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Vet Tech in Indianapolis, Indiana

78 months ago

Have you ever worked for a company who did you wrong. Vent, its okay! I worked for Noah's Animal Hospital, was considered a valuable employee, was asked to do something for the company that no one else wanted to do. In return, I would receive most desired schedule. They fired me by e-mail after doing them their favor. They reported that I quit my job to unemployment office and I most certainly did not. They did not want to pay for their mistake. I had not had one complaint or problem reported the length of my employment with them. They have a tendency to have clicks and if you are not in one then you are out. I have been unemployed since January 08 and still looking for full time work. I want to hear your stories.

A Friend in Sarasota, Florida

77 months ago

Move on and let it go . It may be holding you back and is far from the worst horror story I have ever heard. The bad Karma they sent out will come back back to them in spades. Consider yourself lucky to have not wasted more time with them.

A Friend

America's Worst Employers in Austin, Texas

77 months ago

America's Worst Employers

America's Worst Employers (AWE) is National Employee Reporting News Blog, by employees, for employees including a Nationwide Listing of Employment Attorneys


Gale D in Indianapolis, Indiana

73 months ago

I worked for Express Personal. I called them over 20 times and they never called me for work. I filed for unemployment and they had the nerve to say I quit. And the worst part about it, the unemployment took there word. All the lyin that these corps do. And they get by with it at our expence.. I will not work for such a belittled company again

Vet Tech in Indianapolis, Indiana

73 months ago

My story may not have been the worst story ever reported but it was devistating to my family. We lost our home, was forced to move, had to get rid of our dogs (put 1 to sleep and gave other to adoption agency), kids had to change schools and friends, and 7 months later won our unemployment claim. I was unable to find any work for 6 months and made to decision to go back to school. I made it into the desired program and found a part time job that works around my know ever changing schedule. I've moved on but it does feel good to vent.

Gale in Indianapolis, Indiana

73 months ago

Yeah I tried going back to college several times, I wore out all the grants and other money. One gets going to college. It was not the right time for me. I didn't know what way to turn, I entered the work force through temp agencies. After 10 years later. I want to go back to school but I have depleated the money a person can get for college. Temp agencies make a large porfit on people like me. Now I am going to call it quit with IN and move on to CO, with in the next few weeks. I would not recommend to my friends to move here, as far as getting paid the money is very little compared to the amount of work a person must make to have a life in this State.

kat in Carbondale, Illinois

72 months ago

many employers suck! Creeps that they are.

We are unemployed in Indiana thanks to NAFTA. I just heard on the news last night that 64000 jobs were lost in Indiana this year alone. Who do they think will buy the products if we have no jobs?


SHRIMP in Fort Wayne, Indiana

72 months ago

Im loosing my job in the auto industry, WHATS NEW??? Im wandering how they figure your benefit, what quarters do they go by?

SARINA in Indianapolis, Indiana

72 months ago

Vet Tech in Indianapolis, Indiana said: Have you ever worked for a company who did you wrong. Vent, its okay! I worked for Noah's Animal Hospital, was considered a valuable employee, was asked to do something for the company that no one else wanted to do. In return, I would receive most desired schedule. They fired me by e-mail after doing them their favor. They reported that I quit my job to unemployment office and I most certainly did not. They did not want to pay for their mistake. I had not had one complaint or problem reported the length of my employment with them. They have a tendency to have clicks and if you are not in one then you are out. I have been unemployed since January 08 and still looking for full time work. I want to hear your stories.

My name is Sarina, I have has a similar experience and you have every right to appeal with the unemployment agency. I won my case, just bring proof of all the things you have stated and you will get your unemployment. It sucks to have to go through the hassle of all this but it is well worth it to find out in the end they will be paying you your benefits which you earned with your time on the job. Don't give up!!! It will work! bring in any schedule changes, employee handbook (this is what saved me), it may say something about attendance policy. If they do not follow what thier handbook states as far as your punishment goes than you have your case won. Any witnesses will also help and if you have any proof of the favor they asked and the outcome you received. Good luck to you in the future!!! Take care!

LB in Elkhart, Indiana

71 months ago

My husband was fired recently for some bullcrap. He made one mistake on paperwork. He wasn't warned, he didn't know he made a mistake as he was trained to do it the way he did it. He wasn't given a chance to learn the correct way to do this paperwork, he was just fired. We are afraid he might not get unemployment benefits because this company is very crooked. Earlier this week they called our home and asked him to lie about some things in order to bring another fired employee back on the job. He of course refused.

IT in Newbury, United Kingdom

68 months ago

I have heared about this Extreme-Europe.com, they are horrible... my friend lots of issues with them, he even had issues from HMRC... this company is a typical Andhra company, and just ran by one man, guys dont fall into these traps. I am sure its just a matter of time he will be punished for these crimes he is doing to innocent people.

Becky in Indianapolis, Indiana

68 months ago

Teleperformance in Fishers is a joke. They were contracted with Sprint to hire about 600 people in about 2-3 months. And they did, they hired high school kids, work release people, literally anyone that did not have a felony in Hamilton county. It was an inbound call center to assist customers with cell phone or acct issues. I loved the job of the call center and helping the customers. But the supervisors smoked weed in the parking lot, the teenagers fought and cussed out loud across the call center and the place was trashed all day everyday. Some on the pc's or phones did't work so you were counted late if you could not find a working one before your shift started. You clocked when you logged into your computer and started taking calls. Some of the "customers" were obscene or nuts and you were not alowed to be rude back or hang up on them. So you had to talk to them until they hung up. They promised bonuses and never gave them. Then the made their QA's impossible to pass and after you failled about 4 QA's you were fired. This was a decent paying full time job in the people were not so stupid. I complained to management and they were just as stupid. The first month of training was great but you did not get correct complete info so we were retrained as remedial workers and for poor performing employees even though I aced the trainig with perfect scores on my tests. That company has a sister call center in Anderson somewhere a little north. I tried to change from nights to days to work a second job because I had been hired part time. I was told no problem at Teleperformance and showed up at 7Am the following monday. Come to find out the upper management supervisor said no you have to ask to be moved to days three weeks in advance. But they did not have any open posittions and may not for a long time because days were in very high demand. There were guys dressed like girls, and dirty jokes etc for and everyday occurance. Is't that conssdered sexual harrasement?

butterfly in Indianapolis, Indiana

67 months ago

That sounds like another telemarketing firm, in Indpls that I worked at. Teleservices Direct. I'm just wondering if it could be the same company, but a differant name?

purwaky in Indianapolis, Indiana

67 months ago

butterfly in Indianapolis, Indiana said: That sounds like another telemarketing firm, in Indpls that I worked at. Teleservices Direct. I'm just wondering if it could be the same company, but a differant name?

This was not a telemarker, this was a call center that took account and billing service calls for Sprint cell phone customers. They don't have a telemarketing division but they do have a sister company in Anderson that is also a call center.

amy in Indianapolis, Indiana

67 months ago

You are so right. The management and training sux. I worked there for a year and decided I couldnt take it any more and quit. They also had there favorites, shorten pay checks, got mad when you went to the bathrooms. I couldnt pass the QA's because my notes where not good enough, I did great on every thing else, I got a fail a few times cause I didnt put a phone number in the notes. Get one thing wrong and you fail. Alot of times they made us train our own self, sit and read, and you can only miss 2 questions on the test or you fail and have to take it over again. Also make you stay after or come in before shift for extra training and not advise you about it untill the day before. This was the worse place I ever worked at.

purwaky in Indianapolis, Indiana

67 months ago

Yes I quit because I knew that it was impossible to pass the QA's. You had to type in word for word what was said and be fast about it. They would find the littlest thing to use against you to threaten to fire you. Talking to any supervisor or higher was useless. I met a guy at my school that had worked there too. He and his brother worked there and they ended up tellin them to take this job and shove it. I liked helping the customers but otherwise there was no way anyone would like that job and stick with it. You had to quit before they decided to fire you because you could not ever make them happy. They made me come in and work overtime just so they would not write me up again. That job was highly stressful and a daily torture to go to. I can't say enough about how bad it was. Thanks for letting me vent. I could only bare to work there 5 months which was 4 months too long. My school career counselor tried to convice me to stay for at least 6 months but I couldn't.

Cartern in Indianapolis, Indiana

64 months ago

I recently worked for Homeinstead Senior Care. This is the worst company ever to work for unless you are a CNA.I mentioned that I did not know how to do a certain job, and they sent me on the job site anyway.I was told that a supervisor would train me at first and that was a lie.When the supervisor said that there were concerns about my preformance, I told her that I would resign rather than be fired.All this company wants is a warm body in a spot and then do you dirty I believe that God has my back and has something better for me to do this summer.I am on summer vacation from a local high school as a special needs classroom assistant.

bewildered in Indianapolis, Indiana

59 months ago

I worked for wal mart here for 3 years,on 3rd anniv i was evaluated,was given a raise,and took my scheduled days off.upon my return i was fired.unemployment found for me.

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

58 months ago

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bewildered in Indianapolis, Indiana

58 months ago

To get to the point,my comment was short and to the point.seems like wal mart has people everywhere that do not want people to tell their stories.guess this site must be connected.I have proof of my claims and would not be afraid to face them again.

RC in Woodstock, Illinois

55 months ago

I've worked at SLM for many years and I can honestly say that being a team-lead here sucks. Everyone here is a dumb ass and working for people who don't even know what they're doing is even worse. The benefits are okay, especially for people just coming in from college, but that's it. I wake up everyday hating my job and the people I work with. The technologies are old, the cubicles, tight. No windows, no air... It sucks being forced to walk into the office everyday faking a smile to your supervisor but acting like she's your friend is the worst part about it around here. Everyone is a cut-throat.

Bewildered in Indianapolis, Indiana

55 months ago

Has anyone out there ever worked for a company called Zenith Logistics in Indianapolis,and are they a good companny to work for?

Fedup in Paris, Illinois

54 months ago

I too have suffered by the hands of Indiana. Fired four times from three jobs in three years. 5 years with Bill's City Wide Towing in Mishawaka, Ind. I worked 5p to 8am seven days a week, everyother weekend off. I asked for every weekend off, I was fired. The owner then began telling people I was the worst employee they had. Couldn't get a job anywhere. I was discriminated against. Yet 30 days before they loaned me the money to buy my home. Work like a dog for them, I got fired. Lost everything! Moved to Terre Haute, Ind. because thats where my daughter wanted to finish school. Worked at Pizza Hut for 1yr1/2. Fired. I complained about the pot smoking by the GM with employees, and missing money and food. He said I did it, and I was fired. 9 mo's later, he was fired for, stealing etc. Not done yet! Securitas Security, worked a year and half. When hired I needed my GED, no problem they said. Worked for over a year and went to school. 2009 of July I was to take my test, on the 9th. They fired me on June 30, 2009. I kept them informed they said "No Problem Penny we will work with you", so took it like a pro, went back to that job to prove to them I was better than that. I worked 3days and was warned that they wanted my out of the company. Three weeks I worked, was fired again! They would NOT bring my accusers into the office to face me. The lies they told mounted, but I was told they released me for my own safety. I have NEVER had a problem with co workers or bosses. Oh yeah my boss in Mishawaka wanted me to have sex with him. I filed with Human Rights guess what? They took the millionairs word over mine. Funny huh? Not when you have kids to raise. I went from 35,000 a year to barely 800 a month! I raised two kids by myself, I did the right things, and this is what we get. The state of Indiana cares for NO ONE, but the wealthy. I'm proof of that. Oh yeah still a year later no job. My age won't get me work in this town, and I can't afford to move out.

American Complaint Center

45 months ago

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John Kocalis in Lakewood, California

42 months ago

Hey! is this Amy (felicia) from teleservices direct? If so email me! JxRannok@hotmail.com

Its john!

bewildered in Indianapolis, Indiana

41 months ago

Has anyone ever heard of AWP or area wide protective out of Ohio? Theysay they are in most states.

mentally abused & bullied in Indianapolis, Indiana

31 months ago

I worked for a company in Indianapolis called Cyrca. They are contracted by the State of Hawaii to process all the Dental Medicaid claims & handle processing claims for other programs (including an Organ Transport program). The claims department is managed by a women who is 65 years old, long blond hair, 400 pounds and wants to micro manage every step of every person who works for her! She is a liar, talked about her employees behind her back & ridicules people like you would not believe. She hires temporary employess. If they miss one day for being sick they are gone. If she detects they have any sort of disability or health issue....they're a risk and they are gone in the blink of an eye. She hires her family who can do no wrong (daughter & sister). Her poor sister works hard & mean wells - but can never do anything right. Her daughter is a diva, well paid, and doesn't put more than 2 hours a day into her work. The company is owned by a man (nice guy, but has an alcohol problem). He puts up with her because she knows how to play him to get what she wants for her, her daughter, and her sister. The HR person has no control & doesn't like white people so her position is useless as far as finding a resolution to any of the problems. She works about 10-3 every day. The only person within the corporate structure who has any education, strong work ethic, and ability to do his job is the CFO. I feel sorry for him. One day the Hawii Medicaid program will do an audit and the truth will come out.....uh oh!!!a claim mis-payed....whats a couple of hundred of thousand dollars....we will fix it...uh oh!!!

unemployed in Indianapolis, Indiana

28 months ago

I am looking for a job in/around Mooresville. I was looking online and came across a clerical position for $14/hr. It sounded like a great opportunity. The post referenced a telephone to call to inquire about the position. I spoke to a woman named Micelea who said the company was PERMANENT ACCESS INC (PAI). They are an employment service company. She said they charge a one-time fee of $190 for their services. I referenced the job online. She didn't talk much about the position posted but asked how much I wanted to get paid per hour. This made me apprehensive b/c there are plenty of employment services/temp agencies that don't charge you anything to help find a job. They get paid by the companies who hire them. I continued the conversation to get more info like an address. I set up an appointment but as an unemployed, single mother I can't afford to get ripped off. I was wondering if anyone had dealt with this company before and what your experience was.


27 months ago

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Kay in Indianapolis, Indiana

25 months ago

I worked for the Childhood Leukemia Foundation for 3 years and after doing some research on them and quiting, this is not a good place to work. I thought they where legit but after awhile I was paying close attention. I did every thing I could to help out for the kids more then any others in my postion, I went beyond my job. Then they started offering cash bonuses for us wich they always came up with an excuse not to pay the bonuses and pocketed it for them selves. They made me stay late several times and (they had no time clock) so they said not to wirte the extra time in cause they wont pay you for it, it was only by 5-15min more so I figured not to make a big deal out of it cause im helping the kids. If I would of knowin what crooks they where I would of went to the labor board. Then I Had a $15 dollar bonus coming to me so when it was time to give it to me they said I dont get it cause I called off, because I took my daughter to the hospital on a Sunday. That was not true, one thing Sunday is my scheduled day off and plus I was on vacation that day out of town and I didnt take my daughter to hospital. They said well if you get proof I took her to hospital they will give me my bonus. What idiots. Also they shorted me 2hrs pay and dont want to pay me,So I quit over this. Told them all most a year ago I moved and still havent change my address. Also the employees will be threaten by the boss and we will be fired if they dont like our donation amounts. The boss plays favorites and let them slide on the rules. They had a supervisor once that rob them. They hire criminals and teens that love drama. Lou the boss is hateful and disrespectful, he is a heartless pig. Had us all come in 4 days in a row just to send us home cause power was out. Bathroom runs out of toilet paper and it takes a few days for them to buy some. Was accused of stealing a cdrom when I was gone on vacation once. I could go on and on. They are a bunch of heartless crooks dont give to them.

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