Worst sweatshop in Jacksonvile

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Coder in Jacksonville, Florida

92 months ago

Let me tell you about one of the worst companies I have every worked for. It used to be called Per-se Technologies, but is now called McKesson. They have an office on Bowden Road. The employees there are basically driven like cattle to do 3 or 4 peoples jobs and all the workers are stressed out to the max. They employ medical coders, billers, and account follow up reps. But this is not a situation I would recommend to anyone. To me, this is one of the biggest sweatshops in the city. Please take care before applying for a position at McKesson in Jacksonville.

Serene in Satellite Beach, Florida

89 months ago

thanx for the comment. i am doing a project for a history class i am taking and the assignment is to find sweatshops here in florida. my professor, classmates and i are going to report and send a very stong-willed letter to them. GOD BLESS YOU!!!Acts 20:24


84 months ago

You are absolutely right, this is a nightmare of a company! The management team has never had any other work experience and are stuck in the early 90's without even knowing it...lucky for them they spend much of their time playing fantasy football while the company and workers drift unguided and unmanaged


83 months ago

HORRIBLE place to work!!!!!! You would assume a corporation of this size wouldn't allow a local office to be managed this poorly. It's basically a Mom & Pop, with a really catty and unprofessional work environment where failure and screw-ups are the norm and acceptable. It's only a matter of time before the headquarters dumps this operation.


83 months ago

What a mess this place is!!!!!!!!!

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