Veterinary assistant cover letter for the inexperienced. Help?

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kristinaklk in Vancouver, Washington

38 months ago


I am very Enthusiastic in pursuing veterinary medicine, and I’m looking for a position as a veterinary assistant. My Genuine love for animals and animal care I feel make me a very trainable candidate.

The Experience that I have working with animals has been strictly hands on, as I grew up on a small farm. My knowledge regarding animals is vast, I have been an animal lover since I was very little. Having kept pets all my life I am familiar with their needs. I have fed/bottle fed, housed, cleaned up after and raised farm animals as well as our inside pets which varied from cats, dogs, and fish to small rodents and reptiles. In doing so I have learned a great deal about the behavior of animals as well as how to restrain them. In addition, I spend some of my free time reading up on veterinary medicine, terminology and what exactly is expected working in an animal hospital.

In my past job I learned other important skills necessary for working as a veterinary assistant. which are customer service, communication, and the value of team work. I have novice computer skills as well. I am willing to learn various tasks around the office that I have not yet acquired skills in. My eagerness to learn and fulfill my life goal of working in animal care, as well as my hands on experience with a variety of animals, I feel make me a good candidate for a position as a veterinary assistant. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read my letter as I know that it can be quite busy in your line of work. I hope to hear from you soon regarding your decision.

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kristinaklk in Vancouver, Washington

38 months ago

Unemployed Paralegal in Denver, Colorado said: You need to make your letter reader oriented. All I see in your letter is "I," "I," "I." You need to sell the vet on why YOU would be a great veterinary assistant.

Can you give me an example of what you mean?

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Unemployed Paralegal in Denver, Colorado

38 months ago

First off, don't write "Greetings." Address your letter directly to the doctor by name, e.g.:

James T. Jones, D.V.M.
Jones Veterinary Hospital
123 Fourth Street
Vancouver, Washington 12345

Dear Dr. Jones:

Please consider me a candidate for a Veterinary Assistant position with Jones Veterinary Hospital. You may find my background with animals, customer service skills and office abilities to be of interest. Attached is my resume.

My qualifications include a lifetime of experience with and love for animals. I began caring for animals while growing up on a farm. I became very familiar with their needs. My experience caring for animals ranges from small animals, such as dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles and fish to large farm animals, such as livestock and horses, from birth to death. All the while I studied veterinary medicine and terminology, and learned the qualities and traits which you would expect from a veterinary assistant.

Along with learning about animals and their care, I have gained computer knowledge. In addition, my my employment includes customer service experience which has given me excellent people skills. Most importantly, you will find that I am highly trainable.

You are sure to find my hand-on experience with animals, along with my people skills and computer background, valuable at Jones Veterinary Hospital. I would appreciate the opportunity to present my qualifications in person. Thank you for considering me for employment with Jones Veterinary Clinic. I look forward to hearing from you.



Attachment [which would be your resume]

Something like that. You want to include one or two examples of your customer service skills, computer knowledge, office skills, and, of course, your animal background. In that regard, include accomplishments, e.g.,4-H recognitions, county and state fair awards, etc.

Good luck with your job search.

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kristinaklk in Vancouver, Washington

38 months ago

You are very helpful, I will rewrite the letter and use your advice.

Thank you so much!

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Unemployed Paralegal in Denver, Colorado

38 months ago

You're welcome! Again, good luck with your job search.

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Chamila Amaratunga in Brisbane, Australia

7 months ago

Hi I am writing to request help on what to provide for a veterinary nurse position at greencross vets.

this is a draft cover letter. I have not been sucessfull useing this template :(

Reply: Casual Veterinary Nurse
Dear Dr x

I am writing to express my interest in the position of the casual Veterinary Nurse at Greencross Vets, Redbank Plains, Brisbane QLD.
I am currently a part-time Veterinary Science student at the University of QLD (Gatton) and have successfully completed the Bachelor of Animal Science and Management (Honours) degree at the University of Melbourne, VIC. This position particularly caught my attention as it requires the application of my current and previous education and will provide challenges from which I can learn and develop invaluable skills towards my career.
My tertiary studies provided me in depth theoretical knowledge into animal husbandry and health, as well as the technical hands on experience in regards to animal handling, restraint, pathology and undertaking best standards of care in surgical & hospital nursing. Throughout the last 5 years, I have worked in a number of industry related roles such as: a veterinary nurse, animal attendant, in retail and in customer service positions. I have been described as a friendly, pro-active, calm professional and always with a bright team player attitude. I have a passion for working with animals and people and hold a strong emphasis on the caring and ethical treatment of animals in order to improve the human-animal bond.
I worked at Logan Rd Veterinary Clinic as a veterinary nurse receptionist and at RSPCA ACT as an animal attendant. The challenges I faced improved my communication and problem solving skills. As well as my ability to prioritize tasks and follow instructions, and last but not the least, I improved my clinical record keeping skills.

I anticipate meeting you in person to discuss the possibility of being part of your team and raising the industry bar.

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AndyRising in a State of Bliss

7 months ago

Chamila, the biggest problem I see with your letter is that it's long and wordy. It should fit on one page, with good blank margins on all four sides. An employer will just want to scan it quickly.

There's a lot to read in your letter. Is all the information in your cover letter also in your resume? It should be, and some of this info should probably not be in your cover letter at all.

For example: In the Logan Rd paragraph... I assume that you have the two jobs as separate entries on your resume. And that on your resume, you have some bullet points under each job for the tasks you performed. It's OK to mention the two jobs in your cover letter, but you don't need to go into detail about them.

Be cautious about vague statements, too. Be specific (in your resume) about things like problem solving skills, communication, prioritizing, and so on.

Can you:
* Reduce the amount of text.
* Put at least part of it in a bulleted list format?

I would delete the last sentence, since it's already obvious that you're job hunting. And what "industry bar" are you going to raise? It just seems like a cliche.

Good luck with your job hunt.

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