Moving to Louisville - how did you get here?

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Where did you come from? How did you move here? What would you do different now?

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williamsmith40258 in Louisville, Kentucky

102 months ago

First off, do not move here. Taxes are higher than surrounding states. Especially Indiana. 3.4 percent state income tax over there. 1.5 percent maximum county tax. Property tax based on value of home generally one percent of valuation. Taxes in Louisville. 6 percent state tax for income. 2.2 percent city occupational taxes. 8.2 percent state and local here. 4.9 percent in Indiana.

Road system here is in poor to moderate shape. Bombed out streets and main thoroughfares especially in certain areas of city. East end streets well kept. South end streets very shoddy. West end known as a no go area due to crime, violence, and drugs. South End becoming more like West End every day.

Economy: Low wages paid here. Temp services have captured the economy. Retail and service base. Few professional jobs. Low incomes. Average county income 28,843 USD. Most jobs pay 8 to 13 an hour. Few jobs paying 40 K and up.

Educational achievement. Poor public school system one of the worst. Kids and locals generally cannot spell correctly. One third of city residents moderately intelligent to brilliant most of the rest much less so. Very unsatisfactory economy and job market. Education is shunned here and contacts more important. Kids come out of the public schools to be illiterate and often subject to acting more gangster than actually receiving an education.

Activities: Churchill Downs, Frazier Museum, Waterfront Park, Gambling in Indiana, Louisville Parks, A lot of restaurants which means a lot of unhealthy people with unhealthy habits and higher health insurance. Local hotels go from five star to 1/4 star based on area and general dumpy conditions. You can see this place in two days and not miss much of anything and then leave again. Very backward and ill educated culture due to the Kentucky school system

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RJ in Louisville, Kentucky

100 months ago

Thank you williamsmith for speaking the truth about Louisville.

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Mary 1Nurse in Louisville, Kentucky

95 months ago

I moved to Louisville three years ago from central Indiana. I moved on the spur of the moment. Decided December 28th that I was going to relocate to Louisville and was working full time the first week of January as a LPN making 17.50 an hour. Left that facility and immediately started working for two agencies earning 25.00 an hour. Left a Two bedroom house to my family in Indiana and got a nice two bedroom apartment 3 days after applying. Pay my car note monthly and keep it maintained on the regular to avoid transportation problems. Children are grown and living well in Indianapolis, I worked with them daily with school work and didn't leave their schooling all up to the schools. I purchased a map and learned to use map quest in an effort to make my travels more smoothly. (Kentucky folks have no respect on the road, they will eat you up if you have poor driving skills or don't know where you are going). Indianapolis two hours away Ohio one and one half hours away. Plenty of entertainment for someone who goes out two to three times a month. I have a good man and a good life. I'm blessed!

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