Entry level business jobs in Orlando? Hah!

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JakeC in Orlando, Florida

63 months ago

It feels like I am fighting a losing battle here. I graduated with a finance degree over two years ago and I've worked jobs completely unrelated to my degree making minimum wage. I chalked it up to graduating at a bad time into an economy already going down the gutter. But now it has gone beyond ridiculous. I can barely afford my rent and now I'm going to lose this job I currently have that I don't even like soon. I want to find a business analyst position, planning or scheduling, financial analyst, or anything that will get me in the door to an actual career.

I've been searching and applying and trying for two long years. I've had my resume professionally done. I've tried going to recruiters but even they don't speak to me. I've gone to career fairs. I can recite the websites for major employers by memory now because I've seen them every day for two long years, just trying to dig up an opportunity. I've networked and spoke to people and applied online and offline and followed up and for two years and I still have absolutely nothing.

There's no entry level business related work in Orlando for me, it seems, even though they're listed and I apply as soon as I can, I haven't even landed an interview. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? I am really desperate to start my career or I won't even have a home when my current job lays me off.

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Daryl in Orlando, Florida

62 months ago

I am in the same exact boat as you. I too recently graduated, although my degree is in accounting. I have applied to jobs where it should be a great way to get my foot in the door and get some real work experience, with absolutely no response. I have even been having trouble finding any work at all. It seems to me that we're both stuck in a limbo where we can't find jobs we're qualified for, and can't land jobs we're over qualified for just to pay the bills.

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Christian Breaux in Florida, Florida

11 months ago

Entry level in business jobs in Orlando is little difficult.

But if you do properly means systematic you are able to set up easily.

If looking for jobs in orlando visit link :www.orlandojobs.com/

Hope you get best options.

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