Good medical science jobs and majors?

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JediCandy in Wyandotte, Michigan

35 months ago

I'm trying to decide what in god's name to do with myself. Any career/college advice would be extremely appreciated. I have an Associates in Medical Lab Technician, but I want more, possibly even something different. I do not want to go to college for a career that's dying (I was interested in cytotech, heard some bad things). I'm going back this fall for SOMETHING. But what? I've already wasted 6 years in college trying to decide what to do, interests and aptitude versus cash for survival, and I really want to get it right this time.

I like everything. Medical sciences, psychology, art history. I could stay in college forever. I like the idea of research or forensics, neuroscience, microscope work, cellular work, pathology, those sorts of things. I cannot guarantee ever having enough money to go PhD level, but I'm naturally adept with mental sciences.

I'm worried I'm going to choose something I love and not be able to find a job. Getting an MLT degree was fun, I liked the science aspects, but it's hard to get in anywhere decent with that degree. And the problems I had at that college (getting internships for the 8 students in the program was hell, the school wasn't very good at preparing for the real workforce) has sort of left me wondering if I even want to work in a hospital lab.

Any help?

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Average in Medford, Massachusetts

35 months ago

Do nursing. If you have a voracious appetite for school you can try to get into medical school. Become a doctor.

Thanks for letting me know about how your experience in the MLT job market has been. I was actually thinking about going into that. I suspect your problems with getting into the field has to do with two things. 1. Michigan's job market, in my opinion, is not good.
2. Most schools do a poor job of preparing students for the workforce. It's up to the student to prepare himself or herself, unfortunately.

Working in a hospital can be unpleasant, especially if you are not working in an administrative position where people wear nice clothes.

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JediCandy in Wyandotte, Michigan

35 months ago

Well, MLT difficult here in Michigan, which as you said is a poor place to look for work. You're absolutely right. If you like the lab, you should just go for the Clinical Lab Science major, the 4 year version of MLT. At least here most places want the 4 year degree. I suspect MLT might be easier in say a rural type setting, small labs, ect. Hospitals here just did not want to take us on as interns because they preferred 4 years and felt it was unfair to us to take us on if they couldn't hire. But from what I hear most of the time you'll perform the same exact job functions as the MT/CLS, but your pay will be much less.

Nursing, huh? I thought about that a long time ago. I dunno if I have the stamina. :O

Thanks for your advice and comments. :)

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