Getting Sponsored to move to the US

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Colum O'Shea in Douglas, Isle of Man

38 months ago

I am currently living in the UK but have an Irish Passport and I am looking to move to the US when i have finished studying.

I am studying to be a plumber but hope to learn how to weld and do Industrial Pipe fitting before i leave. I need to know if there are any companies that are willing to sponsor people with these qualifications.

I would like to move somewhere near the west of the US. I am a very keen worker and enjoy my job very much. I think I would be a great asset to any company if there are any possibilities for sponsorship.

Briarkershaw in Australia

37 months ago

I am a young, ambitious and driven woman who works especially in hospitality and tourism. I currently live in Australia and am looking for sponsorship from anyone in Los Angeles. I have a passion for the entertainment industry and anything hair and fashion. I dream to be a talk-show host or actress. I believe that there are few young people out there with the ambition and drive like mine, and thus see myself as an asset to any company.

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