Worst companies to work for in Tennessee

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Who's to Blame in Nashville, Tennessee

79 months ago

One of the worst places to work for in Tennessee, is the Metro Nashville Airport Authority. They claim to be the heartbeat of the south, yet whenever problems arise that can be easly handled they take the hearts right out of their employees by trying to fire them. I had a friend once that worked there over 20+ years and he used to talk about all the corruption that went on with that place. Everywhere from budgeting shortcuts, to under the table bargaining by different companies bidding on a contract (i,.e. terminal renovations to business inside the airprot itself) and also the coruption inside their police department showing favoritism towards certain passengers (i.e. arrests and releases, traffic citations been "lost") Everyone knows leadership reflects attitude and direction, and as I walk the through the terminal building on my way to work to another city, I look at the faces of these employees, and no one really seems to have any type of heartbeat.. - So based on knowledge and personel reflection, I WOULD DEEM THIS PLACE UNSUITABLE FOR ESTABLISHING ANY TYPE OF RECOGNITION AS A GREAT PLACE TO WORK.

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Tina in Hendersonville, Tennessee

76 months ago

This company's tagline should be "never on time, but we'll take your last dime". What a joke. I called on Monday and got an appointment for Tuesday morning. I waited, and waited and waited until noon and finally called. The secretary was very rude and acted like I was inconveniencing her. She told me that she would reschedule me for that evening. No one showed. I called the next morning and again, was treated as though I was the one who was inconveniencing them. Forget the fact that I missed a day's work WAITING, and was treated rudely on top of that. I finally cancelled and went with a better company. This place is a joke. I used them about five years ago with no problem, but now, I'll never use them again. Beware of this company. They don't care about the customer.

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Mark in Nashville, Tennessee

75 months ago

Don't forget about DELL! They work you for hours on end, 6 to 7 days a week. Don't pay you for pre-shift meetings, but threaten to fire you if you are not on time for any of them. Listen to your calls with customers and if you don't sell, they brow beat the crap out of you in front of other employees. If you don't stay at a certain level with your, "Metrics," they threaten to fire you. If you have to do any extra work for them it's on your time, I.E. (Lunch , Breaks) and guess what you don't get paid! And if you don't do it, you are fired. They don't hire you based off your experience, they just throw you in the worst position available to find out if your gonna fetch the stick like a good dog, or stand up to their ridiculous policies and blatant sales ethics violations. If you stand up, guess what, you are fired! Lastly, they will rape your abilities starting from Black friday through spring without any know level of rest and then replace you with temp agents from Sephrion who they only pay 7 to 8 an hour doing the job you were hired for. Think about it, use educated over qualified people during high sales times for more money and insurance, then lay them off and let hourly temps take over during the rest of the year. That is Dell's unending work cycle. Save yourself the trouble and steer clear of them!!!!

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weapons in Hendersonville, Tennessee

69 months ago

Comcast takes the cake for everyone. They hire technicians treat them poorly and expect them to maintain a low repeat percentage rate on their trouble calls and installations. They write up a technician for having high repeat rates, even though the technician shows documentation that it is the equipment fault,NOT the techncian's fault for another truck roll to a customer's home. They care too much about profits and less about employees. It took over 4 years for technicians to have access to a bathroom for after hours use,when their office closed. Now what kind of company is so mean that they won't give you access to the office to relax and use the restroom facilities after the supervisor's and manager are gone home. My best advice is to stay away from Comcast, they need to go to a union, but they refuse to do so. Until they do so, they will keep losing technicians who are frustrated with the way they treat their employees. Comcast Doesn't care, stay clear of them unless you want to be stressed out all the time by bad equipment that you are blamed for installing

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smiles in Nashville, Tennessee

68 months ago

St. Thomas Medical Group is very harsh to their employees. The Administration department talks down to everyone, except the physicians. If you are accused of doing something incorrect, you are just in trouble. They do not give you a chance to tell your side of the story. Your vacation time is really not your vacation time to take because it is so monitored & restricted. No raises for over three years. The yearly employee apprection dinner is paid for by pharmactuecal companies and you are only invited if you have reached your 5, 10, 20 year marks. Bringing a family member is not acceptable. They tell their employees "You are a dime a dozen."

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This Job Sucks in Nashville, Tennessee

65 months ago

The Great Escape is an AWFUL place to work. The company policies are inefficient and poorly thought-out. Store operations are a mess. The same background songs repeat several times a day. The store wastes paper at an alarming rate. Product prices are grossly inconsistent.

There are far worse places to work, but this still sucks

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ctm in Brentwood, Tennessee

64 months ago

what is the company name?

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Foghat in Alpharetta, Georgia

63 months ago

Stay away from Gibson Guitar, the music instrument company. Micromanaged and mismanaged, good people that do nothing but take orders from the head guy. Most look to leave after a year or so and find better. Sad story, believe nothing anyone says.....

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Willy in Clarksville, Tennessee

57 months ago

Ferguson Heating and Cooling is the worst place to work because of their middle management! The managers are very shallow and only care about promoting themselves. They will tell you lies to convince you to work for Ferguson and never can be trusted to make good on their promises. Most of the management has very little industry knowledge and do not know how to take a company from A to B. Their answer for success is "hit a home run" or "strike out"...they can not develop a plan to hit singles/doubles to put people in the position to score! Enough of this....I would never work for Ferguson Heating/Cooling!

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