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Craft Resumes

Land the Interview with a Resume that Blow them Away!!!!

Become a more marketable candidate with a credible RESUME from Craft Resumes. We have a team of professionals who are always ready to help you with...


Updated 8 hours ago

Frustrated Job Seeker's Rant -- Feel Free to Add Your Thoughts - 31277 Replies

I had kinda planned/fantasized on moving up to the High Peaks area of the Adirondacks and get a job in retail in Lake Placid so I could hike here but...


Coping with a big gap in my late 40s

I am an ex-call center rep. After being laid off for several months I decided to go to vet tech school. Unfortunately, I was not able to complete the...


Advice for a 19 year old who doesn't want to go to uni but doesn't know how to get into a career

As you can probably derive from the topic, I've recently fallen out of love with the idea of uni. I won't give you "the spiel" but i'll give you...

Burt Lange

Updated 9 hours ago

Another "Ask HR" Thread - 1 Reply

So that's where you spend your time...Reddit! Your like the boy who rather spend his lunch recess sitting with the girls rather than with the...

Burt Lange

Updated 9 hours ago

Employment layoffs and many jobs - 4 Replies

[QUOTE who="KMLA321 in Mesa, Arizona"]Okay, this is going to be long but any input is greatly appreciated I have had 4 jobs in the last 5 years,...

Burt Lange in Albany, New York

Updated 10 hours ago

Do you ever feel when you apply for a job your just throwing your resume into a black hole? What does one do about it? My civi - 3 Replies

Do you ever feel when you apply for a job your just throwing your resume into a black hole? What does one do about it? My civilian background is in...

Burt Lange in Albany, New York

Updated 10 hours ago

Would someone please tell me - 13 Replies

why and how a personality test (that's part of a job application process) is NOT an "invasion of privacy"?

TGPII in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 11 hours ago

getting an associate's after a bachelor's - 98 Replies

This is long and winding....but maybe I can get advice from someone who's been in my position.....or hear from someone who is considering what I am...

Ms Doppelganger in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 14 hours ago

Being asked to work outside of normal hours as a salaried employee -- OK? - 6 Replies

I am a senior software engineer for a company that has about 100 employees. My company had a meeting today in which we were informed that we were...

Marie in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Is Environmental Science or Chemistry a better career choice?

I am returning to school after years to pursue my bachelors. I have read on various forums that a BS is all but junk and only earns you $30K max at...

marcobgn in Bellevue, Washington

Updated 17 hours ago

I need advice choosing between a my decent tech job and living with less stress - 10 Replies

..Been years since i been here, anyways, can you guys help? Im in this dilemma and I don’t want to have any regrets. Right after the military I...

Michael in New York, New York

Updated 17 hours ago

Completely discouraged and beyond frustrated... - 19 Replies

As of March 14th 2014 My e-mail outbox has 1,372 resumes submitted I have put in over 150 applications on I've utilized for...

AndyRising in a State of Bliss

Updated 18 hours ago

Veterinary assistant cover letter for the inexperienced. Help? - 6 Replies

I was wondering if I post my cover letter on this forum if people would be willing to give me some tips. I am applying to several animal hospitals...

luistorr3s13 in Los Angeles, California

Dr. Howard J. Marans, MD

Dr. Howard J. Marans graduated from the Univ of Toronto, Fac of Med, Toronto, and Ont, Canada in 1982. He works in Fountain Valley, CA and...

Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 1 day ago

The REAL Unemployment Rate - 8 Replies

We've all heard for years how the unemployment rate is 5%, 8%, 2% etc. We hear how new jobs are being created, more people were hired last month,...

Nancy in Houston, Texas

Updated 1 day ago

Sales Manager or Outside Sales? - 1 Reply

I am currently in Inside Sales and I just got offered an outside sales job by a competitor. When I brought my resignation to my current employer...

Parafreegal in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 1 day ago

Passed the 2nd Interview, when do I hear back? - 2 Replies

I'm a graphic designer and I just had my 2nd interview at an NYC digital agency, and it went really well, but I haven't heard back in 5 business...

employed princess in Somewhere, Texas

Updated 1 day ago

I'm getting tired of this - 9 Replies

I'm tired of being broke every week I'm seriously starting to regret turning down jobs. I just wish I would have applied to jobs where I want to...

NE1 in Somewhere

Updated 1 day ago

Hypothetical situation: How to answer "when can I start" correctly if.... - 3 Replies

...I am currently unemployed and have been chosen/hired for a job on another state? Obviously I will need time to look for an apartment and prepare...

AndyRising in a State of Bliss

Updated 1 day ago

2 job interviews this week and job hunting. - 1 Reply

I figured I might as well go and apply to jobs that are actually hiring that want me to apply in person. I have a job interview tomorrow and...

JDgar in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Help Me Brainstorm Some Telecommute Jobs

I'm currently unemployed and my wife and I are having a baby. My wife works out of the home (as a translator) but she needs time off for obvious...

xboxer in Cactus, Arizona

Updated 2 days ago

Just curious... - 63 Replies

Have any of you tried to get onto disability, in lieu of getting a job because of either age or skill discrimination? If so, what's it been like for...

KeepAHappyFace in State of Confusion

Updated 2 days ago

Help for mechanical engineering graduate with gap and no work experience after graduation - 1 Reply

During my years as an undergraduate for a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in the city of Miami, I made the mistake of not considering applying...

xboxer in Cactus, Arizona

Updated 2 days ago

Stuck at 25 with a college degree and no career - 68 Replies

A job is essential in life. Without a job, unless you are on some form of welfare, have a trust fund or are supported by someone else you will end up...

IluvPython in Santa Clara, California

Updated 2 days ago

Best places to get career mentors? - 2 Replies

I'm a 19 year old in college studying computer science. I'm starting to really think about my career and want to get a leg up on my peers. I'm...

tumbak in Paris, France

Evaluation - negative - changing location in the same company

Bonjour, I would like to explain my situation, I started work in January, and my duties were changed (from 1 field to another - a completely...

tumbak in Paris, France

Evaluation - negative - changing location in the same company

Bonjour, I would like to explain my situation, I started work in January, and my duties were changed (from 1 field to another - a completely...

AndyRising in a State of Bliss

Updated 2 days ago

Technical Writers and Expectations - 1 Reply

Hello all, I'm just trying to get a feel for what I should expect in this career path. I'm in my early 30s and have only been a tech writer for a...

kathymcc123 in Pomona, New York

Updated 2 days ago

How do I refuse a job after I accepted it? - 6 Replies

I was hired yesterday, but only signed the background request form. I don't start for for about a week from now. I would have refused the job in the...

Chris in Los Angeles, California

Updated 3 days ago

Felon Keeps Getting Job Offers. But Can't Pass a Background Check - 7 Replies

I can’t pass a criminal background check. I’m currently appealing my conviction because I was actually innocent. I was charged with an aggravated...

Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 4 days ago

Do kids really stay home until marriage overseas? - 5 Replies

I read about how Americans have lost the value of family and that overseas this value is a big part of tradition in countries such as Italy, Greece...

chance in Lutz, Florida

Updated 4 days ago

Are there really any jobs out there? - 15 Replies

Today I went on another interview and it seems like they all just about tell you the same story. We have just started the process, and will be...

Shingami in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 4 days ago

Is today's generation really in that bad of shape? - 21 Replies

Everywhere you look or read you see articles or what not about how today's generation (aka millennials) are in such MLB ad shape because due to the...

bchavis0926 in Oklahoma


Greetings all. I work for the Boeing Company in Oklahoma City. The site is expanding and with growth comes more job opportunities. Boeing is...

Anon01 in Fresno, California

How to find the right next step

I just moved to a new state and am fortunately in a good place to be more selective about my next job. I was previously working a dead-end job as an...

Jackofnothing in New York, New York

Updated 4 days ago

A good IT job for someone who wants JUST A JOB? - 2 Replies

Im not career oriented i just need a job that pays the bills and still pays decent I have a Bachelors degree Years doing IT Management? Any IT...

Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 5 days ago

How often does your employer run background checks on current employees? - 3 Replies

I know it sounds odd (especially if you are not working around kids, government or alike), but does your employer run post-employment background...

Burt Lange in Albany, New York

Updated 5 days ago

The Still Frustrated Job Seekers' Rants Forum - 2041 Replies

Starting a new forum for people to let it out. Carry on...

Jackofnothing in New York, New York

Updated 5 days ago

High Graduate with no experience can't get a job. Help desperately needed - 4 Replies

So I graduated from high school in may of last year. I decided to take some time off to unwine and attempt to get a retail job so that I'd be able to...

AndyRising in a State of Bliss

Updated 6 days ago

Hiring Manager CC'ed other people in response to my followup - 1 Reply

I had a very good interview a month ago for a university research position. I did the typical follow up email afterwards and have gotten positive,...

Fm in Palm Harbor, Florida

Updated 6 days ago

Explicit Logistic Company: Scam? - 29 Replies

On September 15th, I received an e-mail from for a job offer to be one of their Quality Managers. After checking out the...

BamBooBam in Charleston, South Carolina

Should I Get a Certificate for a Career Path Change

I am a graduate of a Bachelor's degree in English literature. Long story short, I was interested in marketing and my college didn't have the major at...

Boss Mare

Updated 7 days ago

** SCAM ALERT ** Recruiting and Staffing - 37 Replies

I'm sure and/or I hope this has been posted already. I applied for a administrative position and received an email from this company to set up an...

Daniel Rollins in Arizona

Updated 7 days ago

I got hired at a job I don't want but I decided to suck it up and take it - 33 Replies

So I got hired at a place with low hourly pay but I decided to suck it up and take the job. I start Monday morning. I really am truly broke. I...

Unhappily Employed in West Haven, Connecticut

Updated 7 days ago

Reapplying For a Job I was Originally Offered - 1 Reply

I was offered a position earlier this year and was told that it would be a long hiring process since summer break was beginning soon. However, when I...

Unhappily Employed in West Haven, Connecticut

How Long Between Applying For a Job and Following Up?

I applied for a position last week, and eventually want to follow up with the hiring manager (I have her direct email and contacted her prior to...

Riot in Massachusetts

Updated 7 days ago

Degree, career, OCDish - 1 Reply

My problem, I believe, is a bit peculiar. I graduated with a MSc in Math. Having learned that I'm not good enough for a first-rate career in...

AlmostSuicidal in Crystal City, Texas

Updated 7 days ago

(I know some will disagree, but...) - 9 Replies

For those over 50, steer clear of going back to school to "re-invent" yourself. Companies steer clear of us like we were the plague, because of our...

Sick Of It All in backwoods, California

Updated 7 days ago

Taking advantage of my receptionist role? - 6 Replies

I'm a 'Receptionist/ Office Administrator' and feel that I get treated poorly in my job. (Age 29) 3 years in and still on minimum wage, even...

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