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Employers asking for photo?

This is a trend I'm beginning to see more frequently, especially in the entertainment industry. I'm not talking about an acting or spokesperson...

37 6 hours ago leigh in Douglasville, Georgia
How to Use Indeed

Write a Note option

Does the write a note link get seen by the applicant? Where can I write notes about the candidates while in their record?

2 9 hours ago Astrid in Edmonton, Alberta
Career Advice

What type of lawyer

would I need to get a student loan "forgiven"? I need and advocate for MY side of this issue. So far I've only been able to communicate (by snail...

9 10 hours ago Riot in Massachusetts
Career Advice

Frustrated Job Seeker's Rant -- Feel Free to Add Your Thoughts

This is an open rant on behalf of every unemployed person who has been kicked to the curb. To employers who laid off staff: I hope you die a...

30865 10 hours ago Bynddrvn in Boston, Massachusetts
Career Advice

The Plight of a Convicted Felon

In my teen years, my father was diagnosed with a progressive terminal illness. Rather than face the situation, I chose the cowards way out and found...

16 12 hours ago EconGuy
How to Use Indeed

Going to school for Dental Hygiene or should I change my career?

My goal was to become a Dental Hygienists in CA. I worked as an assistant for over a year and decided to continue my education in hopes of becoming a...

1 13 hours ago TheJustine in Santa Barbara, California
Career Advice

Can't find a job after graduating. Should I do masters?

I graduated last December with my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. I got a job from a referral thanks to my professor. But I was fired from the...

0 14 hours ago Anxiety Attacks in San Jose, California
Career Advice

I was verbally offered a job and I want to go back to school but the school does not offer any online courses. What should I do?

This university is the most affordable one of of all the ones I compared and visited. They do not make you pay application fees as long as you attend...

3 14 hours ago unemployed princess in Where ever, Texas
Indeed Stories

Thanks indeed !

Dear indeed team, I had been unemployed for around 9 months recently,and subscribed to your online service,and thanks to you guys I found employment...

0 14 hours ago robert140602 in United Kingdom
Job Interviews

"Still need to interview a phone more people throughout the week..."

Hello, A few years back I interviewed for a marketing internship position. The interview went horrible, and I could tell. Even though the...

2 14 hours ago AndyRising in a State of Bliss
Career Advice

How to quit this job ??

Hi, I was working for a company (with a clearance) in a contract for a year, that company I worked for billed the primary contractor, and the...

2 15 hours ago Trying to Help in Detroit, Michigan
Career Advice

Missed a call from recruiter, I called back, and she says "wrong number"

This morning I noticed I missed a call from a random number. However, the person didn't leave a voicemail so I decided to look up the number on...

2 15 hours ago Trying to Help in Detroit, Michigan
Career Advice

Does anyone dread their job and going to work everyday

I can't stand going to work. Like to work keep self busy get the money, really only motivation. I only look at my job as a temporary fix. Hoping...

26 15 hours ago Calfornian in Hayward, California
Career Advice

What is the markup percentage made on temp workers?

Someone told me that temp agencies survive solely on the inflated markups for temp workers. They want to pay you super low...$10, but charge the...

65 18 hours ago Damien in Annapolis, Maryland
Career Advice


I have a question regarding the application process for NC State jobs. I had a conference call on April 10th then a face to face interview on...

14 19 hours ago jetta11 in lake area, North Carolina
Job Interviews

Job Hoax

DO NOT SIGN UP to have an interview with the screen name This is a hoax and it is not real. The position is with...

273 22 hours ago danesbeasley in Huntsville, Texas
How to Use Indeed

Web Design/Development Career Advice

I'm considering going back to school for web design and development and getting my Bachelor's degree. I already have a degree in a field that I...

1 23 hours ago Tanner in Hatfield, United Kingdom
Job Interviews

In person job interview feedback after rejection email?

Just some quick background on me: I'm a recent (May 2013) Mechanical Engineer Grad who has 2+ years of engineering intern and ~1 year of professional...

7 1 day ago HmoobDude in Lafayette, Colorado
Career Advice

A trend I've noticed since about eight years ago in labor and service industries in America

Employers are giving each employee at least two roles and only giving part-time hours for new hires. Once you work a while you get a slight bump in...

4 1 day ago EconGuy
Career Advice

No one has hired me should I just go back to college?

I don't have a car and I live with my mom and my initial plan was to leave junior college after I got my associates in arts which I do have and get...

24 1 day ago unemployed princess in Where ever, Texas
Career Advice

How Many Jobs Do You Apply For Each Week?

Last week I applied for 13 different jobs. The week before that it was 11. I have no idea if that's good/bad/average so I'm curious what's "normal"...

2 1 day ago LWei in Cranston, Rhode Island
Career Advice

Resume Advice

Hey heres my situation: I have been unemployed for 5 months. I have my BA degree in Business. Last year I was in school for my MBA but did not...

8 1 day ago Essay Queen in New York, New York
Resume Tips

How much would you pay for a resume?

I developed resumes at a career transition firm for 16 years and they used to charge $500-$750 per resume. A few months ago, I started writing resume...

3 1 day ago Ella Skorski in New York
Career Advice

Letter of Resignation

Hey, I'm working a part time summer job and will be leaving around August 15th. The job only requires 32 hours/month, and I will have met that...

2 1 day ago AndyRising in a State of Bliss
How to Use Indeed

Determine what jobs have been applied for using indeed

Please help me determine the specific jobs I have applied for using indeed ???

9 1 day ago AndyRising in a State of Bliss
Career Advice

When to have the relocation discussion

I currently live with my parents. My parents are retiring to Arizona, and living in California by myself would be too expensive. They close on a...

5 1 day ago Sick Of It All in backwoods, California
Career Advice

I'm offering this course on writing resumes, cover letters and writing in the workplace.Pls give feedback and suggestions

Here is the Link to the webpage:

0 2 days ago Parantap Tripathi
Career Advice

Need Advice - Car Salesman going somewhere new - HELP!

I am a bilingual sales manager currently working at a small, "tote-the-note" dealership with a weekly draw of $400 and $100 per car sold. I average...

57 2 days ago Ray in Baltimore, Maryland
Career Advice

Job Fair Success!

One person's successful trip to a job fair:

2 2 days ago John in MD in Catonsville, Maryland
Career Advice

How much do you think this will weigh in the hiring decision?

Hi, applying to position at an area hospital as a counselor. I worked think close to four year's ago at the hospital as a per diem tech. Left after 6...

0 2 days ago Running1987 in Springfield, Massachusetts
Career Advice

How can I learn a skill while looking for employment?

I don't have a trade or a skill that is marketable. I only have work experience as an after school instructor, a hotel hostess, bookseller,sales...

8 2 days ago Hopeful Marie in Florida
Career Advice

Has this ever happened to you? Extremely frustrated.

I've been on a few interviews that I thought went very well, only to never hear back from the company. They also said they would let me know in a few...

2 2 days ago KeepAHappyFace in State of Confusion
Job Interviews

DWP Job Interview

So I have a job interview with the DWP for a contact centre agent. I always said I wouldn't work for them as when I signed on they were awful but as...

0 3 days ago Claire2402 in London, United Kingdom
How to Use Indeed

How can I view more than 1000 postings on Indeed?

I am frustrated that I can only view 1000 postings at a time. My search has returned about 30,000 matches and I'd like to be able to see more than...

3 3 days ago nikhil in Delhi, India
Job Interviews

Interview bait-and-switch

The past week I've been having some interviews and been seeing a number of bait-and-switch tactics, or just pure unprofessional behavior on the part...

5 3 days ago Alice_600 in Goodrich, Michigan
Resume Tips

Has anyone paid to have a resume written for them?

A few questions: * How much did you pay for it? * What was unique about it? * Was it more effective than your old resume? * Would you do...

187 3 days ago FANTA KAMARA in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Career Advice

Would you be upset?

I am soon leaving my job for a job with another employer. I am excited about the new job, so it's a good move. However, I just learned that the...

4 3 days ago Calfornian in Hayward, California
Job Interviews

Follow up after interview if you did not get the call at specified date

I had a good interview and they look really interested in me. They told me to call on a specified date, if I get selected. However, I did not...

2 3 days ago KeepAHappyFace in State of Confusion
Career Advice

DWI and career advancement

I'm currently working two minimum wage jobs to hold me over until I can hopefully advance in a career and make better money but the problem is that I...

1 3 days ago 2Legit in Cincinnati, Ohio
Career Advice

I need some help discovering what jobs I would be suited for.

So some background, I am a recent graduate who just got his degree in elementary education. I found out the hard way, that teaching is simply not for...

1 3 days ago 2Legit in Cincinnati, Ohio
Resume Tips

How to list a company you work for on resume.

This is probably a stupid question but here goes. When you are putting down a company you worked for, do you put the local stores name and address...

2 3 days ago 2Legit in Cincinnati, Ohio
Career Advice

Consulting company had me fake my resume, now going on an on-site interview -- second thoughts: read my story and please help?

I've been officially unemployed for a while just working part-time, on and off unpaid with a family friend so at least I can learn something about...

34 3 days ago Austin
Career Advice

I don't think I'm worth my salary

In May 2015 I moved employer, I was at my last employment for 2years. I'm still in the same industry and job role as before, but made the change so I...

4 3 days ago WEmma s in Nottingham, United Kingdom
Job Interviews

Had an interview, now background check, question about employment history...

I had 2 interviews today for a wireless authorized retailer, one with store mgr and the other with area mgr. I didn't even think the second...

6 3 days ago Mike in Niles, Illinois
Job Interviews

How many times to follow up?

I had an interview that I thought went great. I followed up with a phone call 2-3 weeks later and the employer told me I would probably get a phone...

4 3 days ago Trying to Help in Detroit, Michigan
Career Advice

I can't find a job with a college degree and plenty of experience

I graduated with a Master's of Business Administration and over 10 years' experience in different administrative roles like sales, office management,...

358 3 days ago ScottH in Reynoldsburg, Ohio
Resume Tips

Critique my cover letter?

I'm planning to send the following cover letter to apply for a job at a national park. This is just the body of the letter; I omitted the heading for...

3 3 days ago Savylady23 in Texas
Job Interviews

The HR called back to ask me that how the final interview went?

Hi all, I got an final interview on this Tuesday morning, and then the HR sent me an email that afternoon to ask me that how the interview went and...

6 4 days ago Daisy in Singapore, Singapore
Career Advice

Job offer

I am making a next step career move. I have submitted my resume to my first choice potential employer. I have been discussing a position with the...

2 4 days ago KeepAHappyFace in State of Confusion
Career Advice

It should NOT

be a crime to NOT be an "intellectual". But these days it certainly seems to be. Punishable by financial strangulation and homelessness. :-( Not...

6 4 days ago EconGuy

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