MGT Information in Jacksonville, FL

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CL CL in Jackson, Tennessee

94 months ago

This company is not what it says it is. I applied for this job, flew down to interview (from out of state) and spent $400 on 20 hours of hotel, flight and the like. I have an MBA and am fluent in French and Spanish and am looking for a serious international marketing based position. I thought this was serious, as he requests MBAs with prior foreign language experience.

He ushered me into a room, in which the building is part of a small strip mall, I saw no other employees, he proceeded to tell me how hard the job is, how no one likes it at first, how I am going to have to work 65 hours a week for the first year- for $30,000!

I see that he keeps advertising for open positions. He says that there is opportunity for growth. All of this is untrue. I think he is running an illegal spy on the other company business and all of the "marketing research" seems to be a little unethical. Please use caution when applying for this job.

CL CL in Jackson, Tennessee

83 months ago

The comment was warranted; the company is unethical. Notice the difference.

GN in Chicago, Illinois

82 months ago

I have experience with this company - I worked there - Morris Taylor is an unethical person. He did not pay my salary for the last month that worked. Do not ever work for this company.

E in Hinesville, Georgia

62 months ago

GN in Chicago, Illinois said: I have experience with this company - I worked there - Morris Taylor is an unethical person. He did not pay my salary for the last month that worked. Do not ever work for this company.

I am researching the company and would like some more information is there anyone currently working with the company? Apparently, there are other workers for the company.

GN, why did you leave the company? I am assuming you were paid regularly until your departure? Why didn't you take legal action?

sandy foster in buffalo, New York

51 months ago

I usually don't comment on employers, BUT this was one shady place. It was way back in the cut in a strip mall, and they only had a notebook paper sign on the door that said MGT information. When i interviewed with the guy, he came off as a arrogant person and thus the reason i declined to go any further with the selection process. No one was in the office, no employees were in sight, except the secretary, and wondered if i had walked into some type of setup or something. Everything was cool though until i had the actual interview. They pay really well according to the job posting it seems, and they MAY be legitimate, but the presentation of their office space seems very strange to say the least, and very fly by night-ish to say the most. They may have a high starting salary, but beware because you never know what you could be walking into by being hired there.

My advice to those that are considering being hired at any unheard-of small business is to look at the physical place using Google maps, or even taking a drive to see it before you go there. Presentation is everything, and shows whether it is some where you can build a career at or not.

unbiased in Jacksonville, Florida

34 months ago

It is a small market research company. They are legitimate. They actually know what they are doing and are good at it. I understand the comments about being weirded out by the lack of employees/small office space, and the way he comes off in the interview. My interview he was not arrogant in, though. Overall, I think he is a good, nice, friendly person who can at times be arrogant. I love Sui though, and that is who you end up working closely with. He actually owns the whole building, but decided to lease out the rest of the space to other small buildings. You don't need an MBA to do the job. Language skills are a large plus, but they are not necessary. (I only speak english)

Good work experience
Intelligent co-workers

Small business so not very many employees/job growth.
I think the salary should be at least a little higher than 30,000.. more like 33,000 at least.

unbiased in Jacksonville, Florida

34 months ago

other small businesses*

Anne in Grand Rapids, Michigan

26 months ago

I had an interview with the owner in the late 1990s!!! Incredible to think he is still in business, at the same location. I remember thinking I should have walked out before my interview. I believe I arrived before all the other employees, and as each one filed past me in the waiting room, not a single one of them looked my way. They all had their heads down and looked like they were entering prison. The man talked to me like I had the IQ of an imbecile. Anyway, I was already employed and didn't need the job. It sure was an interesting experience, and I guess if he's still in business he must produce something of worth. But ewww what a creepy atmosphere.

anonymous in Orange Park, Florida

2 months ago

I worked here in 2003. It is a legitimate business with international employees. The owner does have a lot of credibility with his clients. That said, he is difficult to work with and is comfortable with a revolving door. I managed to survive a few months and for a few completed projects, but as a mom, I could not work 60 hours a week. Overall, I did learn a lot and am glad to have it on my resume.

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