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Lindsay Gill

Updated 4 minutes ago

I'm trying - 11 Replies

Everything happens for a reason. If you ever made a mistake - all you have to do is own up to your mistake as people will always place a higher value...

Lindsay Gill

What Frustrates You Most?

If you are looking for a job, please share your challenges and frustrations about getting a job! If you are unemployed, what frustrates you most...

Lindsay Gill in Toronto, Ontario

Are you tired of applying for hundreds of jobs online and getting no response?

Are you frustrated applying for hundreds of jobs still waiting for a phone call back for an interview? Share your many jobs...

Burt Lange in middletown, New York

Updated 41 minutes ago

When you're about to - 12 Replies

go on a job interview, do you have any physical ailments that suddenly creep up, generated by your nervousness? If so, what do you do about them? ...

Burt Lange in middletown, New York

Updated 43 minutes ago

Frustrated Job Seeker's Rant -- Feel Free to Add Your Thoughts - 27967 Replies

This is an open rant on behalf of every unemployed person who has been kicked to the curb. To employers who laid off staff: I hope you die a...

Burt Lange in middletown, New York

Updated 46 minutes ago

How do I get a JOB?? - 25 Replies

Dont say keep applying online because well I have done so and nothing what other means should try?

AndyRising in a State of Bliss

Updated 57 minutes ago

Calling out of work on last day? - 6 Replies

Do you think it is a fair and rude practice? I am only working one day this week a 12 hour night shift. I am debating to call out or not. Seeking...

Cher in Dayton, Ohio

Updated 2 hours ago

How do you find work with huge employment gaps and little work history? - 5 Replies

. . . without resorting to fast food, retail, etc.

Redfox007 in Billings, Montana

Updated 2 hours ago

** SCAM ALERT ** Recruiting and Staffing - 46 Replies

I'm sure and/or I hope this has been posted already. I applied for a administrative position and received an email from this company to set up an...

NE1 in Somewhere

Updated 2 hours ago

Need advice on a tricky situation in declining a contract - 6 Replies

So, I'm in a bit of a unique situation that I would like to leave, but the circumstances are a little tricky to handle in a professional manner. As a...

Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 3 hours ago

Interviewed then referred to a staffing agency - 4 Replies

Hi. I had interviewed for a part time job and after few weeks I was contacted and told someone has been hired for certain days and want to know I can...

Duck! in New York, New York

Updated 3 hours ago

Screwed over in the workplace. Is there anything I can do about it? - 7 Replies

A while back, I posted a vague version of this story on a less-trafficked subforum. Didn't get any responses. So now I'm going to add more details...

KeepAHappyFace in State of Confusion

Updated 4 hours ago

Future of Engineering - 1 Reply

Hi everyone. I am a highschool student looking for thoughts and help with my future. I will for sure attend college after highschool at a school with...

EK in Belgium

I want a complete change of my career but nobody would hire me!

At the moment I am having quite a successful career in finance… I am 34 and working as a Financial Analyst in an international company, had 3...

KeepAHappyFace in State of Confusion

Updated 5 hours ago

This place is - 4 Replies

starting to get peppered w/spammers. (Who's leaving the door open during foul weather?? :-( )

mildredhughes in Santa Ana, California

Updated 11 hours ago

Hass and Associates Cyber Security: Portable HD 'Mirror' from LaCie - 1 Reply

Early this month, LaCie made waves when it announced "Mirror", a high-end portable hard drive with a reflective body which is absolutely stunning --...

yee8p in New York, New York

Updated 14 hours ago

Job search app survey - 5 questions only - 1 Reply

I'm working on an app that will make the job search process easier. I was hoping you could help your fellow job searchers and answer a 5 question...

Agirl Agirl in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

You guys, please please, you'll thank me for watching this video..what an eye opener!!!!

If you're like me and been struggling to get hired this will blow your mind.............................Here is the link:

NikonCameraChicFan in Broward County, Florida

Updated 18 hours ago

Graphic Designer Needs a Career Change - 425 Replies

I have been a graphic designer for the better part of 15 years. I'm 40 years old. I have a BA in fine arts, but I have had design classes and many...

HopEducationalConsulting in Burbank, California

Updated 18 hours ago

Cold Contacting Small Companies -- Best Method, Format, Tone, etc. - 4 Replies

I'd like to ask in your experience either as an employer or job-seeker what you believe is the best method for finding work through cold-contacting a...

Agirl Agirl in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 18 hours ago

Would you take a job that was beneath you if you were desperate - 11 Replies

By that I mean, would you take a job at a warehouse or fast food place if you have a degree just to pay the bills?

tigerfan1 in ashville, North Carolina

Updated 18 hours ago

I have been to 2 interviews, waiting to hear back. - 3 Replies

I was called for a interview with the operations manager, (this is who i have been dealing with the whole process) i interviewed on tuesday and was...

HopEducationalConsulting in Burbank, California

Updated 19 hours ago

Are there any entry-level jobs that don't involve janitorial work, sales, customer service, or fast food? - 4 Replies

I keep trying to leave my pizza and convenient store, but it seems ever entry level job are in areas I don't want to make a career out of. I like...

xboxer in Cactus, Arizona

Updated 21 hours ago

So what is your prediction? - 4 Replies

My grandparents were from Europe. They grew up under a "Downton Abbey" economy where there were two classes of people: Upper Class and Lower Class. ...

Jobseeker1927 in Anytown

I wish

there was a medical & legal forum like this. Anyone know of any? Criagslist, I steer clear of, because of trolls. I don't need the negativity that...

xboxer in Cactus, Arizona

Updated 1 day ago

What nobody has the guts to admit - 139 Replies

You're awkward and everybody, even the construction company, wants salesman qualities these days.. I'm one of these people. I have a college...

GeneSu in Newark, New Jersey

Updated 1 day ago

Frustrated engineers, is my boyfriend the only one? - 69 Replies

My boyfriend and I are very frustrated. Both of us graduated chemical engineering in May. I was lucky enough to land a contract to hire job but the...

natclarin in Ontario

Sundhedspleje Magnat Bog Tilbyder Radgivning Til Virksomheder, Familier

Harver Health Insurance Group Tokyo News MIAMI - når en business partner texted Mike Fernandez tyder på, han taler med Earvin "Magic" Johnson om...

Sammie in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 1 day ago

This has got to be a scam - 115 Replies

My sister is applying for jobs and ran across an ad for an Executive Assistant. She sent in her resume and in response a recruiter sent her this...

AndyRising in a State of Bliss

McDonalds Questionnaire

Agirl Agirl in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 1 day ago

How do I get started in the Airline industry? - 1 Reply

I am interested in getting my foot in the door. I have no real experience in the airline industry, but if there is anyone out there that do, please...

Agirl Agirl in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Who is looking for a job????

If so, lets us all help each other out by taking down contact info etc.........we can all do private research and help our team members with their...

tenderone in Mississauga, Ontario

Updated 1 day ago

Will US Bank hire people with bad credit? - 39 Replies

I have an offer contingent on a background check although I have no criminal activity my credit is bad. Will this alone keep me from getting my job?...

NE1 in Somewhere

Updated 2 days ago

How do I transition into a career helping people with a business Admin degree? - 1 Reply

I am interested in helping people to some degree. perhaps working with older people or people with disabilities. I have looked at some community...

matt in Dobbs Ferry, New York

Play neuroscience games to find your perfect career in finance

Better than editing your resume for the 1000th time:

J.C dee in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 2 days ago

Nolle Prosequi on Misdemeanor (Theft) and Expunged. Worried about Background Check. HELP!? - 1 Reply

So I was charged with Theft about 2 years ago and the court issued a Nolle Prosequi. I got a job at a bank (Feb 2013) with that charge and it...

Jury 14 in Hartford, Connecticut

Updated 2 days ago

Top 10 In-Demand Jobs for 2015 - 5 Replies

From an articles in Forbes ( The top ten most in-demand jobs were [the] following,...

nancywilliams in San Jose, California

Woo Sprint Group Music Review: The Boiler Room Group in Dallas

The Boiler Room Group in Dallas: A Music Review Many bars, lounges, karaoke bars, comedy bars, clubs, and music venues sprouting in every city...

epsa in ThessalonĂ­ki, Greece

Updated 2 days ago

degree - change of career - 2 Replies

hi i have a bachelor in graphic design and a master of arts in design for interactive media and i am 38. i am thinking of doing either a master of...

xboxer in Cactus, Arizona

Do you want to become very rich,

Do you want to become very rich, famous or powerful in life? Please note that you will receive $1,000,000.00 in Illuminati Club Member for every...

xboxer in Cactus, Arizona

Updated 2 days ago

Who here has a degree in business administration? - 5 Replies


Jury 14 in Hartford, Connecticut

Updated 2 days ago

Beginning to feel like a bum a** loser, having basically been at home for 2 years without a job or career (still trying)... - 14 Replies

Basically, I graduated fall of 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Financial Economics. Since then, the only position I've had is a temp 'Data...

pual in Manassas, Virginia

Domestic Boilers

Vaillant Renewable Heating. Domestic Boiler. Commercial Systems Vaillant Domestic Boilers Vaillant’s range of ecoTEC high efficiency domestic...

pual in Manassas, Virginia

Updated 3 days ago

Just graduated from high school can't find any job at all - 14 Replies

Been looking for about 3 months, I decided not to go to college like everyone else and get my self into debt for a job that I won't get. My...

Jury 14 in Hartford, Connecticut

Updated 3 days ago

Should I take the first job offer I receive? - 10 Replies

So, I have been a full-time unpaid intern for the organization I hope to work for after I finish law school for around 7 months now (I start part...

Calfornian in Hayward, California

Updated 3 days ago

So I just had a "know it all" "family member" tell me my business administration degree is useless? - 13 Replies

So according to this individual, if you're black or a minority getting a job in this field is not possible..........thoughts?

Helps2b-Lucky in Troy, New York

Updated 3 days ago

Landing the job when you apply online..?! - 11 Replies

My question, simply put, is if I applied for a job ONLINE that I really want, when I have no networking connections at the job, what should my next...

JustUndergrad in San Francisco, California

Updated 3 days ago

Not sure which career I should take, please Advice - 16 Replies

Hello everybody, I'm 22 years old graduated with a bachelor's in Criminal Justice. So far I've tried getting into both state and federal law...

Playitagainsam in Grapevine, Texas

Updated 3 days ago

Background Check-Education - 2 Replies

Just got an offer from a prestigious company. Signed it and filed it back. They'll do a background check. My graduation is on hold since I didn't...

Anna XXX in Miami Beach, Florida

Updated 3 days ago

virtual assistent job - work from home anybody - 5 Replies

Does anybody has an experience with work from home. I have been thinking about "virtual assistent job" can somebody share experience with companies...

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