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Taylor in Houston, Texas

94 months ago

I am a certified elementary teacher and have taught in the public school system for the past eight years. I am currently unemployed and looking for work.

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Sara in Southlake, Texas

93 months ago

There aren't exactly "tons of jobs" here. Texas is finally feeling the recession and job growth has been slower here. I had an interview at Baylor Medical Center that was scheduled for shortly after Thanksgiving, but has been postponed because of the economic downturn here. I have also seen many more "going out of business" signs than "now hiring" signs. And a few of my friends had to relocate out of state as well due to the lack of good-paying computer-related jobs.

Not so sure about teachers and Houston but the Dallas ISD recently laid off 375 teachers due to budget constraints.

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Celeste in Houston, Texas

89 months ago

Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida said: Why are you unemployed? I have taken the TeacherReady course at University of West Florida for alternative certification, and took the Florida teacher tests (3), am now certified for English 6-12. (This is this past year). I did not get a job.

But I have been told that Texas is THE PLACE to be a teacher, that there tons of jobs out there, (and bla, bla, bla). I have started the Praxis (44 other states use it).

But what about you? How come you're unemployed in Texas when I'm told there are tons of jobs out there?

Hi Mary,

I recently relocated to Houston and in the process of getting certified as well. I've passed 3 TExES content exams and I'm ready to head to the upcoming job fairs. I was also called for an interview (finally),, Monday at 2pm!! I'm trying to stay positive. The teaching jobs are there, but the candidate pool has significantly increased due to many professionals having turning to teaching careers due to layoffs in other industries. Yes, Dallas ISD is laying off due to mishandling of their finances which have resulted in needed budget cuts. There are no talks of teacher layoffs in the Houston districts. Go for it!!

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Meme in Houston, Texas

89 months ago

I feel your pain...I am 62 years old...have not had a classroom of my own under a contract for almost 30 years....stayed home with my disabled child and had a husband,ex now, who made lots of money so I did not have to divorced and still caring for my seems I have two adult children with the same physical in a wheelchair and one soon to be in one. All I can get is subbing jobs...and there aren't any benefits with that....I am up the creek and have no idea how I am going to make money. The jobs that are out there are going to the right out of school teachers not OLD ones like me...Houston is a huge place and although there maybe lots of schools it is near to impossible to go too far from home or the time and cost of getting to a job would not be worth it. I KNOW I am a great teacher and the few jobs I had subbing for a semester and had evaluations I got exceeds expectations....but that just doesn't matter at my age...they will USE you but not employ you with benefits...
Anyone interested in teaching should keep going to school and get the education to teach in college. Good luck to you.

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Sam Omulligan in Tampa, Florida

71 months ago

Having just a certification to be a teacher is just the first step in today's economy and today's political atmosphere. You have to have something more to put you ahead of others applying for teaching positions. Time are tough here in Florida for teachers too. I did the on-line thing and got a Master in Education. For me Dominican University worked out well ( but there are so many choices out there. Do your own research and find one that works for you. This will also open you up to looking for work in an administrative roll, or perhaps teaching on-line courses or community college.

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Wonder-Space Mobile in Houston, Texas

68 months ago

Hey Everyone! We're looking for at home moms, retired teachers, anyone looking to make extra cash! You just have to know high-school level math and be able to explain our materials to students via the phone.

We provide an online program where students complete high school math remediation work. We need several phone tutors to call students to work on specified material (provided to the tutor) and speak with students at least 14 min/week. We have thousands of students--so many tutors can work multiple hours/week.

Tutors must have the following qualifications
- College degree or currently pursuing a 4 years college degree
- Knowledge of high-school level math through pre-calculus
- Experience in working with middle school and high school level students
- Outgoing personality with ability to motivate others
- Must be available Evenings 5pm-9pm to make calls
- Must have phone and Internet access

To Apply:
- e-mail jobs @ (no spaces in the actual e-mail) with resumes, work availability for each day along with 3 times for potential interviews (phone and/or in person).

Compensation: $15/hr

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