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Frustrated Job Seeker's Rant -- Feel Free to Add Your Thoughts

This is an open rant on behalf of every unemployed person who has been kicked to the curb. To employers who laid off staff: I hope you die a...

22683 6 minutes ago Ms Doppelganger in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Career Advice

What is in my pre-employment background check?

I received an offer for a job I applied for. The process took approximately a month and a half. When I had begun the process and interviewed, I was...

2 10 minutes ago JobGuy99 in Lithonia, Georgia
Career Advice

Are Career Assessment Tests Worthless?

Your thoughts? I went to investigate and ended up writing a 2,500 word article: Joel...

1 16 minutes ago JobGuy99 in Lithonia, Georgia
Career Advice

I need advice on looking for a sales job?

I would like to get a job working for a large corporation in there sales department in like software or pharmaceutical sales or something. I don't...

2 23 minutes ago JobGuy99 in Lithonia, Georgia
Resume Tips

How to get this Resume template?

If you guys can take a look at this link please:

9 1 hour ago mystic in South Ozone Park, New York
Job Interviews

A job interview whilst having another job offer

Recently been offered a place with a company, have a few more interviews lined up with other companies. Was wondering if its okay to tell during the...

0 1 hour ago Metanoia in Sheffield, United Kingdom
Career Advice

Dyman Associates Risk Management: 5 vinkkejä tehokkaan riskienhallinnan

Riskienhallinta on osa elämää kaikkien osallistuvien tietoturva nyt. Se on osa tärkeimmät standardit siellä myös ISO27001 ja PCI-DSS, jotka molemmat...

0 9 hours ago Hanster Munchoi in Germany
Career Advice

Careers for people who "don't like people"

Hello all, What are some good career paths for someone who is not a "people person". I am not one of those smiley, happy, outgoing people. I like...

695 10 hours ago Happily Alone in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Career Advice

Software Engineer IT vs. Construction civil engineer

Any input is greatly appreciated! I have an environmental engineering degree and experience working in a construction company as a field engineer....

5 11 hours ago Edward in Coimbatore, India
Job Interviews

Contacted about scheduling a phone interview, and then no response!

Hi, Last Thursday, I was contacted by a company to which I had previously applied, and they informed that a new position had opened up, and they...

8 12 hours ago anonymous in New York, New York
Career Advice

Why is 8am to 5pm jobs becoming less common? Standards hours

Why can't i find a normal job with normal hours my field is IT and do computer support but man whatever happen to the normal Monday thru Friday 8am...

13 13 hours ago Calfornian in Hayward, California
Job Interviews

The infamous good interview but rejection/no callback

It's tricky and confusing How do you deal when an interview goes well but you don't get hired? Is there some body language I can read on an...

26 13 hours ago unemployed princess in Where ever, Texas
Career Advice

North Dakota has almost 3 job openings for every unemployed person

Wal-Mart is paying $17/hour in North Dakota: Of course, rent and groceries are equally high.

1 14 hours ago still retired in Hawaii
Career Advice

my future in this job field

i recently graduated with an economics degree from a top university, I had trouble finding a job initially in the industry that I wanted (energy) and...

5 16 hours ago Anon in Texas
Career Advice

26.., almost 27 and still stuck in retail and not sure what to do with my life..

So just to start off id like to say iv been in a retail rut since i graduated high school back in 2006 i tried to go to a collage just for your...

2 16 hours ago Joey123 in New Jersey
How to Use Indeed

Blocked Jobs No Longer Shown in Preferences?

My "blocked" jobs and companies are no longer appearing in my "Preferences" tab as they did before. Indeed still notes that they should appear there...

4 17 hours ago Jay in Brookline, New Hampshire
Career Advice

Which graduation year should I put on my Resume?

Hello. If my last semester of school was in the fall of 2010 (my last day of college being December of 2010), would I put my graduation year as...

4 17 hours ago Joey123 in New Jersey
Resume Tips

How Can I Express This in Metrics on a Resume?

Most of my job history involved supporting roles that really can't be measured in metrics but it seems that the career advisers and HR gurus push the...

2 19 hours ago AndyRising in a State of Bliss
Career Advice

Not cut out for management, ask for lower position?

I was promoted into a front line supervisory role after being a long time technical expert. However, after two years on the job, I am miserable and...

4 19 hours ago NE in Portland, Maine
Job Interviews

Job Hoax

DO NOT SIGN UP to have an interview with the screen name This is a hoax and it is not real. The position is with...

158 19 hours ago Lisa C*** in Evansville, Indiana
Resume Tips

Trying to do my own Resume, help please?

Hey guys, I've been on here before and closing in on creating a Resume myself, I find these two examples below to be the best I have seen so far, I...

21 19 hours ago mystic in South Ozone Park, New York
Career Advice

Bachelor's in Biology--What can I do with it?

Just graduated from college with two Bachelor's degrees--one in biology and one in psychology. For some reason, I convinced myself I needed to go to...

1 23 hours ago Riot in Massachusetts
Career Advice

This has got to be a scam

My sister is applying for jobs and ran across an ad for an Executive Assistant. She sent in her resume and in response a recruiter sent her this...

102 23 hours ago Mandie in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Career Advice

Apply once or apply 3 times for same position?

So this company I want to apply for has 3 listings of the same job at the same location. Do I just apply once and that covers me or do I have to...

4 1 day ago AndyRising in a State of Bliss
Career Advice

Recruiter for the job gives you the wrong job description.

The recruiter who is lying and telling you one thing, sugarcoating the job and then the interviewer is completely rude and offensive, acting like its...

0 1 day ago Thaimaster in Tampa, Florida
Career Advice

Your Worst Interview - Tell Your Story Here

We all have had at least one horror story about an interview that just made you thank the heavens above that you didn't get the job. What was your...

91 1 day ago Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada
Career Advice

18 months Since Graduation

First off I want to begin by thanking anyone and everyone that reads my post but I kindly ask that only serious replies be made. In other words...

9 1 day ago Joey123 in New Jersey
Career Advice

TSA Airport Screener Job?

Has anyone considered working as a TSA screener at an airport? I heard a lot about this 'career' in the days after 9/11. Apparently it's one of the...

0 1 day ago Eva 14 in San Francisco, California
Career Advice

How to answer termination question on job applications...

This is the explanation I typically provide on applications when asked if I have ever been terminated. It needs to be shorter!! Any advice? (I have...

3 1 day ago AndyRising in a State of Bliss
Career Advice

How to respond when you're told no positions are available?

This is kind of a silly question, but if you email a company/organization to inquire about available positions and are told that they don't have any...

11 1 day ago AndyRising in a State of Bliss
Job Interviews

Interview after getting hired... Awkward!

So I just got hired for Best Buy as a sales Associate making just above minimum. Seems like a nice place and I start tomorrow first official day....

3 1 day ago AndyRising in a State of Bliss
Career Advice

Introvert and ergophobic - how do I find work?

I'm 22, still in college, and soon to be without transportation, as my car might be giving it's death throes. This fact is shoving me closer and...

3 1 day ago Grand Fernando in Quincy, Illinois
Career Advice

Need help in making the right Choice job wise

Two yrs ago I was working for an online company, 4 months in I had got into an accident where i missed days of work etc... so they let me go fought...

3 1 day ago Jan in Voorhees, New Jersey
Career Advice

It´s hard to find job in US for person from Europe?

This question is for european citizens, who is working in US. I read plenty of discussion about HOW HARD IS FIND A JOB IN US. WHEN YOU ARE FROM...

0 1 day ago Lucia Mrkvova in Karviná, Czech Republic
Career Advice

Are these "hobbies" relevant on a resume?

I know that putting hobbies on a resume is a bad idea, but I think that, sometimes, it may be relevant. In your opinion, are these hobbies...

6 1 day ago NE in Portland, Maine
Job Interviews

Has anyone here ever used

I did this assessment/test last night and it took 3.5 hours. It consisted of 55 questions for powerpoint, 55 for excel and 55 for Word and then a 3...

69 1 day ago kane in San Diego, California
Career Advice

When Temp Agencies Ask About Other Agencies And Assignments

I worked for a couple different temp agencies. Once in a while, I encounter two scenarios that I am not sure what the proper response (if any) should...

7 1 day ago Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada
Career Advice

Are personal blogs and vlogs useful for getting work in the media and field?

Is it effective way to get your foot in the door in that area?

1 1 day ago Riot in Massachusetts
Career Advice

What do people mean by "Find a job that pays the bills, and pursue your passions elsewhere?"

Are the saying give on trying to find careers you want to do and find a hobby, or are they saying do something outside of work that might lead to a...

7 1 day ago Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada
Career Advice

What am I doing wrong?

My work experience goes like this... I have worked at a pharmacy for almost four years. I need more experience, a better paying, you know the...

3 2 days ago Riot in Massachusetts
Career Advice

what should I do with my life.

First off I do not live in Missouri but Oklahoma city. My background is in retail and baking. I am 33. I went to school to get pre-requisite in...

1 2 days ago Riot in Massachusetts
Career Advice

what should I do with my life.

First off I do not live in Missouri but Oklahoma city. My background is in retail and baking. I am 33. I went to school to get pre-requisite in...

0 2 days ago falloutmule in Missouri
Job Interviews

Asking for references good sign?

I went in for an interview on Wednesday (The week before I did a phone screening). I said basically nothing throughout the whole thing and the CIO...

5 2 days ago AndyRising in a State of Bliss
Career Advice

been unemployed for 3 years..

Hi, I am 24years old, I know individuals around my age already have their careers set out and everything. I honestly feel like I went backwards. I...

2 2 days ago AndyRising in a State of Bliss
Career Advice

Creating a Profile

Because I find very few jobs to apply for currently, I have been spending time creating a profile on many websites of companies that I would like to...

4 2 days ago i-Fundi in South Africa
Career Advice

Call Center jobs!

I just started working at a call center, ( a temp position) and i really do NOT enjoy this kind of position I only took the position because i...

2 2 days ago nevian in nowhere, Illinois
Job Interviews

interview feedback

Hi guys, I went to an interview on 8th october 2014 for manufacturing engineer position. I can feel that interview went well. End of...

0 2 days ago shadi in Singapore, Singapore
Career Advice

returning to cad career after a five year layoff

Don't know what to do! I lost my job of 2-1/2 years as a mechanical drafter/detailer back in 2009. I searched for cad work, had cpl interviews that...

1 2 days ago LAV in Corona, California
Resume Tips

Could someone please critique my resume?

1.) 2.)

1 2 days ago Simran5590 in San Diego, California
Career Advice

Senior Claims Representative salary at Amtrak?

How much do they make?

1 2 days ago Tiffiney O in Northbrook, Illinois

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