BS Biochemistry. Did I waste four years of my life?

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askthecareerlady in East Bay, California

39 months ago


I believe this happens more often than not since entry-level roles can be difficult to come by when you're first graduating. I would recommend putting together a very strategic and thought-out career development plan and goals to get you from where you are to where you'd like to be.

Ask yourself how you could become more qualified for the roles you desire:

- Could you get involved with a local professional association?
- Commit to ongoing professional development through workshops, webinars, or a certificate?
- Volunteer with a related non-profit to gain more relative experience?
- Perform informational interviews with those in the field?

Activities like these not only increase your contacts, but are excellent resume builders.

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Best of luck!
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jomelvasquez in Makati, Philippines

23 months ago

Dear Anonymous. Just hang up there. new opportunities will come to you soon just have patience. as of now just continue working in a food laboratory it will be charge to your working experience and food science is the application of your degree Biochemistry. by the way food science is very exciting and challenging also as i have known many of my friends who are like you a degree holder of Biochemistry and pursuing Masters and PhD in Food Biochemistry or Food Microbiology and they are happy on what they doing. now if you are very interested to work as Medical Laboratory Scientist then you need to take a degree for Medical Technology or Clinical Lab science i think there in US having a degree in bicohemistry can qualify you to wrk as lab technician or lab technologist however the position is limited you will be just confine to work only in Clinical Chemistry section as long as you pass the ASCP exam. but if you are really interested or you want to do all or functiosn of medical lab technologist or scientist tehn you need to go back in school and get a degree because in some countries like here in the Philippines only those graduated in a degree in Medical technology and passed the national licensure examination here in our country are eligible to work in the clinicl lab no other degree and i think in other countires also. so you have no choice but to pursue a degree in medical technology and pass the exam. now Both Biochemistry and Medical technologist are capable or have many chnae to land a job in Medical research / Pharmaceutical / Environmental / Biotech career but ofcourse you will work first at entry level like research assitant so what i would like to advice you while working as research assitant wether in Food science or medical research take Masters degree and PhD work while studying because this will open you another fullfilling job like as Professor or Principal investigator or Principal scientist because you do have now a credentials.

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jomelvasquez in Makati, Philippines

23 months ago

By the way my Im Jomel Vasquez 29 years old i graduated with a Bachelors degree in Medical Technologyand i passed the licensure exam in the Philipines i did not wok in the hospital because all of my previous work are research job and i did have Masters degree in Medical technology and now im working as Professorial Lecturer in a University teaching Medical technology students

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youdontkillmoney in Los Angeles, California

23 months ago

Anonymous in Pleasantville, New Jersey said: (continued) I am in a job where I basically do nothing all day and when I go into meetings I don’t understand anything being said because I didn’t study food science. How did I get here? What do I do next? Sorry for the long post.

Do whatever you're doing now until something more suitable/better opens up, meaning you look for something else while you are where you are. Also when you do a good job for someone, they want to keep you

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Matt in Pico Rivera, California

14 months ago

To the original poster of this thread:

I just got my degree in biochem about 2 months ago. I have a strong organic synthesis background as that is what I did for research. I also taught Organic Chem A for a group of 13 students. I thought to myself that with my experience I'd be able to "shine" above a lot of other candidates but the reality is that I am still considered entry level. Employers are looking for industry experience. So, at the moment I am looking to put my foot in the door.

Take a look at this article, not very cool...

Hardships, struggle, and pain create character. Hang in there.

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