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APK in Minneapolis, Minnesota

112 months ago

Hi all,

I have 3 years experience in software testing and I like to know how to enter in to job market as an entry level. Are there any opportunities for entry level QA Tester.

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QA_learner in Saint Paul, Minnesota

111 months ago

try to get in touch with local consulting companies - even take a class with local training companies who will place you through their contacts. Remember, be persistance for getting a job. jobs are there.

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sharu in Maisuru, India

110 months ago

Try to contact local job consultancy agency, that people will give you suitable suggestion for you, otherwise better to apply in on-line site.
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107 months ago

I thought entry level was for ppl with no experience. I don't understand why you are looking for entry level when you have 3 yrs experience.

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phaychiththongthi in shakopee, Minnesota

106 months ago

I agree wit aj comment. I been looking for job long time. PPl always look for more experience of the field. I dont understand why ppl hire more experience but after get hire still have to train them the same as ppl dont have alot of experience. Maybe ppl with not alot of experience can work better than ppl have experience. So can someone give me the answer to this why dont give a chance ppl with not alot of experience to show that v can do this also.

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Beulah in Colorado Springs, Colorado

92 months ago

Entry level refers to the salary range and the experience. With experience of 3 or more years, you are no longer entry level for the position requirements, but you may have to take entry level pay to get the job.

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todd in Ferndale, Michigan

74 months ago

I would be wary of taking training classes in order to make contacts or get a job.

I don't know if Minneapolis is really as low of unemployment as they say, but training classes can be VERY costly. Especially computer-related courses.

So if you don't have money to blow, don't waste more money on education.

Computer related jobs are very hard to come by, note the Indian posting in this thread. The US opened up American tech jobs to H-1B foreign visa workers and so computer science professionals are one of the highest unemployed groups right now of all professionals.

You have to have more than just 3 years testing software to impressive employers these days. Good luck. And again, don't spend money to get a job.

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