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Updated 16 days ago

wal-mart haunts me to this day 3 years later. Can someone please help me! I made a mistake! - 11 Replies

[QUOTE who="MommyofTwo in West Memphis, Arkansas"][/QUOTE] Stop stressing! because even if a job calls, Walmart cannot disclose the reason for the...


Updated 16 days ago

Job Searching is Hell for Graphic Designers (RANT AHOY!) - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="A Frustrated Graphic Designer in Buffalo, New York"]The stories I could tell from the number of applications that went unanswered, the...


Updated 16 days ago

Apparently I'm unempolyable? - 32 Replies

[QUOTE who="sux2_be_me in Phoenix, Arizona"]If a job is offering between $12-13 an hour I'm finding that this now includes insurance benefits and the...


Updated 16 days ago

Needing a 2nd job and how to negotiate between my current job and their positions? - 8 Replies

You really need one fulltime position to use as a base while looking for the self supporting dream job. Just a suggestion but The Container Store (in...

Trying to Help

Updated 17 days ago

Pay cut for a different job: worth it? - 1 Reply

Well, only you can answer these questions for your own situation (does $3k make a difference to you at the end of the month, year, etc? $3k is what,...


Updated 18 days ago

College student looking for advice on whether to continue education or go to work? - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="2Legit in Cincinnati, Ohio"]Go to a four-year college for landscaping? As in, work that beautifies property, planting shrubs, etc? I'm...


Updated 18 days ago

Unemployed? How To Keep Your Food Costs Down - 15 Replies

[QUOTE who="2Legit"]Take your food scraps and use it to make compost. Buy seeds to create a garden. This will yield food for the future.[/QUOTE] Th...


Updated 18 days ago

At what point do you stop believing you will never find a job? - 191 Replies

[QUOTE who="Ray in Richmond, Virginia"]Automotive Dealerships Are Hiring Nationwide! They're looking for people in Sales - Service - Parts - Finance...


Updated 18 days ago

Is Information Technology a good degree? - 6 Replies

[QUOTE who="1FAST350Z in Plano, Texas"]Pay attention to johnCe5112's list. The Golden Age of IT is long dead. You can especially thank #2 and #3 on...


Updated 18 days ago

Lazy Co Worker - 9 Replies

[QUOTE who="EconGuy in Concord, North Carolina"]It's call social-entitlement. Read the stuff I post here about "social currency". It's people who are...


Updated 18 days ago

Any Advice? Can't find any job. BS in Electrical Engineering. I've probably applied to over a 1000 jobs. - 6 Replies

Did you work at all during your time in school? Can you go back to that job, even if it was bagging groceries?


Updated 18 days ago

Graduated college with no job lined up. Do I keep holding out for a job in my field? Or do I find an unrelated job? - 31 Replies

[QUOTE who="Bluetea in Texas"] Gaps are bad. Very bad. They think you were in prison.[/QUOTE] Only if you are a minority. Then they ASSUME it.

Maria in Garden Grove, California

Updated 19 days ago

Vision Training Systems for Medical Billing & Coding Certification - 19 Replies

I found a deal on Living Social for a certification in medical billing and coding at an online learning institute called the vision training systems....

Sux2_be_me in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 19 days ago

Are you tired of applying for hundreds of jobs online and getting no response? - 122 Replies

Are you frustrated applying for hundreds of jobs still waiting for a phone call back for an interview? Share your many jobs...

Instegone in Virginia

Contigent Offer and then company changed salary? Is that legal?

So a company offered me a job and it was contingent on them winning a contract. They made me sign a letter of commitment and even used my resume to...

nr in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 20 days ago

Consulting company had me fake my resume, now going on an on-site interview -- second thoughts: read my story and please help? - 46 Replies

I've been officially unemployed for a while just working part-time, on and off unpaid with a family friend so at least I can learn something about...

Trying to Help in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 20 days ago

I got the job, but now comes the dreaded ... salary history portion - 3 Replies

I was recently offered a position at a big company. My concern now is that the offer is a lot higher than what I was making previously. I was in...

Trying to Help in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 20 days ago

Age limit for AT& T sales associate - 1 Reply

Hi I applied online a week ago, uploaded resume and had call from recruiter next day. I answered questions and then passed the online assessment....


Updated 20 days ago

just cant get hired - 3 Replies

So tired of having a great interviews with no offers. Getting really discouraged....Daytona Beach, FL is not a good place to look for any job....

Trying to Help in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 20 days ago

Job Hunting Frustrations as a early career Environmental Engineer - 1 Reply

Hi all. I wanted to include my story into the mix to gain some feedback and help vent regarding what I'm going through in my job search. I...

Trying to Help in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 20 days ago

How do I answer this interview question? - 2 Replies

I have a low paying retail job that sucks.I have been doing the job for 11 years. I went back to school to get a better job. if an interviewer ask...

chanelramlagan in Florida


I'm thinking about becoming a dietitian, are there any dietitians on here that can lend some advice or information? I'm still open to other career...

still retired in Hawaii

Updated 20 days ago

What was the worst job you ever had? - 6 Replies

Where do I begin?

Gary in Orpington, United Kingdom

Five Key Mindsets to Get Your Next Job - FREE videos

In my work as a career coach for a leading business school, I have discovered that there are five key mindsets that will greatly increase your...

Kmichie in Sykesville, Maryland

Pursuing a CCS or RHIT

Hello! I am considering taking training for medical coding. I've spent much of the last week on various websites and phone calls trying to figure...

Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 21 days ago

Will I look desperate or pushy if I follow up...? - 2 Replies

HR interview early March, sent thank you email and 1 week later asked for timeline of next steps (hiring manager was traveling). 2 days later I...

Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 21 days ago

What happens to an economics PhD who failed tenure, comes from a poor school and wants into the private sector? - 2 Replies

Hello, Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. I'm feeling lost at this point. I was denied tenure last year and I'm having trouble...

lepeep in New York, New York

Will I look desperate or pushy if I follow up...?

HR interview early March, sent thank you email and 1 week later asked for timeline of next steps (hiring manager was traveling). 2 days later I...

Gtothalo in Charlotte, North Carolina

Indeed email client not working

How many of you have received an e-mail that a recruiter has viewed your e-mail, is interested in speaking to you, then when you respond, the mail...

Duck! in New York, New York

Updated 22 days ago

What is the Best Job You ever Had and Why? - 13 Replies

Was it your job duties? Location(s)? Great coworkers? Great benefits and company perks? Feel free to share and take a walk down memory lane!

Chicago Suburbnite in Illinois

Updated 22 days ago

You are not being hired because you are unemployed - 307 Replies

There is no way to deny it. Many of the employers are giving the brush off to anyone unemployed even if they don't state it in their ads. They do it...

Lin in Chandler, Arizona

Updated 22 days ago


I’m a licensed electrician with more than 15 years in the trade. I’ve been off work for approximately 9 months after a workforce reduction. I’m still...

flexworklifestyle in Atlanta, Georgia

Want To Work From Home or Remotely?

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We offer fresh cut bank instruments for lease and sales

We specialized in Bank Guarantee {BG}, Standby Letter of Credit {SBLC}, Medium Term Notes {MTN}, Confirmable Bank Draft {CBD} as well as other...

Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 23 days ago

If you knew then, what you know now... - 13 Replies

what would you have done differently? Me. I would not have gone to college. I would have gone to a trade school instead. I would also have... in Norwalk, Connecticut

Updated 23 days ago

Best free resume template in word format - 6 Replies

Hi everyone, I can't seem to find a good website with free resume template in word format. I'd like to find a cool design cv template to make my...

Average in Winnersville, Massachusetts

Updated 24 days ago

How do I get a job at a university(or an educational administrative setting?!) - 9 Replies

Welp, I was only able to work 2 hours today (Surprised I even came in) cause yesterday was just too emotional for me in terms of my 7 month job...

Grown Man II in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 24 days ago

Is getting sacked the end of the world? - 32 Replies

I am a very worried about getting sacked. If I got sacked, will I ever get another job?

BobTwo in Beverly Hills, California

Updated 24 days ago

Am I overqualified? - 3 Replies

I have a business degree from a state university, over 10 years of job experience, currently employed and a veteran. I have literally applied for...

Chicago Suburbnite in Illinois

Updated 25 days ago

Freelancing w/Administrative (Unemployment) Law By Providing Information and Representation (put it on my résumé?) - 3 Replies

Paralegals can generally represent clients by qualifying as non-attorney representatives before governmental boards and agencies. In IL, under...

Chicago Suburbnite in Illinois

Updated 25 days ago

Long Time on job, got fired, over 40 and needing to know how do I get another job without letting others know this? - 8 Replies

I worked for a Restaurant for 8 years and was fired because I needed to express my concerns about my position and feeling of being over-whelmed with... in Norwalk, Connecticut

Job Search Tips

This is for anyone spending hours searching for jobs on several job sites. There are really only three sites that I suggest for job... in Norwalk, Connecticut

Updated 25 days ago

Job Title Advice? - 1 Reply

I work for a small telecommunications company that started out in old POTS phone systems and has since in recent years branched into all area of... in Norwalk, Connecticut

Updated 25 days ago

Is my physical disability killing my job search? - 2 Replies

I just got a rejection email from the latest interview and it's destroying my confidence. This position was a dream scenario - great job, great city.... in Norwalk, Connecticut

Updated 25 days ago

Needs job advise - 2 Replies

I am Cna currently. I have been doing this work for over 11 years. I am tired out, I am tired of killing my back, knees, hips. I want something... in Norwalk, Connecticut

Updated 25 days ago

Please assess my situation. Need help. - 3 Replies

I am trying to get a job before I graduate in May. In the span of 3 months, I have sent out ~30 job applications, getting only 5 interviews, but no... in Norwalk, Connecticut

Updated 25 days ago

Tips on getting interviews - 3 Replies

Whenever I see a job posting, I read it very carefully and also very carefully tailor my cover letter/resume to it. I have the right degree and right... in Norwalk, Connecticut

Updated 25 days ago

two different jobs - 5 Replies

So a little back story. 90 days ago I was trying to get into job 2 and almost had it until he had a hire a managers son. So i took a position at job... in Norwalk, Connecticut

Updated 25 days ago

I need advice on getting interviews and getting a job and my progress so far - 6 Replies

So I've been out of the working field for awhile, I am 30 years old now and I haven't held any jobs in the recent years, for various of reasons,... in Norwalk, Connecticut

Updated 25 days ago

For Those Desperate To Work... (here's a possible solution) - 4 Replies

If you live near a Costco, then you may want to pick up a job with CDS (Club Demonstration Services). Those are the people who hire all those people...

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