Job search in San Francisco?

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What are the best local job boards, job clubs, recruiters and temp agencies available in San Francisco?

miguel angel huerta in San Francisco, California

92 months ago

hi, mi name is miguel angel , i have alot of experience as a busser, my last jobs as a busser was at Sear's fine food and at Lori's diner. Please contact me at <Edited by Host: Contact Info Removed> or or send me an email at

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Gerardo G. Garcia in Modesto, California

88 months ago

Hi my name is Gerardo G. Garcia I have experiance as a Executive housekeeper, banquet server or waiter. working for 16 yr. in same positions. Please feel free to contact me at <Edited by Host: Name Removed> or send me an email at thank you in advance for you attention.

Lawrence Rogers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

88 months ago

Iam moving friday the 29th of febuary to sanfransico.
I need work and a place to live. can you help.
<Edited by Host: Name Removed>. my name is Lawrence rogers

MJ in Austin, Texas

83 months ago

You may find some useful information at

Islamiddin in Boise, Idaho

82 months ago

Hi my name is Islamiddin My favorite job is building the bridges
and study of this job. So I'm looking for the person who can help me
to find this job or college for this job. I also can speak Russian
Please contact to me. My cell # <Edited by Host: Name Removed>
E-mail adress: Thank you

patchwoman69 in F├╝rth, Germany

78 months ago

Hi, I am a 39 old woman from germany. I am moving to san fransisco and would like to get a job there. I am looking for a full time job. I speak german and english. I have experience in officewrok, roommate, sales person......
Would be nice to get a email you

Indeed Help in Stamford, Connecticut

78 months ago

Hello Everyone, Thanks for joining the Indeed forums! This is a great place to talk about what it's like to live and work in San Francisco, but if you are looking for a job, you'll have the most success using the Indeed search engine. Just type the job title or keyword into the search field at the top of this page and click the "Find Jobs" button to see all the listings. From there you can narrow down your search by typing "San Francisco" into the Where field. I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any questions. Best of luck with your job search! Indeed Admin

Sri Warti in San Francisco, California

77 months ago

Hi, I'm a 31 year old woman, I have experience as an office assistant for over 5 years.

I'm currently still working part time in San Francisco area, I was wondering if someone out there can help me find a full time job as an Office Assistant in the hospital or insurance field inside the San Francisco, Oakland or Berkeley area. I have graduated from Heald College at San Francisco, CA in Medical,Insurance billing & Coding field. I wouldn't mind to starting from the bottom or entry level to pursuing my career at the hospital field.

I hope can hear a good news from any body. I would appreciate it any kind of help. Email me at

Thanks a lot!

Daniel Altenburg in Lima, Peru

77 months ago

Hi there, I currently work in South America with a company that sends students to the USA for a work and travel program called Universal Student Exchange. I am trying to expand the company to the west coast as we work with a ton of ski resorts on the east coast and central United States.
Does anybody have any contacts or know of any restaurants, hotels, resorts that would be interested in international recruitment for their company. Our services are free of charge.
Its a really great program. Its good to give students the chance to expande their minds by exploring the world.
my email is
any information would be of great help
thanks in advance in Glen Burnie, Maryland

76 months ago

Hello. My wife and I are moving back to the bay area in the end of March 2009, after living in Maryland for the last 2 years. I have 20 years in the hotel industry in serving in restaurants as well as room service. I also have a background in banquets and have worked as supervisor in all areas mentioned above. My wife has an amazing background in administrative assistant as well as working for government and in shipping. We would love to find jobs quickly when we arrive and if anyone can help that would be amazing. Please feel free to contact me at Thanks

Indeed Help in Stamford, Connecticut

76 months ago

Hello Everyone, You will have the most success finding the job you want by using our search engine. Just type in job title, company, or keyword into the search field at the top of this page and click "Find Jobs". Best of luck with your search!

FERNANDO in Oakland, California

66 months ago


yuliya in Sydney, Australia

65 months ago

Hi All,

I would like to move to the U.S. from Australia, I am an accountant and I have started searching for jobs tonight.

economic slowdown, Australian citizenship, other obstacles BUT I am giving it a go. I just thought I'd share it.

Anyone needs a staff accountant?

jst2see in Austin, Texas

63 months ago

There's a good compilation of job postings at Good luck!

angelika in San Jose, California

60 months ago


I am a native German and am looking for a job opportunity to work in a German company in the San Francisco Bay Area. My background is in Accounting. I worked in a CPA Firm here in the Bay Area. The last year I was attending a School for Interior Design that I really enjoyed, so this would also be a possibility for employment.

Please let me know if any possibilities are available.

Thank you

Rod Flowers in San Diego, California

59 months ago

Hi my name is Rod Flowers. I have over 20 years experience as a PAINTER. I do brush& roller and spray as well as airbrush and murals. I also do fine art,portriture,sculpting and scenic painting& backdrops, etc; as well as store fronts and hand lettering.Also sign painting,sign design and vehicle wraps. I have portfolio and references. You can reach me a or

Kevin. B in Courbevoie, France

42 months ago

yuliya in Sydney, Australia said: Hi All,

I would like to move to the U.S. from Australia, I am an accountant and I have started searching for jobs tonight.

economic slowdown, Australian citizenship, other obstacles BUT I am giving it a go. I just thought I'd share it.

Anyone needs a staff accountant?


I am a french web entrepreneur. I want to go to San Francisco to build the start-up for many reasons. My project is well advanced but I still need partners to contact VC's and go there. Right now I am looking for a person who is good in american accounting for a CFO job.
If you are still interested in it or if you know people that would be interested, contact me.

Thank you,

Kevin Brouillaud

Yuliya, SF in Manassas, Virginia

42 months ago

I actually got a transfer with the company I worked for in Australia which was good, now in San Francisco bay area. I am sure many people would be interested, I will ask around!

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