Why do retail jobs Always screw around?

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Still looking. in Kennesaw, Georgia

39 months ago

This seriously drives me up the wall. I Look, Fill out Apps constantly.
I call back, Go to the store, even get paper apps sometimes just so i can meet these people.
I'm always polite, dressed decent to well. Shaved.But I NEVER get a job or past the first interview.
Ever since I was 17 years old I started filling out Apps in retail positions at bestbuy,walmart,target,gamestop and a dozen other places in and around the Mall. Since 2006! and NEVER
got a job working at one. It's aggravating having Managers act all nice, ask for your name and number when you see them in person and never hire you.

Sometimes we chat for like 20 mins exchanging knowledge about products in the store. I'm Extremely hardworking 24 year old. Clean history, drug free. College student.
( I would be DONE with my degree by now if it wasn't for this job search BS )

I know it sounds like i'm complaining, But whats wrong? I constantly see these young children with NO EXP being hired all the time. Calling out of work, Never doing the job they are assigned. they don't care. yet When they have someone who needs and wants the job, Has Years of knowledge on their products and they never give me a 2nd look.

I'm starting to think it seriously comes down to only my SKIN color and "who I know" in the store.

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Jeff in Denver, Colorado

39 months ago

JD in Yerington, Nevada said: Aside from that, I notice that you said you're dressing "decent to well." My question is: are you too well dressed? Wearing a suit and tie to a jeans and t-shirt environment can be as bad as wearing shorts and flip-flops into a job interview at a bank.

I wouldn't agree with this. When I interviewed at 24-Hour Fitness, I told the manager that I had trouble deciding whether to wear a coat-and-tie or work-out clothing. She responded that she appreciates people coming to interviews dressed up.

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Kim in Chicago, Illinois

39 months ago

You should always dress professional for the interview. Once you have the job, you can dress like the others. First impressions count.

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unemployed in Richmond, Virginia

39 months ago

there is no hope

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riot in Boxford, Massachusetts

39 months ago

Have you applied elsewhere besides "in and around the mall?" Malls and big box stores are usually where high school kids try to find work, so they probably have far more applicants than they'll ever need. If you're desperate for work, you'll need to think outside the box a little more.

I'm going to assume that your only experience is academic, as per your post. What is your major? Have you tried tutoring in classes you've done well in? The community college I went to hired students to tutor in its Academic Resource Center and paid better than the food service job I had at the same time. Alternatively, you could try to find clients on your own, which usually allows you to charge a higher fee. Speaking of food service, have you tried it? This is the one industry that I was consistently able to find work in while I was an undergrad. These aren't great jobs, but if you have nothing on your resume, it at least shouldn't hurt your chances of later finding a retail position. If all else fails, deliver pizza. I CONSTANTLY see signs looking for drivers and this was actually one of the more lucrative positions I had prior to tutoring. (If you work hard and have a good attitude, you can get a lot of runs in and earn a lot in tips.)

I'm not saying give up on retail, but I never had luck there either. Even when I was a Computer Science major at a top engineering school with (unrelated) work experience, I could never even get called back for BestBuy or RadioShack. Good luck, and please post any more relevant background info that we might use to help!

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James in Denville, New Jersey

39 months ago

I have years of experience in retail, and I must tell you that it isn't necessarily opening doors for me now that I've graduated and want out of retail. That being said, if you really have your heart set on getting into retail... it does help to fine-tune your customer service and sales skills (depending on the place), which is certainly not a bad thing.

As far as getting into retail, I know several places that will make you fill out applications for an hour (usually online) that will ask a TON of questions. If you ever fill anything like this out, take careful consideration into what answers you give because if you answer a single question "wrong," you'll be red-flagged and not be considered for hire. Never indicate that you've done drugs, know people that have done drugs, stolen anything, know people that have stolen anything, ETC. Answer the questions with common sense (put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager) and you'll get by this initial screen. Wait a week and then call the store to ask if there is any progress on your application. At my current store, it's usually the people who call that get first consideration (as long as they have gotten by that initial application screening).

One last bit of advice. It's not a bad thing to start off at a really small retail outlet, or even at a retail outlet that is primarily focused on stocking shelves and not so much focused on selling (because there really isn't much to "sell" in terms of big-ticket items). I know people with literally ZERO working experience that have gotten jobs even at decent-sized retail outlets like Michael's and Payless Shoes. You could stock some shelves and make simple sales for a few months, and then move on to a bigger retail outlet like Best Buy, Staples, Walmart, Lowes, ETC. They'll look at your experience in a smaller setting as at least some form of "retail work." Hope this helps!

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Still looking. in Kennesaw, Georgia

39 months ago

It's not that Im obsessed with being in "retail" it's just I need something new.
I have done nothing but work food jobs all my life. it's mind numbing and depressingly boring.
I would like to have a job once in my life that has me talking to other people. Not washing dish's, Burning myself or constantly picking up after others. A job were team work has actual teams. My manager has an IQ higher then a 4th grade drop out. And I have some shred of self respect left.

Im a Graphic design/ AA manager pretty much. Sure I do allot of private work. But I can't get handle the work I would need to succeed without better gear and that requires a job. And Im a stick nick when it comes to working when I have a job. I go to work to work, and im sick of others who aren't getting the job.

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Still looking. in Kennesaw, Georgia

39 months ago

part .2

I say they are screwing around because they Are.

They TELL ME they are hiring. They tell me to fill out the apps.

I had an interview at K mart. The woman told me to come in at 2pm. I got there at 1:40. And she just left for lunch. I waited 2 Hours for her to come back. She interviewed me and Had me watching training videos.
And she wasn't even making the choice or anything. So I never got the job because the person who was suppose to see me never did. Wasted my Time and gas for nothing. And this happens constantly. They know they can do this because they know I need a job. If it was the other way and the company PAID us to drive to their store, take our information and waste Our time it would be another story.

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Nick in Somerville, Massachusetts

39 months ago

Um, if someone tried having me watch training videos without being on a paid clock, I'd walk out on them.

Just saying for future reference, they can't make you do that on your own time. It's illegal.

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Still looking. in Kennesaw, Georgia

39 months ago


I just got turned down a Dish washing job at a small place down the street from. I have exp at places that do 3 times the business ( Like 20-30K ) on weekend nights.

I'm also open to work whenever im needed. yet i don't get the job? really?

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BrianLWilliams in North Hollywood, California

39 months ago

Big Retail stores -

Fill out our 1 hour long question thing. They do most of their hiring around the holidays. I don't give a dam what they say. The holidays that's it. FYI Summer is not a holiday, in the 4 years I was at Target we may be hired 10 people during the summer. And that's because someone got fired or left the company.

Small retail -

It's really who you know. These people's (not all) thought processes are based around stereotypes, first impressions, the way you make them feel, are you a pretty girl etc. Their view on this process is much different than the hiring manager who has a good chance of not seeing you but once a month.

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