Employers in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas

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Jimmy in Herndon, Virginia

72 months ago

I can read articles until I'm blue in the face but I'd like to hear some feedback from actual area professionals. What's the job market like for Project Analyst/Project Management type positions in the Pittsburgh/surrounding area? I've been looking to relocate back to the area but haven't seen many opportunities that seem enticing enough to leave the D.C. area (as much as I hate to admit it). Other than small or mid-size contractors I haven't seen much.

I did notice some positions w/ Westinghouse (the Nuclear side) that sound promising, but a conversation with a friend up that way didn't make me feel very warm and fuzzy about them. She basically told me about massive layoffs that were done strictly on seniority. Don't know how much truth there is to that, but I've got nothing else to go on.

I've spent more than six years successfully providing both project and proposal management/support for a large contractor in the D.C. area (unfortunately they don't have any work in the area so a transfer is out of the question). I also hold a PMP from the Project Management Institute and a Foundation Cert from the Association of Proposal Management Professionals. The skills/experience/certs go a long way here and have made me very employable, but I'm not sure how they would translate up there if work dried up after relocating and I were forced to find other employment. I'm not interested in taking a huge gamble with the job market being what it is, I'll go to Vegas or A.C. for crap shoots :-)

Any feedback or insight is much appreciated.

Jimmy in Herndon, Virginia

72 months ago

One other thing--I hate to admit it, but there's plenty of opportunity for tech jobs down here around D.C. If you're starting out and looking to get some experience it's a great place to start (despite the cost of living). That's how I ended up here, problem is it gets hard to leave...

NIVEK in Zelienople, Pennsylvania

70 months ago

Westinghouse has been hiring a lot of people. There has not been any discussion of layoffs or even slowing down the rate of hiring. A new headquarters has been built in Cranberry Township, PA. I would not worry about job security at Westinghouse unless there was a major nuclear accident ... even if Westinghouse was not in any way involved in the accident.

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