Moving to Portland - how did you get here?

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Where did you come from? How did you move here? What would you do different now?

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fayebarfoot@*****.*** in Hillsboro, Oregon

99 months ago

I came from Long Beach Washington, I was looking for a new job... I moved in with my sister and slept in her spare room and on the couch. I Have to say if I had to do it all over again I would not have come, but stuck it out and tried to find a job doing almost anything to stay next to the water, I miss the water and the cool days. It's so hot here in comparison

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Rightsiderex in Portland, Oregon

87 months ago

I came to Portland in 92 for work, I recently laid off. Not much opportunities here due to a business unfriendly environment and gross incompetence of our political leaders. We are getting a lot of young hipster want to suck in the cool culture but find out there no jobs. Go elsewhere.

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Depressed in Beaverton, Oregon

87 months ago

I moved here last year for my husband's job. His job is going fine but I am still unemployed. :(

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Chain in Eugene, Oregon

87 months ago

Moved up here recently to escape from hell... Its not working as well as I intended. Why are so many people so rude and insecure?

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Sdray Kat in Portland, Oregon

87 months ago

I moved from San Diego almost 4 months ago. My fiance is originally from Portland and has always wanted to move back. I am originally from New England but coincidentally my family relocated here several years ago. We were planning to move up next summer and already in the process of buying a house (to rent out over the next year) when he was offered a transfer within his company. It all just seemed to make sense at the time but I totally regret it now. I wasn't happy with my old job but the phrase "at least I have a job" now means so much more. We should have waited.

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itsglobalbackerz in Philippines

57 months ago

Thank you very much for all of that great information! I really appreciate it!

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Christin in Portland, Oregon

54 months ago

My family has been here in Oregon since 1853. It is all I have known, I ended up in pdx because my dad died and there was nothing left for us in Gold Beach. I thought Portland was the most dismal place I'd ever been but I adapted. I ended up traveling around the country on business and noticed that many places have a lot of the same thing. Like Dallas, little scrubbly wanna be trees and the same endless architecture. The first time I saw Denver from the plane I thought; they built a city in a sandbox. I need the green, the mystery, the variety that is Oregon. I want rivers, trees, mountains, beaches--and all not to far away. I love the diversity of people. I feel like I'm the quintessential Oregonian. I would consider washington but can't think of anywhere else like here. The job situation does really suck and I wish our Legislature would pull their heads out of you know where but there always something to be reckoned with anywhere.

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Ariel in Long Beach, California

52 months ago

I'm trying to figure out whether I should move to Portland OR. or Vancouver WA. I spent one week in Sept (about 4 years ago) in Portland and loved it but I'm not sure that was enough time to really get the feel of what it would be like to actually live there. I'm obviously not used to COLD weather so I'm not sure I could handle it. That being said Southern Califronia is too sunny, too hot and definitely too crowded for me. I want to live where there are LOTS of trees, cooler (though not necessarily freezing) weather and great hiking. How bad is the snow? Do you have to shovel your way out? I'm also considering Vancouver because of the tax situation. My final concern would be work. I'm a fitness trainer and Pilates instructor and feel like I could probably get work up there but I keep reading that jobs are scarce. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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