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NE1 in Somewhere

Updated 11 days ago

Can a bad past appraisal affect a future reference? - 2 Replies

Hello, I am currently working in an office job in the event industry and have been in my current job for nearly four years. I am now looking for...

Linda in Farmington, Michigan

Updated 11 days ago

Ability to collect unemployment only applies if no misconduct isnt proved - 18 Replies

Is that true? You will not win an unemployment hearing if it's proven there was misconduct, breaking company rules, something along that line? I...

Someone100 in Florida

Updated 11 days ago

hopeless unemployed life.. - 9 Replies

Hello everyone.. I am from west bengal graduated in chemical engineering.i have been unemployed more than 2 and half years..i had a hope that i...

NE1 in Somewhere

Updated 11 days ago

Interviewers Who Don't Tell You When the Interview Is - 2 Replies

You can't make this stuff up. A guy has mismanaged an essential function in a friend's company for years. My friend wants me to take over, but this...

CareerGet in Makati City, Philippines

Career Planning

What's your best advice in career planning? Is it too late to plan out your career even after you graduated from a degree you realized that you...

NE1 in Somewhere

Updated 12 days ago

How often should I reapply to PetSmart (I had "orientation" in early October)? - 26 Replies

I'm a 22-year-old looking to get my first job. Most retail stores and fast food restaurants have an application system where you apply and your...

NE1 in Somewhere

Updated 12 days ago

New job, more money, AND ALL THE STRESS - 4 Replies

I have been with the company for over 6 years, and worked in a variety of departments. My most recent move was into the newly created Project Manager...

NeedRealJob in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 12 days ago

Just started job, now have second thoughts - 27 Replies

I just started a job that pays about 12K more than my previous job. The building I work in is nice, the people I work with are interesting, but the...

Vadim in Kherson, Ukraine

Updated 12 days ago

Will employers and recruiters see my Indeed resume? - 75 Replies

I just wanted to know, that if I post my resume on Indeed.Com, will perspective employers and recruiters be able to find it either in whole or in a... in Makati City, Philippines

Updated 12 days ago

relaunching career - 3 Replies

Basically like the title says. From 2010 to 2013 I had a rough time economically. No real "resume'", it was rough. I moved to a small town... in Makati City, Philippines

Updated 12 days ago

IT interview - like a free technical consultation, then not hired. - 4 Replies

These days, the IT interviews are becoming so long, that they become like a free technical consultation to the company. They are planning to...

LoneOrca in Missouri

Updated 13 days ago

Is It Possible to 'Start Over'? - 4 Replies

There are some real-life cases of people who change their names, move to another town, and create a life for themselves. We've all probably read...

LoneOrca in Missouri

Updated 13 days ago

Have I basically screwed up my life? - 14 Replies

I am 22 and currently enrolled in a two year business program and feel like I'm not going to get anything out of it and it's only just been the first...

LoneOrca in Missouri

Updated 13 days ago

Are personal blogs and vlogs useful for getting work in the media and field? - 2 Replies

Is it effective way to get your foot in the door in that area?

xboxer in Tucson, Arizona

Updated 13 days ago

I feel like they're trying to make me quit - 43 Replies

This is my first entry level job and I was very happy about it. I like my job and I've been here 6 months. I just hate the management and I feel like...

Thaimaster in Miami, Florida

Updated 14 days ago

Engineering degree not paying off for me like it is for my fellow classmates - 5 Replies

So I recently graduated from college with a degree in Industrial Engineering, and I was lucky enough to get a job "in my field" right away. I say "in...

Thaimaster in Miami, Florida

Updated 14 days ago

How important is a degree in IT - 3 Replies

Hello, I'm in a pretty frustrating situation. To keep it short, I'm interested in the hardware side of IT, basically networking and to a lower extent...

AndyRising in a State of Bliss

Updated 14 days ago

Quitting a position, advice please - 3 Replies

I have worked for 5 years on and off, but in the past 2 years consistently, for an engineering firm. I started out as a self employed IT consultant...

NE1 in Somewhere

Updated 14 days ago

Relationships, company parties, back-stabbing. - 3 Replies

I've only been at this job for 4 months and I quickly learned that I cannot trust most of my coworkers with personal information, but I've created...

thegreenspan in Sutton, United Kingdom

Updated 15 days ago

Job offer was declined due to contract misunderstanding. Approach another contact within the company? - 3 Replies

Hi, I had a job offer declined as I had a problem with the contract which later on was a non-issue. The contract was vague enough for me to...

David in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 15 days ago

Extremely Confused - 4 Replies

Hi Everybody, Imagine a grown man crying like a baby. That's how I came home tonight. And it's not the first time. I've been confused about my...

James ainsworth

Updated 15 days ago

Background checks - 5 Replies

Hey y'all... I'm reentering school but am bothered that a background check interfered with getting a position at a "Quick Serve" restaurant. I...

MaryWebbQuigley in Dover, United Kingdom

Updated 15 days ago

I can't find a job with a college degree and plenty of experience - 212 Replies

I graduated with a Master's of Business Administration and over 10 years' experience in different administrative roles like sales, office management,...

NE1 in Somewhere

Updated 15 days ago

Accept Controversial People on Linked-In? - 1 Reply

Every once in a while, I'll get a Linked-In invite from someone whom I barely know. I may never even have met the person. I may have emailed them...

c david guitard in Paris, Texas

Updated 16 days ago

concentration, minor? - 2 Replies

Would either of these be an advantage for a late 30s degree seeker in supply chain management? I didn't mention a double major because of my age...

Erika in Gastonia, North Carolina

Updated 16 days ago

Home based Job-LACOMEXIA TRADE EXPRESS - 6 Replies

anyone knows about this company? Any feedback. I applied for Real Time Scheduler on Ritz Carlton as advertised but got e-mailed and interviewed for a...

greenbaypackers in Sutton, United Kingdom

Updated 16 days ago

Trying to overturn a rescinded offer? - 2 Replies

Hi, I received an offer which was slightly low paying but overall fine. I had concerns with the contract though, I was under the impression that I...

NE1 in Somewhere

Updated 16 days ago

Real advice on majors - 10 Replies

I am interested in Business administration for personal reasons but I realize that it is not considered as "valid" by some employers. From what I've...

Ashley Billups in United Kingdom

Bally Price Holdings Management about The Ultimate Money Question: What Do I Really Want to Do with My Money?

Financial planners often help people how to manage investment or to save for retirement; but rarely do they provide a more comprehensive answer to...

Tiffiney O in Northbrook, Illinois

Updated 16 days ago

College degree but no relevant work experiance - 2 Replies

I have a BA in political science but unfortunately no real work experience. I'm having difficulty figuring out what jobs I'm qualified for. Most of...

TracieSparkles in New York, New York

Updated 17 days ago

How to respond when you're told no positions are available? - 13 Replies

This is kind of a silly question, but if you email a company/organization to inquire about available positions and are told that they don't have any...

Evolvingdaily in Melbourne, Australia

Updated 17 days ago

Anyone Else Have Parents Who Think Success is Easy to Attain? - 7 Replies

For my entire life, my father has put extreme and unreasonable pressure on me to succeed and excel at a career. My dad had a Phd. from Stanford in...

JOHndoe in Montréal, Quebec

Updated 17 days ago

What is the best staffing agency? - 22 Replies

By best I mean one that will likely have the most work. I've been out of work for over a year and I've given up on getting a permanent position, but...

JMC in Edmonton, Alberta

Updated 17 days ago

This has got to be a scam - 111 Replies

My sister is applying for jobs and ran across an ad for an Executive Assistant. She sent in her resume and in response a recruiter sent her this...

John in MD in Catonsville, Maryland

Updated 17 days ago

I've heard that - 18 Replies

folks recommend AGAINST putting one's SS# on job applications until AFTER hire for security reasons. But what if an online job app "requires" it and...

Me in Oldsmar, Florida

Technician Turned Engineer

I was an engineering technician for 3 years with a major aerospace company in their R&D lab. I took an educational leave to earn my EE, and will be...

santinotuguey in Germany

Updated 17 days ago

Bradley Associates News Blog Information: Twitter updates anti-troll function - 5 Replies

It was a long time coming but it's still good news that Twitter's finally rolling out a supposed more effective way to protect its users. Twitter...

Parafreegal in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 17 days ago

What is going on with this job and how much is too much follow up? - 4 Replies

Hi, Just wanted some feedback: I interviewed for a job about 3 weeks ago, and after the interview I was sent an authorization for a background...

Better.luck in Albany, New York

Updated 17 days ago

Oh Please, Why Can't You Live On $10.00 An Hour? - 121 Replies

"Oh please, why can't you live on $10.00 an hour?" That's the question I heard from a young male while bypassing a couple.. that made we want to...

Eva 14 in San Francisco, California

Updated 18 days ago

Trade School vs. Community College? - 5 Replies

Say someone wants to learn a trade, like medical assistant or dental hygienist. Or hairstylist. The list is endless. There are two options for...

employed princess in Somewhere, Texas

Updated 18 days ago

Harder to find a full time job - 12 Replies

I graduate next month and I don't know if it is because of the time of the year or not but I'm finding it increasingly hard to find a full time job...

Jobseeker1927 in Anytown

I just finished applying online

to a local restaurant chain. At the end, it had a statement page that basically stated "You agree to...". Pfft, I'm thinking to myself, "Like we...

ma8eve8fox in Germany

10 Tips for Successful Investing

Bad news always makes the headlines, while good news is rarely reported and, over the past 15 years we’ve seen constant negative headlines when it...

Bernd Brann in Anonymous Proxy

Insurance Fraud Plots

When somebody gives fake info to an insurance company just so it can take advantage of anything of worth that the offender would not have collected...

Lori in Nashville, Tennessee

Updated 19 days ago

Company Not Responding After Signing job offer letter - 9 Replies

So basically I accepted a job offer for a very reputable company; I was advised that the background and employment Verification would take roughly a...

NE1 in Somewhere

Updated 19 days ago

Company or Money - 1 Reply

I have a great job offer for a small company, but I also have made it to the top three final people at a University that I have wanted to work at for...

Dewailer in Houston, Texas

What is the day to day job like of a Shoreside Tankerman with SGS Petroleum? Pay, benefits, hours, advancement?

I know the hours will be long - do they vary? Do you work 40 hours a week? During training the pay is $12.00 per hour plus mileage, once the training...

jonasnickel in Germany

Custom Boiler Cleaners

Boiler Service Based in Brooklyn, New York Boiler Repair and Maintenance Maintaining your boiler is imperative if you plan to remain...

Jobseeker1927 in Anytown

Updated 19 days ago

Has anyone here - 3 Replies

ever sought assistance of any kind through the Salvation Army? What was the outcome? Your comments about how they assisted you?

youdontkillmoney in Anaheim, California

Updated 20 days ago

MBA and marketing careers - 4 Replies

Background: professional with a decade or so experience between working for marketing agencies and in corp. communications I came into the...

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