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neome hamitlon in Wichita, Kansas

48 months ago

im currently in wichita ks. wanting to relocate to Denver, im curious if i move if i would ever be employed out there, i have been trying to apply at Raytheon and or Aerotek, and Lockheed Martin, im really nervous because if a recruiter call me to place an interview, and it works out upon my hire date what can i do if i get down there and the company decides afterwards they might lay off or it might not work out? then im stuck somewhere i always wanted to be......but jobless!

Judith Ringler in Arvada, Colorado

47 months ago

Just go for it. I know it is kinda scary, especially if you have no support system here from family and friends...but I am 59 yrs old and relocated to Denver from ND and it worked out okay. You'll probably have to do some kind of work that you may feel demeaning or over qualified for; but it is the small price to pay until the good stuff comes your way. Don't be afraid...be intrepid.

Radiah Nunez in New York, New York

47 months ago

I say go for it a stop letting fear poison your mind. As Nike says just do it

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