Customer Service Representatives- Humanbook

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Mesha83 in Charlotte, North Carolina

83 months ago

I applied for this position today. I pray that I get it because it sounds really intriguing.


80 months ago

Have to sign-in with personal info before any "job information" is disclosed. Might this be just another way to add more people to their directory? BTW, very outdated directory.

Elizabeth Rose in Los Angeles, California

80 months ago

I've applied also. I always feel ill at ease with places that have no "hard address" listed on their site. I really prefer to do business with people, not email, even though a great deal of my own business involves editing and writing for the web.

I like the site IDEA, but I found the site difficult to edit. It seems like some functions are not fully enabled and for that reason navigation is difficult. My information is not 100% accurate, because I had to toss it up quickly in order to have an idea of how the site worked, before dashing off to work. I assumed I could come back and edit it later, but that is proving to be difficult.

Hopefully it's just a launch problem.

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