Best companies to work for in Lincoln?

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What companies are fueling growth in Lincoln? Why are they a great employer?

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al4626@*****.*** in Greeley, Colorado

104 months ago

I have no idea what companies are doing well in Lincoln

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Jordan in Lincoln, Nebraska

103 months ago

Wait just a minute. This is a trick question. The job market in Lincoln is horrible! I earned my BSBA one and a half years ago, was on the dean's list, earned scholarships, have a solid work history and I still cannot find a decent job in Lincoln. So, to answer the question, there are no companies fueling growth in Lincoln. However, let's apply some economics and take a closer look at why this is.

This lack of strong companies and growth is partly due to Lincoln's failing business tax incentive program, the Nebraska Advantage, which is not effectively encouraging business to expand or (re)locate in Lincoln. Consequently, recent graduates have little incentive to look for work in Lincoln because the job market is weak and flooded by candidates. Lincoln needs to stop being so conservative and give prospective businesses more and/or better incentives (through taxes, labor, land, materials, etc.) to locate in Lincoln. This will increase the number of jobs in Lincoln and boost the local economy greatly.

Secondly, Lincoln is a "college town" with too many graduates and not enough jobs. This lack of a job market, combined with the high number of recent graduates, encourages many graduates to relocate to more lucrative and prosperous cities; thus perpetuating Lincoln as a brain drain city. And as for the graduates that do not relocate? Well, they are faced with a difficult challenge: competing against many homogenous candidates for a mediocre job. This drives wages down and ultimately leads some candidates to work jobs they are grossly overqualified for.

Better business incentive programs combined with a generally strong and educated workforce, friendly atmosphere and a low crime rate would make Lincoln a highly desirable place for new businesses. However, until these incentive programs prove more desirable job seekers may want to consider relocating or be prepared for a very difficult and frustrating job search.

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dcarl in Lincoln, Nebraska

91 months ago

Jordan, did you find a job? I am now on the market, looking for a better work-life balance, instead of being away from my family for 11 hrs. a day, I want to work from my home office, do some field work, and stay within my industry knowledge: real estate appraising, staffing-sales, advertising-sales, human resources or childcare management. I am searching on the web, and it's fun but no bits yet. It has only been since 1-16 when I got the 'pink slip.' It may take me up to 5 mths.

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clentz@*****.*** in Lincoln, Nebraska

91 months ago

Host said: What companies are fueling growth in Lincoln? Why are they a great employer?

No idea, I think good are those companies paying over 40k a yr. Low, low salaries!
Real Estate is picking up, anyone need an assistant, for inspecting properties, data entry, etc. I have run a real estate appraisal company for over 10 yrs. and needing more work to keep me busy. Our volume is consistent but could use more.

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startups in Lees Summit, Missouri

73 months ago

If you're young and somewhat tech savvy, there are a number of expanding startups in the city hiring in tech, design and sales that have really good atmospheres. Design companies like archrival, thought district, and roundus have grown in recent years and are great places to work downtown. Agile sports (football IT startup) has been funded over in the haymarket. Five Nines (IT consulting) was on the INC 500 this year. Milestone local surfaces seems to be getting off the ground. If you want to talk to some people about their jobs, try the lincoln young professionals group or business after hours.

There 10 or so growing companies in the Turbine Flats idea incubator by campus. They have a really cool space and have lot of fun and community interaction. Allied Strategy (insurance/consumer/web) in there is really growing and has hired quite a few sales and customer support, ruby and javascript developers this year.. play creative design has hired a couple graphic designers as well. I think ISoft is growing too. Those companies have tremendous cultures, and as a building had something like a 2-300% growth rate last year.

Of the above Allied Strategy, Archrival, Agile Sports, and Five Nines probably pay the best. The culture fit is what makes a company great though. Working at high growth startups is a lot more fun. They also tend to be a lot more flexible with hours and schedules, and in terms of human dignity provided.

Have to agree with the above comments about incentives. The city thinks it's a better idea to spend on a Verizon call center than to invest in it's own high growth companies providing Lincoln well-paying jobs. Turbine Flats has had runaway success, and they can't even get a bond to expand. The local terms on startup/growth capital pushes many of the best growth players out of town. Lobby the mayor, LPED, and chamber of commerce for a wakeup call, and lets get some quality jobs here by really incentivizing desirable jobs!

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