Moving to Indianapolis - how did you get here?

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Where did you come from? How did you move here? What would you do different now?

chonny2 in Indianapolis, Indiana

64 months ago

i moved here because my mother bought a business here 8 years ago. For kids its ok. The school system is ok my kids attend. One is at a charter school. The other one is going to be in a magnet school in the year 2011. I do not have any friends here partly because, to me the adults are working to keep a roof over their family heads. Pretty much were I reside everyone is into their family life. No outsiders. I use to really not care for it too much. But I am getting use to it now. I am employed full- time only because I am in the health care industry. So my family has been ok.

On the other hand, my mom business folded in 2007. I was pretty much stuck for being here for 8 years, I now have 3 wonderful children. My births with all of them were fantastic. Priceless memories. Kudo's St. Vincent Labor and Delivery team. 86th street and Carmel, IN.

I do love my neighborhood The Fort Ben area, a nice park for walking, skateboarding and snow sliding!

Although I did want to relocate to Nashville, Tenn. I am here for awhile.
Our health is good for now. No sick kids or husband, so I am staying put. To me Indy is a family town. Lots to do with kids. So if you go kids. You will stay busy with them.

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