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Frustrated Job Seeker's Rant -- Feel Free to Add Your Thoughts

This is an open rant on behalf of every unemployed person who has been kicked to the curb. To employers who laid off staff: I hope you die a...

30872 1 hour ago Alice_600 in Goodrich, Michigan
How to Use Indeed

This Page Has A Redirect Loop -- Huh?

I'm trying to access my resume, which I posted here 2 years ago, and all I ever get is an error message saying "This page has a redirect loop." Does...

3 3 hours ago Owen in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Job Interviews

Job Hoax

DO NOT SIGN UP to have an interview with the screen name This is a hoax and it is not real. The position is with...

274 4 hours ago jlhs in Boerne, Texas
Career Advice

Person Specification

Hi, I'm applying for a job at the minute. So far, so good. CV done... Now for the dreaded 'Match your skills to the person specification'. I...

0 7 hours ago tyroneslothrop in United Kingdom
Career Advice

Job Opening is Re-posted. Should I Apply Again?

I did two phone interviews for a position, HR and the hiring manager. I received an email rejection letter. I did send an email to the hiring manager...

17 7 hours ago lajmh in Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Career Advice

What jobs in the IT/Computer field don't require worling on weekends nights holidays and being on call?

Im looking for an IT computer job thats 9 to 5 or 8 to 5 strictly? Im thinkin maybe desktop support or business anaylst? Dont want to work weekends...

16 13 hours ago still retired in Hawaii
Career Advice

Ask A Recruiter

I know these have been done before, but I am available to help any answers related to your job search, working with recruiters, follow up, resumes,...

101 13 hours ago still retired in Hawaii
Career Advice


1)It's tough out there. 2)Other people are going through the same thing. 3)Maybe you're asking for too much money. 4)Maybe you should go back to...

17 15 hours ago Teri in Greenville, South Carolina
Career Advice

What do you think is the main reason you are not being hired.

Okay folks, What do think the #1 reason is for you not being hired? Example: Resume Age Education Lets not go wild and...

110 18 hours ago Sabsfan in Frederick, Maryland
Career Advice

How Many Jobs Do You Apply For Each Week?

Last week I applied for 13 different jobs. The week before that it was 11. I have no idea if that's good/bad/average so I'm curious what's "normal"...

3 18 hours ago jetta11 in lake area, North Carolina
How to Use Indeed

What has happened to my ads

I have posted Three adverts for vaccancies I have on Indeed since 21st April but still not one of them come up when I do a job search. On the...

3 21 hours ago Teri in Greenville, South Carolina
Job Interviews

Still interviewing more candidates

What is the meaning when calling to follow up on a past interview. That they are still interviewing more candidates? After a week and almost two...

14 23 hours ago gabuts in Lawrenceville, Georgia
Career Advice

Where should i begin?

Hi there, Im 18 years old currently employed doing 1st line support at fujitsu and previous expeerience of a hardware/software engineer apprentice at...

0 1 day ago Hughes18 in Basingstoke, United Kingdom
Job Interviews

Possible Hoax

I received a text message from an individual saying they were "Harry" at Drexel Pharma. They said I had applied and wanted to do a skype interview. ...

0 1 day ago Nick in Jacksonville, Florida
How to Use Indeed

An Error Has Occurred

Dear Indeed: I see the message "An Error Has Occurred" about three of every four times I try to view a message board message thread. It's...

4 1 day ago AndyRising in a State of Bliss
Job Interviews

Had An Interview, Followed Up, What's the Next Step....?

I interviewed for a job position last Wednesday (07/22) in front of a panel of three people, and I thought it went really well. The interview lasted...

0 1 day ago confused first time interviewer in Canoga Park, California
Career Advice

The hiring process is broken (for most of us)

I've been out of work for just over two years now. Within that time I've done the resume submission song and dance hu dreds of times, with only five...

23 1 day ago realism37 in Georgia
Career Advice

I was verbally offered a job. When should I consider myself employed?

I got emailed the new hire paperwork. Paid training starts August 10th and the actual place opens August 24th. I been applying to other jobs too....

7 1 day ago Sick Of It All in backwoods, California
Career Advice

Other Job Boards?

Other than Indeed, are there any job boards that are worth using? Have you had any success with any of them?

6 1 day ago Sick Of It All in backwoods, California
Career Advice

What is a "good job" nowadays?

How much does it pay? Do you get benefits, and if so what kind? How much are you supervised, and what methods are used to supervise you?

15 1 day ago Calfornian in Hayward, California
Career Advice

Do you

or anyone you know, work for the post office? What's entailed in their latest "test"? I saw a job post of theirs on this site, but it only...

1 1 day ago John in MD in Catonsville, Maryland
Career Advice

Does anyone dread their job and going to work everyday

I can't stand going to work. Like to work keep self busy get the money, really only motivation. I only look at my job as a temporary fix. Hoping...

42 1 day ago EconGuy
Career Advice

Applying to a Federal Government job. Should I bother?

I saw a Federal Government position that I am sort of qualified for. I have the necessary training and certification for the job, but lack...

4 1 day ago still retired in Hawaii
Career Advice

Explicit Logistic Company: Scam?

On September 15th, I received an e-mail from for a job offer to be one of their Quality Managers. After checking out the...

26 1 day ago Linh in Worcester, Massachusetts
Career Advice

Ever met the employee who does the BARE MINIMUM at work?

If so what happens to these guys do they get fired? Do they get raises? Do they get promoted?

7 1 day ago still retired in Hawaii
Job Interviews

Should i call a second time on the fourth week after interview?

Hello there, I have been reading many of the post interview discussions here and I like a bit of advice for a slightly different situation. It...

43 1 day ago jenab in Austin, Texas
Resume Tips

Has anyone paid to have a resume written for them?

A few questions: * How much did you pay for it? * What was unique about it? * Was it more effective than your old resume? * Would you do...

184 1 day ago RaeHedstrom in Saint Paul, Minnesota
Career Advice

Age discrimination is more real than I ever thought

I am so disheartened by the behavior of the employers that I've interviewed with lately. I'm only 46, but to employers, I might as well be 86. I only...

96 1 day ago Shingami in Chicago, Illinois
Resume Tips

Writing your own resume - What's most difficult?

Well, I just finished writing my resume but it was more like filling in a template that I downloaded from Google, and I am not really happy with how...

5 1 day ago Bynddrvn in Boston, Massachusetts
Career Advice

A trend I've noticed since about eight years ago in labor and service industries in America

Employers are giving each employee at least two roles and only giving part-time hours for new hires. Once you work a while you get a slight bump in...

6 2 days ago Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada
Career Advice

I want to become a Lighting Technician

A few months ago I went to a concert with my girlfriend (I saw Devin Townsend, it was a fantastic show) and right in front of our balcony seats was a...

0 2 days ago AMB93 in Hyattsville, Maryland
Job Interviews

More like interrogation...

I wonder if anyone else had this sort of interviewing experience: This company invited me for a second interview. When I came there, it was a panel...

1 2 days ago AndyRising in a State of Bliss
Job Interviews

Finish second interview last week, send thanks letter they said: they will be in touch to advise on how we will proceed

Finish second interview last week, send thanks letter they said: they will be in touch to advise on how we will proceed BUT they didn't call this...

2 2 days ago AndyRising in a State of Bliss
Job Interviews

Job Interview Response Timeline

I had a phone interview (30 minutes) with the principal investigator (PI) of a research team at a prestigious university 2 weeks ago. I was invited...

2 2 days ago AndyRising in a State of Bliss
How to Use Indeed

Write a Note option

Does the write a note link get seen by the applicant? Where can I write notes about the candidates while in their record?

3 2 days ago in London, United Kingdom
Career Advice

Struggling With Your Career?

Are you frustrated from sending out your resumes and never hearing back from companies? Do you ever get scattered and overwhelmed from your job...

3 2 days ago still retired in Hawaii
Career Advice

4 year IT degree no job and no experience

Hello I graduated from a accredited college in 2007 and earned a 4year degree in Information Technology. I took classes in which I learned to program...

505 2 days ago AnotherLoser in Kansas City, Missouri
Resume Tips

Resume Submittal/Edit

My question is, if I applied to a job, through's "Easy to Apply" feature, and I edited/updated my resume AFTERWARDS, will said job be...

0 2 days ago alsuarez in Temecula, California
Job Interviews

Sent for drug test, no discussion yet for pay

Hello, So I went and interviewed with a company and the manager had two other people interview me the same day. A few days later, they called my...

0 2 days ago Sb94509 in California
Career Advice

How to say you're no longer interested in a job

Hello Everyone, So I interviewed at a job last week, and I was okay with it and sent a thank you letter reiterating my interest in the position....

3 3 days ago Sick Of It All in backwoods, California
Career Advice

This makes no sense.

Have you had this happen to you? I got an email the other day, that was for a job I'm CLEARLY not qualified for. And yet, the wording of it stated...

6 3 days ago Sick Of It All in backwoods, California
Career Advice

Any one know of any 9 to 5 IT Careers? Something similar to a School System Admin?

Or any areas of IT that take place during the week without no on call?

2 3 days ago Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada
Career Advice

Creating a Profile

Because I find very few jobs to apply for currently, I have been spending time creating a profile on many websites of companies that I would like to...

6 3 days ago virender singh in India
Career Advice

Any one know of any 9 to 5 IT Careers? Something similar to a School System Admin?

Or any areas of IT that take place during the week without no on call?

0 3 days ago Greater_Ninja in Los Angeles, California
Career Advice

Why is it

that when you call "help" agencies, they've not yet updated themselves about how (at least some) companies now pay their workers? Agencies still...

0 3 days ago Jobseeker1927 in Anytown
Resume Tips

Describing multitasking on resume

I'm trying to come up with wording to give examples of multitasking on my resume. With my resume I pick out attributes that are asked for in the ad...

3 4 days ago AndyRising in a State of Bliss
Career Advice

Looking for a career change - IT professionals please advise!

I graduated in 2012 with a B.S. in Biology that landed me a job in a Contract Research Organization that works with pharmaceutical companies. The pay...

2 4 days ago Kiszt in York, Pennsylvania
Career Advice

I can't find a job with a college degree and plenty of experience

I graduated with a Master's of Business Administration and over 10 years' experience in different administrative roles like sales, office management,...

360 4 days ago Criss
Career Advice

Can't find a job after graduating. Should I do masters?

I graduated last December with my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. I got a job from a referral thanks to my professor. But I was fired from the...

1 4 days ago youdontkillmoney in Sacramento, California
Career Advice

Employers asking for photo?

This is a trend I'm beginning to see more frequently, especially in the entertainment industry. I'm not talking about an acting or spokesperson...

37 4 days ago leigh in Douglasville, Georgia

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