Moving to San Diego - how did you get here?

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Where did you come from? How did you move here? What would you do different now?

Jen Johnson in San Diego, California

95 months ago

I am moving down from the northern California area and my boyfriend is a massage therapist and would like to work in a Chiopractors office or Spa. Can you help us my email address

Chelsea in Washington, District of Columbia

93 months ago

I too am moving to San Diego in the spring 2008. I'm looking to work in public relations/marketing, specifically at the level of a public relations specialist (or similar). Any information on the job market in general would be helpful.

Bob Durham in San Diego, California

83 months ago

I moved here in 1972, from New Mexico. San Diego, was a beautiful large, but not too large, city. Since that time it has grown into a giant ugly city to live in. Traffic, in every part of the city, is a nightmare. Housing prices are close to the highest in the country, and gas prices are the same. The schools are overrun with gangs, and the teachers do not care ( 8-3 job types). When I first moved here I loved it. It was great in every way. Now it is terrible in every way. I would not move here again.

MG The Great in Sacramento, California

83 months ago

I walked to San Diego from Monroe, La. & let me tell you, It wasn't easy. If i could change something, i would have brought some lotion because my feet, hands, lips, and pratically my whole body is chapped and dried behind restortion from walking the desert through Texas, New Mex, Az, and Cali. I hope this helps.

jenjohnson in Bebington, United Kingdom

71 months ago


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