Best schools in San Jose?

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Where are the best schools or school districts in San Jose?

hi in San Jose, California

88 months ago

Cambrian School District is the best I have seen.

ericvv in Santa Clara, California

75 months ago

On my real estate website (click the buying tab) you will find a link to Santa Clara County Schools and the API scores. This will give you a general feeling of a school’s rating. However, rating alone is not the whole picture. I would also suggest you visit any schools you are considering to see what the school look like, how far the school is located from you home, what are the teachers like, etc.


Manny Levario in San Jose, California

75 months ago

Host said: Where are the best schools or school districts in San Jose?

Cambrian, Campbell Union, and thwe Evergreen Districts

Mom of 2 in San Jose, California

72 months ago

I have two kids one in high school & one in elemetary.
One attends school in the Evergreen District but the school should not be based on that. Even in 5th grade kids are in gangs, scratching each other, teacher seem to be unaware untill parents bring it to there attention. Wish I could find a better school so I do not have to worry about my kid while hes in school.

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