Radiology didnt work what now!?

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Melanie_M in Greenville, South Carolina

34 months ago

Hello all, I'm seeking a little advice. In August 2011 I was accepted into the radiology program. I made it all the way to December and resigned because I decided it wasn't for me. I didn't want to force it because its an overpopulated field and I felt like my instructors was selling us a dream. The school I was at only accepted 14 people however there was 5 other students there with me at the clinical site (lots of competition for check offs which I didn't care for). I've been very lost since quitting meaning idk wht field to go into. I've tght abt speech path, physical therapy assistant, cosmetology, med assistant, and computer science/internet security. I'm looking for something with advancement. Bookwork is my strongest area but I run into a little problem in the clinical area. I made all A's in rad courses and I would've eventually did good in clinicals but we only went 1 day out the week. I'm a fast learner and have enough pre requisites to jump into any field. I'm 23 and I want to be establish by the time I reach my 30s. I would rather attend a 2yr college over a 4yr. Something that I cam complete quickly. I don't like dealing with people but will do so for the cause. Please help! I take a lot of quizzes online about careers and majors and it always says bus admin or hr fields idk abt those because I don't want 2 end up a manager at McDonald's or something. Anything else you would like to know to help me with my decision comment below. Thanks PS... EXCUSE ANY ERRORS I'M WRITING FROM MY PHONE

RadGirl15 in San Antonio, Texas

24 months ago

Have you thought about maybe a BS in Health Administration?? Lots of book work and I don't think it requires a clinical rotation(lots of online schools offer this degree). There's room for advancement as you can pursue a Master's or Doctorate in Health Administration. You could start as manager of a department and maybe move up to multiple departments or the entire hospital or nursing home, etc. The HR and bus. admin stuff you mentioned would really apply here.
Best of luck to you!

Looking for RTs for Software Support! in Alabaster, Alabama

24 months ago

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