Park Place LTD

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Judd Bundy in Seattle, Washington

94 months ago

Indeed, I have heard problems with this car dealership, Park Place LTD. Their pre- inspections on used cars are not at all accurate. I would not use Park Place LTD, and if you are going to buy a used luxury car, send your own people to do a pre -inspection. A dealer like Park Place LTD is obviously not interested in the customer, but primarily interested in making the sale even if it is at the expense of the buyer.

CarGuyinSeattle in Bellevue, Washington

90 months ago

Just simply not true - Buyer is misrepresenting purchase - Just because a disgruntled person posts something online doesn't make it true. If either person had a legitimate claim it could be settled - But neither does. They are unhappy at themselves and want to blame the dealer for their mistakes and are not disclosing all the facts. There are two sides to every story.
The Dealer is first rate and has an outstanding reputation.


90 months ago

You should try reading everything before you make a reply at the risk of looking stupid. The case is valid and meticulously documented. Period.

CarGuyinSeattle in Seattle, Washington

88 months ago

"The case is valid and meticulously documented. Period"
JB if that is true then why hasn't the case been brought to a court of law. It will not hold water, that's why - It is not valid and the documentation will support the dealer not the guy who bought the used car - paid for it - and then decided it wasn't what he expected. The guy has no recourse and therefore has been trying to publicly discredit a dealer that has with an excellent record. I say produce the documents! Get a statement from the people he is defaming and find out the truth. You'll find the dealer is first rate and the customer has isssues that go beyond his purchase.

Burk Efe in Bellevue, Washington

50 months ago

uh - i guess that hurts CarguyinSeattle. It is people like you making that life miserable for many.

Sam in Madrid, Spain

45 months ago

I have bought a car from Park Place ltd. months ago.
And I have to confirm their professionality, the car was in optimal conditions, very happy with this dealership. I should recommend.

TedHilton in Surrey, British Columbia

43 months ago

It is too easy in these days of protest to complain about everything
this dealership does not build cars they only sell them. I being a mechanic know
something of the complexity of building a car. So lets give these people the benefit of the doubt. And for the party who is hurting reaply for some sort of redress you might bre pleasantly surprised.

Grahame in North Bend, Washington

43 months ago

I have purchased three cars from Park Place; two BMW's and a Range Rover. All three cars had ongoing service and detailing at Park Place. All purchase negotiations were conducted and concluded in a satisfactory, professional manner. The service department and the detailing department have provided exemplary service and results. The depth of knowledge displayed by their sales and service associates is second to none on the west coast, in my experience, and therefore they will continue to be a preferred provider for my future automotive requirements

ASE-71 in Redmond, Washington

42 months ago

Dealers do not have x-ray eyes. Cars are complex. Anyone purchasing should have their mechanic ... who is an expert in the make and vintage do an inspection. All cars have genetic weaknesses in design. A qualified expert mechanic will know what to target for inspection based on this understanding. buying a car based on dealer inspection is no different than the morons who purchased too much house because the bank gave them too much loan for their cash flow. "Gee the bank said I could afford it". People need to understand that THEY are accountable for THEIR decisions.

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