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Looking for information in Lutz, Florida

54 months ago


Like many others am looking for work, and sent my application to Explosive Advertising via Careerbuilder.

Until finding this website I had no idea, these scams existed. I went to an interview with CPM located on 4902 Eisenhower (otherwise known as Bay Point Marketing, Rapture, Executive Promotions, Precision) etc, and am glad I found this forum where others have explained there experiences with this company. Southside Associates also called me today, and I set up an interview and read up on them as well..so I won't be going.

Explosive Advertising contacted me back, and it sounds like the same deal, does anyone have any experience with this company and know if its a scam or not? I can't find any information on it when I look up the companies name.

Thanks for your time

tonyburkardt@verizon.net in Tampa, Florida

52 months ago

I am going on an interview this afternoon?????????

tonyburkardt@verizon.net in Tampa, Florida

52 months ago

went to the interview
It is an opportunity - 1099 position at first $375.00 per week
start out working in Best Buy or Sams selling Direct TV contracts
Working your way up to training then managing and possibly running your own territory. Something that has to fit your personality.

John Tozer in Homosassa, Florida

48 months ago

I called the company back and asked some questions after reading Tony Burkhardt's comment. I was scheduled for an interview on Monday and I cancelled. During the first couple of weeks of training you are paid $375.00 per week to start out working in Best Buy or Sam’s Club selling a minimum of 4 Direct TV contracts per day. Then you are moved to commission only and a territory if you are successfull.

Ben Marquart in Glens Falls, New York

47 months ago

This scam was in Albany, NY under the name "Viper Management, Inc" www.vipermanagement.com/ which is a vauge website. Went in there, knew something was fishy, two 20 year old kids in Walmart shirt and ties were 5 minutes late getting there, and the office was empty with just a few cheap office desks thrown together.

Walked out mid conversation when it became apparent they werent really offering managment positions.

trc_brennan in Tarpon Springs, Florida

45 months ago

My boyfriend has worked here for 2 months.. .He has made it to teamleader... He is bringing home 250 a week... IT IS A TOTAL SCAM!!!! The only one who drives a lexus is the owner... If u get zero sales for two days straight you have to clean the office... You are better off working in walmart!!!!!

trc_brennan in Tarpon Springs, Florida

44 months ago

although u are told you will make 400 a week..If you have a bad week (less than 6-7 sales a week) the following week they take out "clawbacks" which leaves you with a 200$$$ check. everyone is told to work 6 days a week 9.5 hours a day. If you do make leader you are forced to train and attend meetings with NO extra pay... They promise you leadership which only happens to one person once a year.. Then you have to pick up and leave to Ohio or somewheres as the local market is taken,,, I have heard it straight from the owners mouth that he will use you for a bit to profit him.... He fired one guy, gave him his job back then said well if he doesnt work out this time at least i got some money out of him!!! If your on his "bad" list for the week he will have you travel to tampa or clearwater so you learn your lesson....

Louis in Tampa, Florida

40 months ago

Louis in Tampa, Florida said: Hello everyone. I'm a legal Investigator who actually responded to an Explosive Advertising employment advertisment. It definately wasn't for me but after about a week on the inside, it was clearly evident that this scam is in fact exploiting our unemployed. After my preliminary investigation, it seems obvious that there is more than enough information to pursue legal action. Anyone who feels that they may have been treated unfairly, unjustly, or if you have any concerns whatsoever, please feel free to contact me via email. This investigation will be forwarded to the Florida Attorney General's Office, as well as the Federal Labor Commission for review.

Thank you, Louis Lafountain

To follow up on my post concerning my opinion regarding Explosive Advertising, I would like to be clear that this was only my opinion, based on my experience, as well as my follow up with other individuals who had previously been employed with the Company. After researching further, I also found that there are many individuals who continue to remain employed with "Explosive" who are doing very well with them. If you are a good fit and enjoy working in Sales and Advertising, it could become a financially rewarding experience for you. There are no pending actions against this employer and they are in good standing with the BBB.

GrizzlyBoy in Port Richey, Florida

23 months ago

I just got hired in the MTP program. Any info?

Danlly in Newfoundland

9 months ago

hi guys,
I just had a phone interview with the bank promotions inc in Tampa and I'm wondering if anyone knew about them? Are they legit?


3 months ago

Hello, I have an interview with this company and since you work there I was wondering if you cod tell me about the job its self.

Carin in Lakeland, Florida

3 months ago

Hi everyone,
I am currently employeed with this company, explosive advertising. I have been for several months now. I assure you this company isn't a scam, it is legit. I was too like many of you, did my research on the company and seen the reviews-Mostly negative. I took a chance and still went thru with the interview process. And I'm extremely happy I did. Once the company was explained properly to me, I understood. This is a job that comes with great opportunities for advancement . I'm excited to be a part of the company and I'm sure if you got more information you would feel the same!

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