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Tricky situation

I work in sales, my current company screwed me out of $ and ever since i havent been able to put my all into this job. i have a new offer that i...

6 24 minutes ago You all know my name by now... in Silver Spring, Maryland
Career Advice

Stay @home mom/former teacher...going back to work/school. Need advice!

I would love to get some opinions because I am totally out of the loop. I'm a SAHM and have been for a few years. I'm 34. Do not have a college...

4 29 minutes ago Andromeda Rising in Rockbridge, Ohio
Career Advice

Why I can't find a f***ing Job!!!!!!

I don't get why I can find a job.. I'm starting to believe are countries about to collapse.. I'm a US citizen and feel like I get nowhere.. I've had...

43 41 minutes ago Average HR Guy in Minnesota
Career Advice

If an employer says "well call you." didn't get the job?

i've had several interviews lately, and they have all said a similar things at the end.... "if you don't hear from us (in/by)______" or "well call...

30 46 minutes ago Average HR Guy in Minnesota
Career Advice

how do you cope with the inhumanity of office life and not start to feel numb to it all

it's so difficult to find a good position in this economy and often you have to start as a temp where you have no rights at all but the thought of...

11 50 minutes ago I want to be a good worker in Connecticut
Job Interviews

So I think I won't get a job offer

I had an interview last Wednesday for a position with 2 openings. I was one of five final candidates. I did not feel that it went well (gut feeling)...

1 1 hour ago You all know my name by now... in Silver Spring, Maryland
Career Advice

How did you get your last job?

How did you find out there was an opening - did you see it online, did you call to find out, or did a friend at the company tell you? Did you...

12 1 hour ago You all know my name by now... in Silver Spring, Maryland
Career Advice

On desperation's edge, looking into the abyss...

This used to be my day: 1) Get to supermarket parking lot, find milk crates, overturn milk crates, sit on milk crates. 2) Wait until someone comes...

10 1 hour ago Baggerman in Long Island City, New York
Job Interviews

Has anyone here ever used

I did this assessment/test last night and it took 3.5 hours. It consisted of 55 questions for powerpoint, 55 for excel and 55 for Word and then a 3...

54 2 hours ago lea5039 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Career Advice

Same people respond to Craigslist posting

I have placed many ads on Craigslist and have a a few that have responded several times. They are all small companies, usually give out a cell phone...

11 4 hours ago robbertbsmith in Buffalo, New York
Career Advice

Lawyer - MBA in Intl Affairs. Is it useful?

So, I recently graduated as a lawyer, in an argentinean university. Have been working as a lawyer since i was in college. Had a nice internship at...

0 6 hours ago eielef in Salta, Argentina
Career Advice

Consulting company had me fake my resume, now going on an on-site interview -- second thoughts: read my story and please help?

I've been officially unemployed for a while just working part-time, on and off unpaid with a family friend so at least I can learn something about...

21 9 hours ago K in Fremont, California
Career Advice

Frustrated Job Seeker's Rant -- Feel Free to Add Your Thoughts

This is an open rant on behalf of every unemployed person who has been kicked to the curb. To employers who laid off staff: I hope you die a...

19212 10 hours ago Parafreegal in Chicago, Illinois
Career Advice

Choosing 1 job over the other?? What do i do?

I have a dilemma... I just started a pt teller job at a credit union with no prior banking exp that starts their employees at $13-15 an hour. I have...

8 12 hours ago Sweetbee in Boston, Massachusetts
Career Advice

Screwed myself over w/ a "useless" college degree. Afraid of homelessness.

I graduated 3 years ago with a degree in English and Professional Communications. I realize this wasn't the brightest decision I ever made. I made it...

69 14 hours ago Sweetbee in Boston, Massachusetts
Career Advice

Changing circumstanced

Twenty years ago I was working as a human resources assistant and very stress, migraine headaches and so on, I knew that I had to do something and...

0 15 hours ago Angela in Mendenhall, Mississippi
Job Interviews

Waiting for Job Offer/Rejection Letter

So I had an interview with a very well known payment processing company about 3 weeks ago. Everything seemed to go great, and I was given the usual...

8 15 hours ago JoeJohnson76 in Duluth, Georgia
Career Advice

Graphic Designer Needs a Career Change

I have been a graphic designer for the better part of 15 years. I'm 40 years old. I have a BA in fine arts, but I have had design classes and many...

255 16 hours ago MonteCarloCarFan in Hallandale, Florida
Career Advice

A couple bits of advice to all of you working on your resume out there....

Please think about how your resume looks to someone who knows NOTHING about you. Proof-reading for spelling errors and the like is a given, but may I...

0 17 hours ago Average HR Guy in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Job Interviews

Things that you don't really want to hear in an interview

After countless interviews you hear the same lines sometimes, and you can tell that the end result will be a rejection. When I hear the line at the...

142 17 hours ago Brian in Garland, Texas
Career Advice

Recent College Graduates?

How many of you are recent college graduates? and what were your majors? I just want to know that I'm not alone :/

7 17 hours ago MEem in Portland, Oregon
Career Advice

How do Therapists in long term care get a job when they are 50+ in a tight job market because of excessive new grads

I am 57 and fit and not old enough for social security and need to work. It seems there are few options but home health as even travel positions for...

1 17 hours ago NotMyTimeYet in Ohio
Career Advice

Is being a customer service rep at a call center really stressfull?

I got a job offer to work at one full time..but I feel like it might be more of a stressfull job then the one I have right now. The job I have right...

3 18 hours ago sara2222 in Norwich, Connecticut
Job Interviews

Thank you Email Response "We will be in touch"

After sending out Thank you emails after I interviewed I received a response from one of the hiring managers. Below is what was sent: It was...

2 18 hours ago Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada
Career Advice

Will I ever get a job?

I have been looking for a job since I was 17; I am now 19. The first job interview I had was at a movie theatre. I thought it went okay,...

30 19 hours ago sadanddepressed in Scottsdale, Arizona
Job Interviews

Do you think this will affect me getting the job?

I called a sales and marketing industry today, just posted the application yesterday, and they want me to come in for an interview tomorrow which is...

2 19 hours ago Average HR Guy in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Job Interviews

Anyone else tired of rude employers during interviews?

The woman conducting my interview today was so rude and unprofessional. When she came to get me she called me by the wrong name. Her tone when...

316 20 hours ago lucy in Bartlett, Illinois
Career Advice

Is it worth the cost to keep posting jobs on Careerbuilder?

Agencies keep posting jobs which are "filed" by the time you come in and register with them. With the volumne of people available and qualified for...

14 20 hours ago skydiver03 in Anytown, New Jersey
Career Advice

Spend two extra years in uni getting teaching degree, or stick with BS in biology?

Hey everyone, I've found out some bad news. I've found out that I'm going to be stuck at my university for two more years to pursue a change in...

3 22 hours ago Gone_Fishin in Des Moines, Iowa
Career Advice

Job hunting with an expunged misdemeanor...any success stories?

Last summer I was cited for my first time (and my last time) for shoplifting clothing. At the time, I made one bad decision.. to this day, I still...

35 22 hours ago evanphillips8489 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Career Advice

Best thing to do in this scenario?

I already quit, so it's too late now. But I'm just wondering if I did the right thing. Here's the scenario: My boss thought it was ok to make me...

5 1 day ago inlimbo in Redmond, Oregon
Job Interviews

Job Hoax

DO NOT SIGN UP to have an interview with the screen name This is a hoax and it is not real. The position is with...

68 1 day ago pembertwin1 in Springfield, Missouri
Career Advice

Call center/Switchboard and enforcing company policy.

I work on the switchboard at a huge company and I route global calls as well as perform the first steps/first contact customer service. I have been...

0 1 day ago TabbyKat in Kingsport, Tennessee
Career Advice

Apply for position out of field to get my foot in the door?

By far, the best place to work in my field (IT) near where I live (short of an hour+ commute) is the local university. In the past 2 years they have...

6 1 day ago Vitaver Jobs in Fort lauderdale, Florida
Job Interviews

Do you need to list the months on a resume?

Is it acceptable to just list the years if you are an older worker and have significant experience?

4 1 day ago Vitaver Jobs in Fort lauderdale, Florida
Job Interviews

interview question "what are your weaknesses"?

Can anyone give advice on how to answer the question "what are your weaknesses" when applying for jobs or when they ask you during an interview....

18 1 day ago Vitaver Jobs in Fort lauderdale, Florida
Job Interviews

Things interviewers say that let's you know you won't get an offer

I'm just curious what things you've heard that indicates the interview went badly. Usually when I hear these phrases at the end of the interview,...

265 1 day ago Vitaver Jobs in Fort lauderdale, Florida
Resume Tips

Stay at Home Mom Needs Resume Tips for Returning to Work

It is hard re-entering the work force after 15 years of child care. Do I include those years on my resume as work experience? If not, is there...

353 1 day ago Allison in Australia in Sydney, Australia
Career Advice

After Much Research, I Realise It Is Almost Impossible for Me to Get a Job

I did some research and what I learned was the only REAL way to get a job is through other people already working and not through applying. So what...

52 1 day ago xoxomama in California
Career Advice

Which one of the two is the best entry level position (marketing agency)

I am a recent grad and I applied for two jobs at the some Digital Marketing Agency. Social Media Coordinator = manage clients social media pages,...

1 1 day ago Joey123 in New Jersey
Career Advice

Taking a salary cut after lay off

So, After 1.5 months, I have a couple of offers, but it is a salary cut. It equates to approximately a 15% cut. Additionally, the benefits are...

8 1 day ago Joey123 in New Jersey
Career Advice

Layoffs and Simultaneously Hiring Externally - Is It Legal?

I work in a large organization that separates itself into many departments. My department is about to experience severe layoffs, myself included....

3 1 day ago You all know my name by now... in Silver Spring, Maryland
Career Advice

I can't find a job with a college degree and plenty of experience

I graduated with a Master's of Business Administration and over 10 years' experience in different administrative roles like sales, office management,...

64 1 day ago missm in Turlock, California
Career Advice

Please Help. What would you do in my shoes? DPT or PTA

Please keep this in mind before answering: I'm 28, unemployed (going to concentrate solely on school most likely unless I attain a work study...

3 1 day ago Almost Suicidal in Victoria, Texas
Job Interviews

Bad Interview Experience

Me and technology. I had an interview scheduled in my calendar for the wrong date which I went to. I felt so embarrassed arriving for an interview...

4 1 day ago Lori123 in Carrollton, Texas
Job Interviews

Question about an Interview - Positive or Negative

4 Months ago I was up to interview with a company and I canceled it because I was promoted by my current company. I have decided that I am not...

8 1 day ago Healthy1 in New York, New York
Career Advice

I am soon to have a 2nd Master degree and no idea what I want to do in life

I am in late twenties, have close to two Master's degrees in both technology and economics from top schools, and no clue what I want to...

9 1 day ago Sergand in Mikolow, Poland
Career Advice

Interview ? Help

I went on a 2nd interview for director of nursing position a week ago. I met with a VP and another director and it went really well. When I went back...

5 1 day ago Lily116 in Ossining, New York
Job Interviews

I'm afraid I messed up -- need advice

I had an interview with a company the week before last, and it went beautifully. I got a phone call last week from the head of HR, and she said they...

1 1 day ago Lily116 in Ossining, New York
How to Use Indeed

Can' apply

I am new to this job board. I've posted my resume, but am unable to apply to any of the positions. The description comes up, it says Apply, but I...

2 1 day ago mhilli1 in Loveland, Ohio

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