Civil Engineer Jobs in Dallas/Ft. Worth

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Engineer Jobs in Houston, Texas

76 months ago

If you are looking for civil engineer jobs in Dallas/Ft. Worth you should check out
Those webpages contain direct links to the career sections of civil engineering firms in Dallas and Fort Worth. (25 firms listed in Dallas, 13 in Fort Worth)

Andrew Maldonad in Fort Worth, Texas

44 months ago

I’m Andrew Maldonado from Castleberry High School. After high school I plan to become an architect or something in manufacturing. We were assigned a project in my manufacturing class to Email three engineers and to hopefully find out more about the job that you do and to ask the following questions…,
a) Why did you become an Engineer?

b) What are the ways that an engineer communicates with the client to provide the best product or service they desire?

c) How does an engineering firm determine from a client just what product or service they need or want?

d) How are engineers assigned projects within an engineering firm?

e) What got you interested in doing what you do now?

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