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Help!! Frustrated...

Well, here's my situation. I graduated from a college last year with a B.S. Aerospace engineering. Unfortunately, I had no legal documentation...

7 19 minutes ago Mustachio in Illinois
Career Advice

How to find a minimum wage job in five days

I need to find a job by Friday. What is the fastest way to be hired in 5 days?

1 32 minutes ago Mustachio in Illinois
Career Advice

Finding a job out of state before graduation - software development

Hello! I'm trying to look for some tips or guidance to helpful resources in regards to my current situation, which is the following: I am on...

0 33 minutes ago Mustachio in Illinois
Career Advice

Frustrated Job Seeker's Rant -- Feel Free to Add Your Thoughts

This is an open rant on behalf of every unemployed person who has been kicked to the curb. To employers who laid off staff: I hope you die a...

21611 1 hour ago NotMyTimeYet in Ohio
Career Advice

well this is weird

I got a job with a govt training program where they pay you minimum wage for "on the job training". Front desk receptionist position. We are supposed...

20 1 hour ago NotMyTimeYet in Ohio
Career Advice

Next Career Step of an Application Administrator

Hello helper, I am currently the administrator of a specific BI (business intelligence) software, and I have been on both sides of the developer and...

1 8 hours ago Playitagainsam in Grapevine, Texas
Career Advice

Im 29 years old and i have no idea what i want to do with my life

I have no clue what i want to do with my life. Ive thought about somethings from time 2 time but never can decide. Ive had a few different jobs but...

60 19 hours ago xboxer in Tucson, Arizona
Career Advice

B.S in Respiratory Therapy, it has been 4 years and still no career.

Well the title pretty much says it all. I graduated at the top of my class, got laid off from the one respiratory job Inhad other than teaching, but...

3 20 hours ago Leeann66 in It's a hard knock life, Ontario
Career Advice

Getting Calls From Sponsored Ads on Indeed!

And they are good jobs. It's been years in the making; don't want to jump the gun, but this could be a good thing...

1 21 hours ago Almost Suicidal in Dallas, Texas
Career Advice

Unemployed College Grad 5 Years Out - Need Advice - Only 3 years work experience...internships + PT gov't work

I did not end up working where I wanted. Because of not catching on quickly to the social skills game, I ended up moving back to my parent's...

1 1 day ago Riot in Massachusetts
Career Advice

What should I do?

I want to select an associate's degree in something that has a lot of job openings. I want to work for awhile in the field but have room for...

6 1 day ago Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada
Career Advice

What career should I pursue?

I am 26 years old and I never finished college but I am looking to go back and get my degree. I have plans to travel and live all over the world,...

3 1 day ago Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada
Career Advice

Completely discouraged and beyond frustrated...

As of March 14th 2014 My e-mail outbox has 1,372 resumes submitted I have put in over 150 applications on I've utilized for...

10 1 day ago Tiffiney O in Northbrook, Illinois
Career Advice

"you should have got a worthwhile college Degree"

What people who ask: "Why do people bother getting worthless degrees?" fail to realize is... ...if everyone majored in degree fields that are...

28 1 day ago xboxer in Tucson, Arizona
Job Interviews

Job Hoax

DO NOT SIGN UP to have an interview with the screen name This is a hoax and it is not real. The position is with...

143 1 day ago Beware...Continued in Eastchester, New York
Career Advice

Unemployed College Grad Needs Advice

Okay, I graduated from an expensive private college a year ago with a Psychology/Anthropology double major with a minor in Underwater Basket Weaving....

85 1 day ago Daniel Lomartra in Ithaca, New York
Career Advice

Job hunting input - fellow analysts unite!

I will try and include as much information as possible without being too verbose or inundating you all, please bear with me. I graduated from...

4 1 day ago AndyRising in A State of Bliss
How to Use Indeed

Blocking Search Results No Longer Available? Part 2

Dear Indeed: I'm posting a follow-up to my original message since it seems that I can't reply to a message (even to my own message) in this...

0 1 day ago AndyRising in A State of Bliss
Job Interviews

Things interviewers say that let's you know you won't get an offer

I'm just curious what things you've heard that indicates the interview went badly. Usually when I hear these phrases at the end of the interview,...

300 1 day ago Ashley A in Coamo, Puerto Rico
Career Advice

Do professional recruiters waste your time? Do they post non-existent jobs?

Following is an email I sent to a recruiter about my suspicions concerning fake jobs. Am I off-base or do your experiences coincide with...

143 2 days ago Ted Knight in Monticello, New York
How to Use Indeed

Blocking Search Results No Longer Available?

Dear Indeed: I recently had to re-create my account. Now I'm noticing some changes. The change that bothers me the most is the fact that the...

1 2 days ago - Indeed Host in Austin, Texas
Career Advice

Working while pursuing a bachelors

How can I work while pursuing a bachelors degree? I want to attend this university but as you know most public traditional universities don't offer...

21 2 days ago Ms Doppelganger in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Career Advice

College graduate trying to get out of retail.

Here's my dilemma. I graduated in Spring of 2013 with a degree in music (with no teaching credential) from a small liberal arts college. I currently...

9 3 days ago College Grad22 in Passaic, New Jersey
Career Advice

Should I attend college or work my way up in road construction?

I currently have been working in road construction for 2.5 years and I enjoy the work, but i do eventually want to be more than just an equipment...

8 3 days ago lurch61390 in Bruceville, Texas
Career Advice

How to get into financial/economic research, analysis, reporting, underwriting, etc... position

I am currently a temp at a large investment firm. Every day I am here, my mind is filled with happiness being around things that I enjoy, but...

6 3 days ago neutral in Ontario
Job Interviews

Help plzz !!!successful phone interview i think :p

i passed a good phone interview i think with schlumberger IT manager that last 40 minutes, and we had a good conversation , and i answered all his...

2 3 days ago Mika in Corpus Christi, Texas
Career Advice

going to grad school!

I need some advice, good/bad/ugly i don't care. I just need some help! I currently work as a home health aide, I love my elderly patients but cannot...

3 3 days ago curious in Westford, Massachusetts
Career Advice

Have master's degree, can't find work, return to grad school for another degree?

I finished my MSW last summer, and have been unable to find full-time employment in my area. Frustrated with lack of job offers, I applied and was...

77 3 days ago Susie in Houston in Houston, Texas
Career Advice

Help with a bad boss!!

First of all, I thank you all for taking the time to read this, and hopefully respond. I'm at my wits end, and I don't know what to do. I'm a shift...

5 3 days ago NotMyTimeYet in Ohio
How to Use Indeed

I'm getting reminders to respond to emails about my resume, but I'm not getting the original emails

Twice this week I've gotten emails reminding me to respond to someone who wants to talk to me about a job. The reminders come 5 days after the...

0 3 days ago Pete in Bellevue, Washington
Career Advice

new job smoke and mirrors

I am sorry for the length of this posting, but I am truly flummoxed. I work in education. After 9 years at my last school district (a large one) in...

1 3 days ago Duck! in Bronx, New York
Career Advice

No commission after f/t conversion? huh?

I work from home, flexible hours, company pays half my insurance, and I have a great boss. Our company is doing so well that we are expanding and...

1 3 days ago letthemeatcake in Galveston, Texas
Career Advice

Education/ Work advice

Hello, I graduated from St. John's University in 2010 with a bachelors in Legal studies 3.24 GPA. My goal after graduating with my BS in legal...

2 3 days ago TartBertha in Mitchell, South Dakota
Career Advice

Wait until employers get a hold of this.

I worked on the PDMP program about five years ago. PDMP stands for Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. Originally designed for the state to...

7 3 days ago Calfornian in Hayward, California
Career Advice

Searching For A Job in 2014 - What Hard Truths Have You Learned?

I realized after a year and a half of looking, so much has changed since I went on a serious search before. The odds are pretty much stacked against...

207 3 days ago beable1 in Bronxville, New York
Resume Tips

Has anyone paid to have a resume written for them?

A few questions: * How much did you pay for it? * What was unique about it? * Was it more effective than your old resume? * Would you do...

151 4 days ago wordsmith44 in Tempe, Arizona
Job Interviews

Another one of these - waiting, worried, nervous to hear back

DISCLAIMER: This is another one of those threads about someone waiting, worried, and being nervous to hear back. I know there are about 10000 more,...

12 4 days ago LLCap in New York, New York
Career Advice

What would need to happen to turn the tide?

What would people need to do in order to get the economy back to "normal" (if it ever was)?

94 4 days ago Riot in Massachusetts
Job Interviews

Anyone else tired of rude employers during interviews?

The woman conducting my interview today was so rude and unprofessional. When she came to get me she called me by the wrong name. Her tone when...

399 4 days ago Tory in Havertown, Pennsylvania
Career Advice

Resigning this week - delivering the news to an awful boss

I'm resigning soon from a job that I hate. I work at an organisation that would be considered a top employer if not for my horrendous boss. She has...

5 4 days ago Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada
Career Advice

Need advice

I've been offered a position at minimum wage. The position is 30 miles away. Public transit is not an option and neither is walking/biking. I need to...

10 4 days ago Ms Doppelganger in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Career Advice

Should I assume I've been passed up for this job? I'm going INSANE.

I've been searching for a job in my field for almost a year now and I'm extremely close to going CRAZY. I genuinely feel sick to my stomach and like...

14 4 days ago Sarah Shoemaker in West Chester, Pennsylvania
Career Advice

Should I email him again?

So, if the manager who interview me replied to my follow up email: Nothing further is required from you at this time. We have all the paperwork we...

7 4 days ago Sarah Shoemaker in West Chester, Pennsylvania
Career Advice

Any advice on career options - left nursing school?

I'm 20 years old and just left my first semester of the nursing program after realizing that it was something I really didn't want to do. I was...

7 4 days ago Meredith in Cincinnati, Ohio
Career Advice

interviewing for a new job, worried about current (hostile) employer

I'm currently in the interview process for a new/better job in my field (human services) at a better company. I'm worried about what I can do when/if...

13 4 days ago Meredith in Cincinnati, Ohio
Career Advice

Salary discussion went south during interview due to inappropriate question

Hello, I am looking for some advice from the community. During a final interview last week, I was asked my current salary. I mentioned that...

15 4 days ago Meredith in Cincinnati, Ohio
Career Advice

Customer Service, how do I get out of this black hole?

I, like most students, worked customer service and retail jobs throughout college to pay the bills. I graduated with two degrees (International...

15 4 days ago Meredith in Cincinnati, Ohio
Career Advice

Advice for asking for a raise?

Hello all, I am looking for some advice on asking for a raise. Background info: I am a 20 year old male located in Downtown Detroit. Last...

3 4 days ago JC! in Salt Lake City, Utah
Resume Tips

Resume - whether to list low skill jobs

Just need some suggestions as I write my resume. I have a somewhat unusual situation as I went through some rather difficult times in the early...

5 4 days ago Parsons.O. in Salt Lake City, Utah
Job Interviews

Interview App for Interviewing Candidates and Practicing Process

Application: I have created an interview app that will allow you to go through the entire interview process online. It...

0 4 days ago BigBen in San Diego, California

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