Great job that turned bad... worth including on a resume?

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ireland381 in Everett, Washington

23 months ago

I am looking for science/research jobs... My question is... some of the skills/qualifications for a great job posting I found are ones I acquired from a job that ultimately ended up in me getting fired.

The TLDR version is that at first I was very successful, promoted, etc., acquired a lot of great skills, but then became the victim of nepotism and demoted and eventually fired for no good reason. Worth including on my resume if I have to take the bad with the good?

More detailed... I took a job as a deli clerk in the store my husband works in just to pay the bills. I'm a good worker and my manager loved me and recognized my work ethic and ability to go beyond what was expected of me, and when he got promoted I ended up being promoted to manager of the deli very quickly. However, basically by then all the people who "liked" me had moved on. Although I think I did a fine job, I was demoted with pretty much no explanation; however, the supervisor's daughter, also a deli clerk, ended up replacing me. Despite the humiliation of being demoted and now answering to someone who used to work for me, I maintained a positive attitude and work ethic. Then they started assigning me so much work it was impossible to complete it all (I would know, I managed the place!!), and then fired me for not completing my work. The fact is the company was very unethical and nepotism was rampant.

However, my time as manager gave me a lot of good skills in managing staff, training, managing inventory, ordering, etc. etc., which are some of the things this job is looking for. And simply the fact that I was promoted so quickly and recognized for my qualities is a good thing.

It's not science related, and there are obvious negatives, but how likely would it be I'd have to answer to the negatives?

Beth in Plano in Plano, Texas

23 months ago

What field was your degree in ?

ireland381 in Everett, Washington

23 months ago

I have a BS in chemistry and Masters in Teaching, and taught high school chem for 3 years, but since 2007 I've either been unemployed, working in the deli as described, or now working in a restaurant. So I have a decent amount of qualifications, but I suppose it would be questionable why I haven't pursued science for so long.

Also, I basically got fired from or not rehired for contract positions; in some cases from unethical practices which is so hard to explain. Getting fired once might not be a big deal, but a pattern is probably a huge red flag :(

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