Should Americans be bitter, disappointed or upset?

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Ray Beaufait in Charlestown, Indiana

100 months ago

Hi fellow citizens in Pennslyvania. I live in Indiana and I really would like to know how Barack Obama's remarks effected most citizens on your State. Personally, I think we should be upset with our economy.

Please read my article and let me know if you agree or not. I feel that Hillary Clinton is more of an elitist than Barack Obama is.

Let me know if you think this makes any sense. Positive or negative comments are appreciated. I would really like to know if I am off base............Ray

Should Americans be bitter, disappointed or upset?

The Hillary Clinton and the John McCain campaigns are again desperate to find a way to stop the Barack Obama surge on the American voters.

They now attack him because he said the people of Ohio and Pennsylvania are bitter. Well, they should be bitter, or should I say upset at the poor government we have received the past 20 years from the Bush Republican and Clinton Democratic administrations. As so should every other caring American be upset.

If being tired of war, high gas prices, inflation, no jobs, low pay, foreclosures, American debt in the trillions, no health insurance, high medical costs and big business and lobbyists running our government is called bitter, than I guess I am bitter. Or a better word is disappointed in our leadership.

They call Obama an elitist? Wow! Are they out of touch with the American people? The Hillary Clinton campaign and the John McCain campaign is financed by the elite lobbyists and big businesses. I assure you Hillary Clinton and John McCain are closer to being elitists than Barack Obama.

Readers, think about this. Barack Obama was raised by a poor and middle class parent and grandparents. His mother even qualified for food stamps. John McCain and Hillary Clinton were not raised poor.

Barack Obama made the most of his education and hard work serving poor people. This is why he is running for President today. It can't be explained how he c

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designer in California

100 months ago

look i am a total obama supporter, but this is a VERY inappropriate topic for a forum dedicated to jobs.

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Ray Beaufait

100 months ago

You Know, I agree, I did not realize this was a job forum.....sorry it will be removed..


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