San Francisco culture

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Food, entertainment, shopping, local traditions - where is it all happening in San Francisco?

Cindy Chen in Sunnyvale, California

82 months ago

I seldom go to San Francisco downtown.
But when I do, I observed one thing which I really don't like.
many people smoke on the streets.

That's the bad part of San Francisco culture. I guess there is no better way to deal with it other than avoid walking towards people who smoke. However, you have no way to know ahead of time.

Ann in Vancouver, British Columbia

54 months ago

really? I guess anywhere you go now, people smokes everywhere! IT IS DISGUSTING!

FTron in Modesto, California

54 months ago

Living in the Bay Area (near SFO) the past 5 years, the happening place is in the district. Everything happens in the district. It's mainly a non-family place to go at night.

If you do go, you need to visit Ghirardelli.

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