Student with deferred felony and misdemeanor looking for a job in Northwest Houston area.

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faith86 in Houston, Texas

53 months ago

I am 24 years of age and has been turned down by numerous employers. My question is if listed job has, "Pre-employment Criminal Background Checks", does that mean do not waste your time and just keep look elsewhere? I have applied for at least 37 jobs thru-out my 2 probation term and only 1 has decided to employ me. I am grateful for that 1 opportunity but I am still struggling on with my financial status to support my family and have bills paid on time. I have lots of customer service and retail skills and i just need a bit of advice from everyone here thank you all and God Bless!

NUNYA BIZZ in San Antonio, Texas

53 months ago

I feel for ya bro!

espino in Houston, Texas

29 months ago

Are you still looking for work in houston? If you're not afraid or working long hours making a decent wage. You should try scaffold building. There are many companies hiring and felony and misdemeanors do not really matter.

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