Too many good candidates are not being heard...

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Anon in San Diego, California

95 months ago can be the best, most qualified candidate in the world and you will not get the time of day from 99 percent of HR people. It's very frustrating. There are many of us who have sent out hundreds of resumes (not boilerplate, mind you, but custom fit for each job opening) with little or no response -- not even a rejection e-mail. I've been looking for six months and I'm guessing others have for a lot longer. I've had a grand total of 2 interviews. I've got a degree and more than seven years experience in my field but that doesn't seem to matter. I admit I'm not the best qualified for every opening to which I apply, but come on -- I don't even get a call back 5 percent of the time? I suppose for some jobs since I don't have the "right" degree I can't possibly do the job even though I have the equivalent experience as a substitute.

"The market is flooded, it's very competitive," is what I hear. I suppose so. But I for one don't like that excuse. Companies need to know that there are a lot of potential employees out there with great credentials that only wish to be heard. HR people need to recognize that all skills and job experience cannot always be quantified into standardized, computerized online application forms which, by the way, leave no option for creativity or alternate explanations for unique job experiences and career directions. This is not an indictment of HR -- they have their jobs to do. I understand that in this standardized, streamlined homogenized modern society, automated job application procedures are a necessary evil. But I don't have to like it and I mourn the increasing loss of face-to-face (or by phone) personalized contacts.

I am ready and eager to work hard again for some company out there. Unfortunately no one will hear me out. I'm afraid my story is far from unique.

I apologize that this is more of a rant than a practical posting but if you read all the way to the end, thanks.

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Ruth Marie in San Diego, California

90 months ago

YOu are dead on!!

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greenseek in Escondido, California

90 months ago

I've been in that situation myself. The best solution in this economy is to have a head hunter help you get the exact job that you want.

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greenseek in Escondido, California

90 months ago

I know that there a lot of recruiters out there, not headhunters that only care about numbers and money, but there are a few good headhunters that do their job. Which is place top talent with a great company. If it wasn't for my headhunter, I wouldn't be President of the firm I work with right now. When I was job searching by myself, I went 9 months without employment. When I finally accepted help, I landed my current job in less than a month with the salary and conditions that I wanted. Food for thought.

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Alex DeWolf in San Diego, California

89 months ago

I have been out of work for a year, now. In better times my resume on Monster and Dice would get me calls and interviews. I have not had a interview for 6 months. So now the way to go, as I understand it, is to research the companies in your area to get hiring manager/director names and to go in and do a face-to-face, cold call. Handing a resume to someone who does the hiring, NOT HR, is the most important thing. Like you say, face-to-face interaction is becoming less so you need to take things into your own hands. Remember too most people are hired not on qualifications, but on weather the hiring person likes you.

just my .02

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vac in Des Moines, Iowa

85 months ago

Looking for an opportunity in the San Diego area as a area operations executive in the food service industry.

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rad tech in Murrieta, California

57 months ago


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cmc in Edison, New Jersey

57 months ago

i am interested in being RT but understand the market is so flooded but i am wondering why nobody or not enough of RT wrote to arrt or politician or form their own union to regulate not only schools for putting out too many techs and protecting RT job from non RT professionals? If you're not happy w/ current situation of the RT field make your voice heard and don't rely on letting other do it b/c thats what everybody else is probably thinking about !!!

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