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chad larson

71 months ago

I'm look for a job. I have look for the last 6months. 2year in warehouse. good on the folklift.

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menen in Ethiopia

71 months ago

no coment

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Shehryar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

71 months ago

i am looking for job i worked in subway, gastation, newspaper, n i had my small busniess in the mall i have lots of experience in sale business i dont have my work permit thats why i couldnt apply anywhere without my paper work. Am looking for job who can pay me cash or check i really need a job please some one help me out ..

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James in Hollywood, Florida

71 months ago

georgebuffet in London, United Kingdom said: Hi There !!

First you should prepare a good resume and try with some job consultants.

What do you think about Oil & Gas industry ?

George Buffet

I have a very good resume and I have no problem getting into the Oil & Gas Industry, do you have any connetions because it sounds interesting, please let me know because at this point I am welling to do almost anything thanks.

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Paul in Hollywood, Florida

70 months ago

I and my family live in Florida, the sad thing about living in Florida is that it is a right to work state and a lot of employers treat people very bad here in Florida, unlike other states that is not a right to work state. I had a job with a company that was having some problems receiving supplies from oversees. I was offered a better opportunity with a good company, after working a short time for this company I was laid-off. I have been trying to find a job for almost a year. I have more then 10 years of experience in the areas of Production and Warehouse Manager. The problem I am having is that I have made some mistakes in the past; another sad thing about living here is that if you get your self in any trouble with the law you will have a felony on your record for life. Here in Florida if you receive 3 or more driving tickets within 6 months that is a felony on your record for life, the reason that I know is because it happened to me. A few years ago me and my family was involved in an accident, where a drunk driver hit my car from the rear and then he tried to drive off however he did not go very far because his car stop running and when I ran over to his car he was still trying to restart his car, I put my hand through the driver side open window to take the keys out the ignition, because I put my reached into his car without his permission that is another felony on my record. The good thing the charges have been dropped however it still shows up on my record, so now when I apply for any jobs and when the employers see the word felony for what ever reason they will not give me the time or day to explain what happened, I am not a drug dealer or user, I have not raped or killed anyone can anyone please give me some advice or help me please.

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victor castro in Wood Dale, Illinois

52 months ago

estoy buscando trabajo en west palm beach por que me ire a vivir alla necesito trabajo si alguien tiene en lub tech en honda dilers yo aplico

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