How do i get a job in Computer Networking with no experience?

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sid101 in Woodridge, Illinois

81 months ago

I have a masters degree in Telecommunication and networking, but my work experience is in Software Testing. I took Software testing because i could not find anything in Networking upon graduation. I am very unhappy in software and looking for a career change to computer networking. I have been looking now for almost 3 months with no success. Everywhere they ask for at least 1 to 2 years for experience. Some employers feel that i am overqualified and some big employers like AT&T, Verizon, Cisco etc who hire recent graduates feel that i am not qualified enough. Also i graduated two years ago which disqualify me for a lot of recent graduate jobs. How can i get my foot in the door in networking field? Can certifications help? If so which one is good to start a career in networking; A+, Network+ CCNA or Microsoft? salary is not an issue for me, i just wanna get my foot in the door.

m.azim in Kansas City, Missouri

81 months ago

why you don't like software testing job,,,i am looking software testing ,,???

Mark R in Charleston, West Virginia

81 months ago

I would suggest you get that job in software testing if you can. It will be easier to make that switch into networking. Many employers may even reimburse you for training. Certifications will help. A Microsoft certification will help you get a job working on servers. A Cisco cert will help you get a job working on switches and routers. The A+ and Network+ won't help you much because you already have a masters.

Sunny in Mumbai, India

80 months ago

I am doing a job in networking, looking after servers.
I want to switch to software development field.How can i do it?Please suggest me.

Donna S in Atlantic, PA in Meadville, Pennsylvania

79 months ago

Looking for jobs in computer networking. Recent graduate anybody have any suggestions on where to look? No luck here, thanks!

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