Weather in Kansas City

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What are the seasons like in Kansas City? How do Kansas City dwellers cope?

Frustrated in Kansas City in Kansas City, Missouri

95 months ago

Hot and humid summers July to September (90+ temps and humidity).

Cold and windy winters with occasional snow and ice (temps 30's to 50's with wind chills 0 and below, snowfalls 1" to 1' about seven times a year).

Spring and Autumn are just BEAUTIFUL here. 50's to 70's are the norm, light jacket is required. March IS "In like a lion and out like a lamb" here. St. Patrick's Day is huge (don't listen to what the Rotten Apple, Bean-town and Chi-town say, ours' is the biggest), April and May are colorful, and June just comes alive. Late September to November is "blazing" with fall foliage. Don't forget, after Thanksgiving the lights come on, and EVERYTHING is decorated for the holidays.

Ken in Kansas City, Missouri

95 months ago

What is going on with our seasons? We use to have real nice sunnys days as early as May and cold not setting in until last of October. Now the trend is very late Spring into mid june, we have not had enough warm days to make the swimming pools water warm enough to enjoy. Pools will close last week of Aug. By then it will if trend continues get real hot Sept through mid Oct. It seems we just can not get an enjoyable summer if your an outdoors person who like traditional summer hot days. Here it is late July and I feel like summer has not even started yet.

Craig in Omaha, Nebraska

90 months ago

If you would like to discuss weather for the Central Plains, please join

NY* in Westchester, New York

90 months ago

Craig in Omaha, Nebraska said: If you would like to discuss weather for the Central Plains, please join

guess the got stuck with Dorothy and her dog in the poppy fields..... and forget this was a Job board....
lions,tigers and bears! oh my!

damon n in Olathe, Kansas

90 months ago

everyone TALKS about the wx, but nobody does anything about it! just kidding really....having lived in KC over 40 years...I say we have great weather and enjoy all FOUR seasons here in Gods Country!

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