I would like to move to USA S Francisco or NYC

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Silvia Ascoli in Milan, Italy

87 months ago

Hello there, I would like to move to the USA either to S FRancisco (CA). I am an experienced administrative assistant and I currently work in a literary agency (publishing). I cannot find a job without the green-card/working visa and I cannot have the green card /working visa vithout a job. It's a catch 22.
can someone help or give me some advice ? Thank you and best

mathstatwiz in Los Gatos, California

85 months ago

Post a 'Job Wanted' ad on Craigslist (below). You might get spotted by someone willing to sponsor you. Beware though, the road to getting a green card can be ugly and filled with people who want to take advantage of you.


MJ in Austin, Texas

83 months ago

You may find some useful information at www.workgininsanfrancisco.com or www.workinginnewyork.com

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