Los Angeles culture

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Food, entertainment, shopping, local traditions - where is it all happening in Los Angeles?

MM900 in Los Angeles, California

94 months ago

Hollywood & Highland Center is a really cool mall and entertainment complex. They have tons of great shops, restaurants, a movie theater, Lucky Strike Lanes bowling alley, and the Kodak Theatre where the Oscars are held. They are also having a Live Art festival on November 3rd. Check out a cool contest at livelargehere.com, you can submit your artwork, photos, films, and music. Winners will be featured at the festival.

Kipling in Los Angeles, California

93 months ago

YIKES is all i have to say. avoid that mall like the plague, it's $h!t. It's the same stores that you have back home anyways. Their are waaaaay better places to check out in Los Angeles and better places for art too.
try citysearch or dailycandy.com for better insight into our city, unless you're so starved for Victoria's Secret, Coldstone or godhelpus, Build-a-Bear.

joelle wright in Washington, District of Columbia

75 months ago

i love your culture

ambro in Woodland Hills, California

74 months ago

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ambro in Woodland Hills, California

74 months ago

joelle wright in Washington, District of Columbia said: i love your culture

Dudette! Thanx for the compliment. There really is a lot to see/do in L.A. & environs. You like Thai-Senegalese fusion tacos...comin' right up! Like residential architecture...F.L.Wright and Case Studt and Eames home tours right now! Obviously we don't have the longer history of the East Coast or South East, so adjust the parameters of what you want to look at. Plenty of really great contemporary art galleries, music venues, nice people (believe it or not). Hope you come back soon if you still live in D.C. Best in all things to you, whatever you do!....ambro

Sheron in Tbilisi, Georgia

43 months ago

Hi Dear
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