Best schools in Denver?

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Where are the best schools or school districts in Denver?

runelady in Denver, Colorado

72 months ago

Move to Fort Collins or Boulder.

steved in Denver, Colorado

72 months ago

Host said: Where are the best schools or school districts in Denver?

depends on where you want to live and ages of your kid/s.
I live on east side of town, NOT in lowery.

elementary school- Montclair elementary is very hot in the Montclair neighborhood. Great principal and parents group have turned the school around.
It is used by realtors to sell Park Hill area which is 5-10 minutes away.
Pur daughter is graduating from Morey in capitol hill area. THey have a gifted and talented magnet program and a highly motivated program along with local kids. They have instituted exciting middle school programs, an urban partnership with downtown institutions and are integrating them into the school curriculum

East high school is the flagship HS in DPS, many opportunities for students: speech and debate team is state wide powerhouse as is their vocal group. Their Con Law team has won NATIONAL Competition 3 years running, an amazing record against 49 other states. 25 clubs for students to find their niche. Have a a great prinicpal who the kids love!
If you are a snob or don't want your kids to mix with other ethnic groups don't go to DPS schools. If you recognize the resaons why doing so are positive, wonderful and welcome.

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