Professor/Tranier/Consultant Wanting to Relocate to the Louisville Area

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"Luther" in Bloomington, Illinois

100 months ago

I am trying to relocate but do not want to head south until I can secure a job at near the same salary. Would love to stay in the teaching/consulting arena but I don't have to. Any suggestions for places to look would be helpful.

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Native Gone Truthful in Louisville, Kentucky

100 months ago

"Luther" --- It is important and critical to begin the process making informational interviews (I call them go-see interviews)before arriving in this city. I lived near Bloomington, IL for three years, and I can say, that opportunity exists here. However, just like east central Illinois, Louisville, KY is small, myopic in the vision of its leadership, and contains a population severely under-educated. Moreover, there is a sociable oligarchy who holds primary and secondary decision making power for most things involving budgets(profit and not-for-profit). Identify them first to ensure you will get paid and that you won't do work for nothing. People haven't been properly disabused of the notion there actually is a time where one no longer needs to "do freebies or volunteer" to build their resumes.

The lower cost of living is a myth in terms of dollars, but not in terms of quality of living space. For an educated person like the two of us (I also speak and read 5 languages, hold BAs and MA from ivy and research ones), our skills will surpass our peers but they will have the familial/community tie-in.

This city is one of the worst I have worked where who you know really matters for receiving information about unadvertised, or quickly advertised jobs on either hard or soft moneys.

If you are gen-Xer, you will ache because the glass ceiling is low and real as age discrimination is here(e.g. the desire for a malliable 25 year old).

In a larger market strong transferable skills makes a consultant's dream (east coast consultant prior), but in Louisville, KY it means contexts, situations, and question you may take as standard or given, are new, undeveloped, and unexplored.

Pay for contract and tenure track professionals is insulting (below 58K). Pay for contract/adjunct professors is demeaning and (1.2K-2.5K per semester for arts and sciences not significantly more for hard sciences and engineering). The pay colleges pay the highest.

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