welding jobs

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LORENZOHREN@AOL.COM in Springfield, Illinois

69 months ago

are there any welding jobs here in springfield or as close as a thirty minute drive?

donniep69 in Springfield, Illinois

37 months ago

looking for a new career!TAKING WELDING CLASSES! I am a self motivated, go-getter! Tired of the food industry! Willing and able to learn anything! I have a great combination of booksmarts and common sense. Most people are lucky if they have one. I am a good combonation of both. I will try, and more likeky than not, work harder than anyone else you have available! I am greatful for your time ( As they say "time is money"), so I appreciate yours. Anything you can do to help with a job or training would be beneficial for both of us! You can have an excelent employee, and I a great employer!

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