Blvd..It grew really fast & improved connecting the area with Lake Murray activities.That part is COSTLY but BIG lake water loss!!!The dam underwent such a huge change driving over its 3 miles but cuts off lake scenery going from Lexington to Irmo!There's too many cookie cutter subdivisions & condos with HOA fees/rules to live there,but the schools are NOT great as they once were.Chapin has the schools.Lexington #1 has the schools & fantastic shopping,too.I don't like houses associated with Harbison Recreation Center near Broad River Rd. & Harbison Blvd.I have a friend trying to sell their beautiful 4 bedroom 3 bath home for 5 months that sell quick in town.She taught school on Columbiana Drive which has crime & over priced apartments. Most people aren't doing malls but prefer strip mall areas. The traffic going to work downtown Columbia is bumper-bumper with exits we called "Malfunction Junction" by how they were built!Tractor trailers still overturn on I-26 ramps despite signs & warnings.Rain makes it worse.The whole thing needs revamped from "Harbison/Irmo" down to Bush River Road exits as traffic tries to merge.Wrecks are prevalent.GO TO LEXINGTON close to town.I knew,lived,worked these areas 19 years with special invitation to the mall before opening.I moved North in July with family.I saw farms turn into new schools,housing,& shopping in less than 5 years,& building is still going on while people are making the exit downtown again for its curent,future plans,& being closer to work,& also save gasoline.But the schools downtown Columbia amongst the worst in SC taken over by the state this year.They've serious rain drought(18")& may cut water supplies to homes as in Georgia.Columbia owns water rights in IRMO

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