What's the Worst Company to Work for?

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S. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

66 months ago

What are the worst companies out there and why?

Lorenzo C in Oxnard, California

66 months ago

Uniform companies are the worst. This explains it all www.xomba.com/uniform_rentals_how_protect_yourself

NU in Kenosha, Wisconsin

63 months ago

Menards Inc. after having a work-related injury I was harassed on a daily basis. Their corporate HR did nothing to address the issue, in fact it only got worse. I was physically threatened by the store manager and two occassions.

mikey1 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

60 months ago

the census bureau local 2546 the super visor and the crew assistance and the and crew leaders were liars and took work form half the workers and accused the other half of fraud so the lame supervisors could believe that they were the only ones who who handle the no brainier work they sucked and the local office as well. There was a lot of waste of money by the few who scammed to get the work!!!!!

garged in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

47 months ago


Was once a provider of high quality service and good employer, then "Management By The Numbers" youngsters regime took over and it turned into a grindhouse.

Many (most?) of the experienced (read: union pensioned) workers took early buy outs rather than risk getting fired "for missing their numbers".

If you'd like to confirm this, walk up to any AT&T truck or into any AT&T store and ask 'em how long they've worked for AT&T.

Or, even easier, call AT&T's toll free number with a question and see how long it takes you to hear "I'll transfer you", or, even worse "...you'll have to call...." because the person you'll be speaking to has a manager who will be looking at the calls report to see how many incoming calls were answered, not how how many customers were helped and remain happy.


john smith in Milford, Ohio

45 months ago

best buy. enough said

Scott in Waukesha, Wisconsin

26 months ago

S. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin said: What are the worst companies out there and why?

Diamond Discs International located in West A
lis Wisconsin is run like a jail cell block. Grind house would be putting it nicely. Based on hours worked they have brought back legalized slavery.

pam / Post Acute Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

3 months ago

Worse place to for as far as Healthcare./ no team work ,no Respect. From coworkets to administration
/ Very un safe always working short rn very lazy ,

Jury 14 in Hartford, Connecticut

3 months ago

Uniform companies have a high turnover rate, do not have air conditioning in a lot of the places they are at, and worst yet, expect you to get crazy physicals and drug tests and such, all for minimum wage and long working hours. And they're over saturated with hispanic workers that may or may not be residents of the US. I worked with uniform companies on the other end and oh boy. Trust me when I say you have to be REAL desperate to work for them. It's little worse than working at Burger King.

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